[Lambda] A small adventure begins...

[Lambda] A small adventure begins...
RE: [Lambda] A small adventure begins...
Quote:> Why try to join a crew when you can make your own crew?! I'm sure there's some other people around who need to get to Fortuna for one reason or another, try asking.
Quote:>If they do, buy one and then head over to the nearest diner to look for a potential crew.
>If they don't, head over to a diner to search for a crew you can work for.
Quote:>You should go on a shopping spree! Buy all the things you know you deserve!!
Ships are pretty expensive and it would be hard to find, well, all the different kinds of people you need for a crew. Especially without a ship. And especially when going to Fortuna. No one wants that except...the crews you start the game with. Well this sure is a pickle.

You decide to head off window shopping, then go to the diner while you think about what to buy (and possibly recruit crew), then make your purchases. That way you can be certain you don't impulse buy something you don't need.

Quote:>Continue inside the station and into the nearest shipyard to see if they have any cheap ships for sale.
You find a lists of the ships for sale and their prices and take one.

[Image: gDJlv3D.jpg]

That Athena ship is beautiful, but...do you really want to spend all your money on that? Would you even have enough left to fuel it?

You pass by some stores, but you can't stop thinking about that ship.

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