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Gameshow! - As hosted by Sisyphus' Demon
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 Gameshow! - As hosted by Sisyphus' Demon
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To repeat the same action over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the very definition of insanity. Such is that of Sisyphus
-Unknown Philosopher

Hello there my fleshie buddies and my superior robotic companions to this episode of.........
My name is Sisyphus' Demon, or as you may know me, Sisyphus. I am your benevolent lord, master, protector, and administrator.
As you know, people sign up for our lovely gameshow in order to further the pursuit of science, knowledge, and of course to attain whatever pathetic goals their temporary minds desire.
Contestants are grouped into separate player groups.
Everyone answers questions, and as we know Majority Rules!
This means that the entire group's answer will become the most commonly submitted answer from that group.
If the correct answer has been submitted the entire group moves onto the next question and gains points. If they all answer incorrectly, they all die : D
There are exceptions as we have varying question types, different logics behind answers, and we have even different type of answer results.
Player groups all have points per group, and once the group manages to get the correct number of points they can choose to finish their game. However, each person's points contribute to the group, and if any single person decides to finish the game early, they can leave everyone else behind!
Stay tuned for the ruleset we play by, game types, the losers who managed to get banned from playing anymore, the graveyard, and the signup form if you want your deepest desires rewarded (or if your inferior mind actually desires a cease of existence).

After the usual rigamarole we'll get to introducing our contestants, the practice round, and then playing the actual game!
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