Eagle-Talk (Preparing for Episode 4!)

Eagle-Talk (Preparing for Episode 4!)
Eagle-Talk (Preparing for Episode 4!)
Hey Eagle-Time!

After much discussion in The Great 2016 people remalgamation thread, I figured we should have a thread proper for podcast postings and discussion.

Use this space to comment on podcasts, collaborate on hawksquawks, request discussion topics, swap editing tips, or anything you audiophiles find interesting!

To start things off, here's a little Pre-cast that Akumu, Dragon Fogel, and myself put together. The topic: "What's been up the last 4 years?"

0. Eagle-Talk Precast
1. Eagle-Talk: Schazer-Talk
2. Eagle-Talk: Laundry Talk
3. Eagle-Talk: A Year Later Talk

Happy Squawking!

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