Winter Game Giveaway 2018 - 0/12 [The End]

Winter Game Giveaway 2018 - 0/12 [The End]
RE: Winter Game Giveaway 2018 - 1/12 [Holy Potatoes! A Bonus Round?!]
Bidding Tally - End of the Road Edition

A few of our remaining bids came on in, and with only one player left we'll wrap it up. Let's look at our final games:

Puzzle Agent 2: 20 (Granolaman - 20)
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!: 10 (Paranoia - 10)
Killing Floor 2: 10 (Paranoia - 10)
Ziggurat: 10 (Paranoia - 10)

chimericWilder's 45 points - 0 (Supernerd - 0)

Our winners are clear. Granolaman and Paranoia have picked up their last games, and Supernerd has theoretically won theoretical points. With that we can move onto the bonus round!

Points will no longer matter, winning or losing will all be left up to the roll of the dice, and since this giveaway lasted a cool eight rounds, I'm going to make sure that all of those interested leave with just as many games. That's right that means you can win up to three extra games!

Just like last giveaway, all you have to do is PM me a list of games your interested in, with your most desired prize at the top and the rest at the bottom. Be sure to be greedy and include more games than you could actually win, assuming that you want them all of course, because prize allocation is random and if you only list three and other people choose some (or all) of them as well you might lose out.

In five more days I'll be going through the PMs and randomly giving people games from the top of their list, working down based on what's already been won by someone else. Each person will have to win a game before someone else can win their second, and we'll go until every list is empty or everyone's won three games. Whichever comes first.

Of course, chimericWilder has only won three titles in the normal round, so he has until the deadline to choose any two games he might want without competition as well.

Finally, in the spirit of giving I'm going to let anyone else PM me as well as if they've been part of the giveaway all along, though they're going to be limited to three games (not the full eight). If there somehow ends up not being enough to go around preference will be given to original competitors.

Anyways, good luck and thanks for playing!

Remaining Games:

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