The $300,000 Fight-A-Thon! [Round Two: Toyetic!]

The $300,000 Fight-A-Thon! [Round Two: Toyetic!]
Re: The $300,000 Fight-A-Thon! [Round One: Storage Park!]
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go child. go and bring me more canvases. the world.. no... the multiverse shall become my art.

[color=#P4914]Ironjaw sat up with a jolt and instantly regretted it as a jabbing pain coursed down the side of his head. "Ahhh, blimey, what the hell happened?" he muttered as he pressed a hand against his temple. Suddenly remembering what he had just seen, Ironjaw looked around. The first thing he saw was that his clothing, for being just an orange slave jumper suit, was still on his body. The second thing was his rifle laying on a crate next to him, along with a packet of jerky and a note. "Seems someone here isn't out to kill me yet." Ironjaw thought as he opened up the note.[/color]

"Um.. hello there. My name is Dr. Franz von Schuster. Thank you for helping me earlier. If your reading this you no doubt are wondering what happened. Well, erm, as I was pulling you up from the side of that hole, one of those rocket sharks managed to stay intact long enough to explode right below us. You took a rather hard crack against the floor and blacked out. I know I could have just shot you then and there but... well... I could use an ally to help kill some of the others. That dragon looks like she'd be tough to kill by myself. If I'm not around then I'm out gathering some kind of food. I figured I'd leave the jerky for you to show you I mean no harm."

[color=#P4914]"Hmm, someone to help me with that damn dragon and an easy kill for later. Sounds like the perfect ally." Ironjaw mused to himself as he idlely ripped a piece of jerky and swallowed it whole. Just then, he caught sight of someone moving his way. Just as he was about to fire a warning shot, he relized that it was Franz returning with what looked like more bags of jerky. "So the good doctor returns." Ironjaw called out with a slight smirk, not wanting to seem hostile towards a potential ally.[/color]

Franz returned the small smile. "Glad to see your awake. You were doing alot of tossing and turning while you were out. Must have been some bad nightmares." As he sat down, Franz noticed Ironjaw's grey skin start to go paler. "Seems like theres more to it then a simple nightmare. If you don't mind me asking, what did you see?"

As Ironjaw recalled what he saw, Franz felt himself grow just as pale as the shark. "I see. This may not bode well if what you saw is true and not just a dream. You must have tapped into the mind of whatever this entity that captured Thize is. We might all be in more danger then we are just by being in this game." Franz sighed. Not only was he in a fight for his life against seven other beings, now there was an unknown person that could appear out of nowhere and turn him into something out of his own nightmares.

[color=#P4914]"Warden!" Ironjaw suddenly cried out, causing Franz to jump. <font color="#6D1C05">"What do you mean? What can that clock do?"[/color]"He might consider this.. Artise.. person a bigger sinner then me or you and try to go after him." Ironjaw thought for a moment. "Warden isn't made of flesh so maybe it'll make it harder for the Artise to do anything to him." "Besides," he thought to himself "It could also end up killing Warden and saving me the effort of having to do it." Ironjaw stood up and shouldered his rifle. "If we're going to deal with this threat I'd suggest we find Warden. I'd rather not have him trying to kill us if and when this Artise freak shows up."</font>

Franz nodded and stood up, though in his heart he had hoped to avoid Warden as much as he could. "I hope that clock has fixed himself. Can't bare going back into that slaughter house looking for gears again." he thought as he walked over to Ironjaw. "Well then, lead the way."

High above, a lone figure watched as the human and shark headed off deeper into the building with his one good eye. What was once a handsome fish-human was now nothing more then a mass of scabs, out of place limbs and a face half covered in a massive scar, his left eye missing completely. "Soon master," Thize muttered "I will bring you more to paint with. I shall make master happy."

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