How do make videos?

How do make videos?
How do make videos?
Hey all! I've been working on brushing up my video-editing skills via Eagle-Time Gaming for the last year or so. I've learned a lot, but I know there's a ways I still have to go and one of the best ways to learn something is to do it with a group!

So this thread is meant to be a helpful collection of guidelines, tips, Q&A about how anyone can get started making enjoyable content.
  • Don't know how to get started? This is the place to ask.

  • Have a technical question or issue you're running into? Check in here!

  • Found an great technique or program you enjoy using? Let us know!

  • Want to help or someone to collaborate on a project! Shout it out!

I'll keep this post and the one below updated with helpful links and questions we address in this thread.
RE: How do make videos?
Helpful links!

Editing software:


Adobe Creative Cloud - Students/teachers can get all apps for a year for $20/mo. ($50/mo afterwards)

Capture software:
OBS - Currently the standard for recording/streaming.

Audio recording software:

Virtual audio splitting (good for recording inputs on different channels):
Virtual Audio Cable