The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC Season II: Week 4: BUN
Username: Fogel
Name: Kara-10
Species: Mind-control parasite
Gender: Identifies as female, regardless of host
Color: Brunette

Biography: Ten, as she prefers to think of herself, had a rather boring early life. Mostly because she was stuck in a petri dish as her creators poked at her. Something about ten failed lines before, but the new Kara line showed promise, she didn't really pay much attention. It was boring human talk.

Then they said something about a field test. "Test" was a word she'd gotten bored with, but "field" was new. That was almost interesting.

The next thing Ten knew, her petri dish was being scooped up and things got very dark. When she could see again, there was another boring human in front of her; this one looked a little worried.

"You're sure this is safe?"
"We've tested the others on small mammals. No long-term effects on the brain, and it can be removed safely with the right equipment. It's essentially just a transmitter. Now put it on."

The next few moments were a blur, as Ten found her visual sensors being rerouted. She was, as far as she could tell, seeing through different eyes.

"Now, hop on one foot."
"You shittin' me?" Ten shot back through her new mouth, and testing this new experience called a "vocabulary". "I'm still working out what feet even are!"
"This is a problem. Specimen Ten is showing signs of self-awareness, and has hijacked the test subject. Recommend we remove and terminate."
"Ugh, don't use big words this dumbass doesn't know! Oh, hell, I don't like the looks of that bottle."

And then everything around Ten vanished, and the next thing she knew, her exciting new senses were gone, and so was the world. Instead there was some fucker standing around talking about a battle to the death.

Well shit, she thought.

Description: Ten resembles a small tuft of hair. If you looked at her under a microscope, however, you could see a massive network of tiny cells that serves as crude sensory organs, allowing her to see, hear, and smell.

Ten doesn't really have much of a mind of her own; instead, when she's on a host, she looks into their mind and instinctively picks out aspects of their personality she finds interesting. She then retains these aspects when removed, either by force or by choice. At the time of the battle, her only host is a cynical, somewhat foul-mouthed custodial worker who only volunteered to be a lab rat because they needed a little extra cash, so her current personality reflects this.

Weapons and Abilities: Ten is a parasite, and her main ability is to infect. When placed on the back of a host's head, she takes full control of their mental functions. She's supposed to transmit commands from headquarters, but while she can receive commands, she has no particular inclination to follow them.

When attached to a host, Ten detects things through their senses and has full access to their thoughts and memories. However, she's not very good at distinguishing these from her own thoughts and memories, and hasn't quite grasped yet that she's just a pile of hair. When removed, she retains some of the knowledge and personality of her host.

Ten can also change color to match the hair of her host, though this happens instinctively. She might be able to do it on command if she realized that she was doing it. She can also take control of hosts that don't have hair, but she's unable to properly blend in when she does.

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