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Text You Up -- Eagle Time Edition [R1 last question!]
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 Text You Up -- Eagle Time Edition [R1 last question!]
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Yesterday, I was with Sruix and Ix, and we were playing some of the games in Jackbox Party Pack 3. Fakin' It... didn't really work out online (It definitely helps being able to see everyone else). However, I think that the last round, "Text You Up", would work well in an online setting. Unfortunately, that's only the last round, so... Guess which game we aren't going to be playing.
(For the record, T-shirts the Anime is still the best game of the pack)

The rules are simple: Everyone who signs up (I'm thinking no more than seven to begin with) will get some questions sent to them in a PM, and they will respond with their answers. However, one person will receive different questions. For instance (from yesterday's game), the faker might receive the question "Name someone else in this game", while everyone else gets "Name someone you've seen naked". Hilarity then ensues.

After receiving all the answers, The sets of answers will be revealed one at a time, paired with the question that almost everyone received. Everyone will then have time to discuss who they think got the other set of questions, and at the end, all the players will vite who they think the faker is.

If all the other players figures out who the faker is before all the questions are exhausted, they win! However, if they haven't been figured out by that time, the lone faker wins. Thankfully, the questions get easier to figure out the later they are.

And these rules are subject to change between rounds, if there's problems with the rules, or I can think of an improvement, or if I want to do something hilarious like giving everyone different questions (Probably not exactly that last one, though; mafia where everyone is scum isn't fun).

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  6. Papers
  7. Kaynato

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