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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 20: REMIX ROUND!
wake me up in five.

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Name: Kaguya-Hime

Gender: She?

Species: Unidentified Flying Object

Color: Green flash


An UFO. An honest to God UFO.

Kaguya-Hime (named after the folklore tale rather being the topic of said folklore tale, mind you) is a flying saucer roughly the size of a compact car. Kaguya-Hime is rather lively for a man-made machine, the malfunctions and quirks of her circuits suggests a whimsical if curious temperament. She is also a bit temperamental and her emotions are telegraphed through colors and patterns displayed on her surface.

Occasionally, you can see a figure flitting from window to window, but that’s probably just nothing.


Kaguya-Hime is speedy, having the capacity to bend and twist in ways no ordinary car can do and her entirety is covered in metal plates, laminated with a red, lacquer-like substance to enhance its bulletproof nature. Like classic UFOs, Kaguya-Hime can immobilize and kidnap people with her tractor beam. Unlike classic UFOs though, prolonged contact will result in a growing obsession with the moon. The obsession comes in many emotional flavors but the default is a strong homesickness, but that’s probably just nothing. Yessir.

Spoiler :
After the mandatory badges and papers, the two FBI agents, one peculiar, one serious, proceeded to march towards the crash site. Not exactly optimal to march in formalwear but they preserved. They reached their destination.

The observatory’s domed roof loomed overhead. There was a hole punctured neatly through it. There were no birds, no buzzing of cicadas. The silence was almost overbearing, but that’s probably just nothing.


They went in. The hallways were dusty and it was a weekend, so there was no-one here. They explored deeper, the rooms became more esoteric. Bathrooms to laboratories. Pamphlet containers to screens. All the screens displayed the same thing. Today’s moon. It was a harvest moon, large and orange like a pumpkin.

Was there meaning? The peculiar one said out loud.

Maybe, the serious one sighed. That’s just probably nothing.


They finally reached the area. Computers haphazardly sprawled here and there. Papers and dust. Many screens were haphazardly place together into a grand-large collage. It displayed a destination, the moon, then to somewhere else, far beyond the solar system, the galaxy, the stars. The stars!

Whoever broke into this observatory. It was definitely not of this world. No, not of this reality.

I think she wants to go home, the peculiar one said.

The serious one thought about it. That off-handed statement, it felt correct? Like something in her gut told her it was definitely right despite no evidence.

But that’s just probably nothing.

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