"I didn't even know I was hungry" (The Food Appreciation Thread)

"I didn't even know I was hungry" (The Food Appreciation Thread)
I am currently grilling for the first time.

Trying to figure out how these little black bricks actually make things hot.

Also I don't have a grill flipper, so I'm using a cheese grater.

UPDATE: It is going terribly. I feel a little nasty. Somehow the food comes out both cooked and cold, or at least cold from grill-standards.

UPDATE 2: The Thai curry T-bone made up for the nastyness. Also I realized I was eating the gross fat, which was what was making my stomach upset.
so apparently you're not supposed to boil soy milk directly on a hot plate
i got most of the residue off but there's a visible scorch mark
In general, I'm not a fan of holiday fowl. It can be done well, but by and large, Just Turkey ends up tasting bland and providing way too many leftovers.

"Hey, given that we've got all this leftover turkey, we're having leftover turkey for dinner."

That sounded especially unappealing today, so I decided to strike out on my own and be a rebel and whatnot, and as a result, you get a recipe for Pines' Skillful Skillet Stir Skfry.

-Leftover turkey
-Leftover steak
-Half a green pepper
-Two green onions
-A bit of cooking oil
-Some store-bought stir fry sauce because you're lazy
-A microwave package of rice (optional)

1. Cut the meats and veggies into bite-sized chunks. These'll be going into your mouth, so plan accordingly.

2. Stick the a bit of cooking oil into a pan and heat it up. ("The pan or the oil?" Both.)

3. Add the meats and veggies to the pan. Stir it around until it starts frying.

4. Add some of the stir fry sauce (store-bought because you're lazy). Stir stuff around. If you want more sauce, add more sauce.

5. Once all the stuff is sizzling nice and good and you've got it all stirred around and it looks like you should eat it, take it off the heat.

6. Serve atop a bed of rice if you feel like it. (Optional)


I am obviously an expert so take none of this with any salt (maybe a bit of pepper) and use none of your own judgement as far as cooking things thoroughly goes.

In the future, I plan to make an effort to keep this scandalously-understocked house stocked with sufficient garlic to add any garlic to this. Garlic would make this additionally tasty.
Eagle time cuisine tips in a nutshell: add garlic.
That's been my dad's cuisine tip for ages.
Had my first thanksgiving dinner last night. It was hella fun and I developed a whipped coconut cream addiction.

Someone brought a (vegan) pecan pie!
[Image: hqzeA.jpg]

We promptly butchered it and gave it grapes for eyes.
[Image: 01SYT.jpg]
Yessss! Aioli is the best, especially with chips :3
Ooh yeah, pickled ovary sauce. Who else wants some of this amazing dish of ovaries beaten into paste form and drowned in vinegar + liquid fat.

In other news, I found out today that if you chew up kale with a watery mouth, it will turn your saliva ooze green. Like the color that Hi-C ecto cooler was. You can ooze ghost slime from your mouth with kale. Thanks, kale.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Please do not put me off potatoes.
I need those to live ;-;
Spinach+Mushrooms+Garlic on pasta with some last-minute chilli paste thrown in.

If I could just remember which are the front and back elements on the stove I'd feel like a competent fooderer for the first time in forever (making pizzas with Plaid doesn't count, mine was basically a salad sandwich stuck between a pizza base and two inches of cheese).
I just had a chicago-style hot dog for the first time tonight and I've wanted to try one for years. I ended up getting seconds anyway and it was definitely worth it. I normally hate mustard and relish but I think this thing just had so many flavours going for it that none of them had time to be bad and it ended up delicious.

Also since I saw someone talking about tofu earlier, do you know a good way to fry it such that the middle isn't still relatively moist? I've had it cooked such that it had the texture of caramel corn and that was wonderful. When I tried frying it, I pressed it for about 20 minutes, then cubed it, and dabbed each cube before I tossed it onto the pan, but the only ones that had a nice texture in the middle were too dry with the outside. Do you have to fry tofu on lower heat than chicken?
The fast food restaurant1 just made baked spaghetti Bolognese available again! Hooray!

It's really just a regular old spaghetti Bolognese that's placed in a metal tub with a plastic holder and stuffed into a low-temperature oven (~80°C, enough to scald you but not enough to boil water) for a bit. The sauce dries a bit into a paste which makes it very satisfying to break into. Not only that, the liberal amount of cheese added to the sauce makes it that much better.

Together with the cola, the whole thing costs HK$34.00 (US$4.38). By my estimates2 there is a total of about 600 g total food biomass altogether, drink excluded. Not entirely bad!


1 Yeah, I know, fast food restaurant.3 This isn't exactly McDonald's though. These fast food restaurants do actually serve real meals with standard staples (rice, noodles, spaghetti) and generally do leave you feeling full for the next couple hours.

2 I ate for 24 minutes. I take about 1.3 mouthfuls per minute. I also take about 20 g of food per mouthful. 20 g/mouthful × 1.3 mouthfuls/minute × 24 minutes = 624 g, which we round to 600 due to the roughness of each estimation.

3 Yay I can footnote without fear that I have got the numbering wrong! Also, footnotes in footnotes!
Not exactly, it's Cafe de Coral who's well-known for maybe being a little bit on the QA-deficient side. I detest the name (preferring to just use the acronym or "codec" instead), but at least it's still acceptable, money-wise.
I find both franchises' food disappointing.

The Australian Milk Company, on the other hand... :3
Infinity Biscuit has given me an appetite for street hotdogs.
How am I supposed to bike all the way down to Cherry Creek in this weather? HOW?

Cafe de Coral appears to be one of Wikipedia's rough spots. One user's been fighting to keep that bottom section included since early December. Every time it gets deleted, they come back and add it again.
Wikipedia is generally considered to be pretty trustworthy these days, but now and then you get a glimpse of its underlying instability. I always find that interesting.




Quote:The workers do the same thing every day. In Café De Coral, during the high-tea time, the workers need to make the sandwich and repeating doing so .They put the bread, egg, cheese, vegetables, tomatoes and ham together to make that sandwich which called club sandwich.

Dehumanizing indeed.
Oh yeah, one of those things about me is that I have a terrible aversion to vegetables, in which they cause me to lose all appetite immediately and for the next couple of hours too. Doesn't alleviate hunger in any way and sometimes they end up being laxavites. Fibrous and green plants only.

It's gotten to the point where I have termed the period where I remove the offensive articles from the actual food Extraction.

Also, that's quite out of the way.


Actually, let me get my eating schedule up here.

[Image: EatSched.png]

Yes, a bit of a nightmare, but it's not unmanageable. That said, Sunday lunches generally have a 45% chance of appearing, not 100% as indicated in the table.
That terrifying moment while eating a hamburger when you bite into a large area of a different texture, it can only be a un-delicious glob of gelatanous tissue.

Only today I suddenly remembered I was eating a veggie-burger, and was greeted with a delicious piece of tomato instead!
I approve of your delicious eating choices, btp.
Beep Beep
I recommend Morningstar Farms Chik burgers.
I am not a vegetarian. And they are not chicken, despite what the name would probably not lead you to believe, nor any other kind of meat. And I eat them more than I eat just about anything else, these days.
This is admittedly partly from laziness, as they are quick to microwave. But there are lots of other things that are quick to microwave, and I keep coming back to these.
They're good with a slice of cheddar melted on top. And mayonnaise, if you like mayonnaise. I've been having them with hummus lately, which isn't bad either.
If you don't cook them right, they get kind of unpleasantly tough around the edges. I give 'em one minute on one side, then flip them over and give them 30 seconds on the other, which is also the ideal time to add cheese that needs melting. I'm not sure what the box says, I think it's different.
Scooping spoonfuls out of half a small watermelon like a bowl of cereal because I'm an adult.
Is this one of the rare occasions where shoving a giant wedge of food into your face is considered less childish than using silverware and something to ensure mess doesn't get on the eating surface? :P
XD!! That description is... actually pretty applicable I think

I am the odd creature known as 'food snob', only eating stuff made out of quality nutritious ingredients and whatevs. But sometimes I make really weird stuff, like 85% dark chocolate melted with microwave-cooked bananas wrapped in seaweed. Or orange slices in a mix of carbonated water and soy bean drink. The list can go on forever, but whenever I convince a friend to try the stuff I make they find it to be delicioso.