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what happened

where are you?
fyck phytybyckyt
The Bermuda triangle?
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The Sea of Despair. No biggie.
The moon, why else would you have a crescent on your sail.
Zatch Bell's Zatch Hell
(05-17-2015, 06:33 PM)Geoluhread Wrote: »Zatch Bell's Zatch Hell

"Hell is worth all that/ natural habitat/ Just a rhyme without a reason.
Never-ending maze/ drift on numbered days/ Now your life is out of season...
obey youre master. master.
Master of pupitz i'm pulling the strings."

-ac/dc, master of pupitz
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You're on a boat
(05-17-2015, 11:35 PM)Schazer Wrote: »You're on a boat

Look down. Look up. The boat is now diamonds.
You're yachting the Bering Strait, going for the world record.
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invest pisscoin

(05-17-2015, 11:35 PM)Schazer Wrote: »You're on a boat

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Unfortunately for you this is far from the first time you've woken up on an unfamiliar boat with no memory of how you got there. It happens a lot less nowadays of course, people generally seem to have learned that it's inadvisable to shanghai an Ait.

Quote:You are in hell. That's why the sky is so ominous.

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You doubt it; you’ve been to Hell and the sky there is much more of an oppressive dark green affair. If you had to guess solely on the sky you might suspect you’d somehow ended up in a Fae Pocket, except they don’t usually feature large bodies of water.

Quote:> On a steel boat near some wooden wreckage.

Quote:All that floating stuff indicates you probably used to be in something other than this tiny boat.

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Oh, right. It’s coming back to you now. Captain... um... Kenry was it? (you're not great at names, and faces now you think about it) and his voyage into the Jasconian. You’re still not sure what happened exactly. You were on deck, there seemed to be a storm approaching, you went to quell it and boom here you are. Despite the peculiarity of it you’re not at all surprised that Kenry(?)’s voyage came to a bad end.

(05-17-2015, 03:29 PM)Papers Wrote: »The Bermuda triangle?

Quote:ask that green guy.

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“I’m assuming this means we made it into the Jasconian Triangle?” You ask.

The green girl turned, finally noticing your wakefulness. “Oh good you’re alive.” She looked relieved. “That’s good.”

“Yeah, I think so too.” You reply.

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“Hi I’m Jade, Ship AI for the Jade Crescent.” The green girl barely acknowledges your response seeming to launch into some internal script. “You were in a wreck and now I’m sorry to say you’re in the Jasconian Triangle. It’s pretty much impossible to leave; if you even get close to the edge this big storm sweeps in out of nowhere and capsizes you and then once you’re in the water something drags you down never to be seen again. I’ve been stuck here for years now; I went through nearly half a dozen crews before people agreed to stop sailing me.” She looked theatrically downcast. “Now normally you’d be trapped here, but luckily you’re an Ait-”

You can’t help but laugh bitterly at that, but Jade isn’t deterred.

“-and I’m the sturdiest boat you’re likely to find in this entire damned place. Between the two of us we might actually have a chance to get out of here. What do you say? Partners?” She finished hopefully.

fyck phytybyckyt
>Sing a shanty. Shanties solve all problems.
>"Yes. I don't have any other options, anyways."
>Examine that unicorn head
>Examine contents of luggage.

>Disable AI. Those things are more trouble than they're worth, always gaining emotions and personality and stuff only to be reset to factory settings in some big climactic heroic sacrifice/disaster/foolish accident that only leaves a lingering trace of said personality behind. You're better off just going it alone, frankly.
>But first ask her what the eyepatch is for. Judge her right to exist based on how entertaining the answer is.

>Use spyglass to scan the horizon for thingies. Gotta find a thingy if you want to survive.