The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week.5: RETURN!

The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week.5: RETURN!
RE: The Grand OC III: Do Not Steal: Week 1: NOX!
Username: I've been called out and I haven't even done anything in this thread yet.
Name: The Broogler
Race: Monster
Gender: Monstrous
Text Color: I usually just pick one arbitrarily unless I can make a pun with either the color name or the hex code.

Biography: Every little boy, girl, and otherwise-identifying child knows about the Broogler.
If you've been naughty, then in the middle of the night, you'll hear the unmistakable sound of the Broogler at your front door.
It's important to answer, or else the Broogler will leave a very smelly mess at the door.
When you do answer, the Broogler will ask, very rudely, about the naughty things you did, and ask you to confirm that you did it.
Answer honestly. If you don't, the Broogler will eat you.
At least, that's what they said back when I was a little one. But you know, it's the strangest thing. One night, the Broogler just stopped coming and they stopped telling the story.
It's like it went off somewhere else.

Description: The Broogler is a short, smelly little creature with very sharp teeth. It's otherwise not very remarkable, as monsters go. It's so tiny that it's hard to be intimidated by it unless you're a child.
The Broogler's main reaction to being entered in a battle is annoyance. It has naughty children to punish, after all. It doesn't especially care about the other contestants, although it does know what they did and is all too happy to berate them about their past misdeeds, however minor.
It also can't help but announce its presence by tapping repeatedly on the nearest surface whenever it wants someone's attention. Normally it sleeps all day and is only active at night, but the realities of the battle have forced it to adjust its schedule. This has only served to make it even more unpleasant as a conversationalist.

Weapons and Abilities: The Broogler only has two abilities.
First, it knows what you did. Everything you did. It will not explain how it knows this, but it is going to be very clear in its distaste for you.
Second, the Broogler can produce seemingly unlimited quantities of an extremely unpleasant substance. Nobody is sure just what the substance is; it doesn't appear to be acidic or actively dangerous in any way, but it smells awful and makes most living beings nauseous.
It's rumored that the Broogler eats uncooperative children, but this is purely embellishment from the humans. The Broogler is a strict vegetarian. That said, its fangs would hurt quite a bit if it chose to bite someone with them.

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