2015 Budgetary Analysis and Cordial Shakedown

2015 Budgetary Analysis and Cordial Shakedown
Greetings, all! It's that time of year again when The Man insists we pay "money" in exchange for "services". Assuming our provider hasn't branched out into prostitution, I can only assume that that means it's time to pay for Eagle Time's hosting and domain name, so it's time to take a look at the ol' piggy bank.

Last year, we paid for everything out of 2013's bake sale/international extortion ring profits, but as of this year, we've got $43.87 in the bank. Compare that to the $135.50 it costs to keep the lights on, and that means we need $91.63 in order for them to not shut us down.

To that end, this is the part where I stick a Paypal donation button up for a bit so folks who like the Eagle Time can keep the Eagle Clock Eagle Ticking. It's way down at the bottom there!

Thanks to everyone who's pitched in in the past, and here's to another year of wooped zoops!

- Management
Woop zoop it's twenty dollars time.
In which I give twenty dollars.
Heyo! Pines informed me last night that with a handful of shakedownees (once he can make Paypal stop holding the funds ransom), we'd pretty much already hit the amount needed for another year of hosting, so any extra funds will likely* go toward the May 2016 hosting fund. He said he'd leave the button up for a day, or at least until he got the collected fees out of Paypal's grubby mitts.

Thanks to all the folks that donated! I'm gonna but need to go hit up the convenience store after work to attempt to do so, on my honor as an ex-modmin.

*I say likely because we can't completely discount Pinary finding a wicked sick totally-not-haunted mansion or something, and misappropriating the funds to go kick it with some ghosts. Who could blame (hypothetical) him?

(05-28-2015, 05:04 PM)Lankie Wrote: »Woop zoop it's twenty dollars time.
In which I give twenty dollars.
Thanks, Lankie.
P-please can you change the in-line text from "The Man" to something less... gendered?

mmaybe "The Person" or "The Authority" ... women and people of non-binary genders can be fearsome power-brokers too,

e: oh that's an important message to be preempted by
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Just say it already, geez.

thanks to the donators and Pines for keeping this place i like alive
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"The brand" is several years old. We've moved onto "the meme syndicate."
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The Authority. Authorityagement?
Alrighty, folks! We're all paid up with The Indeterminate Entity up through, let me do the math here... the year 3562, if my calculations are correct!

(Spoiler warning: They are not.)

For real though, we're actually paid for through this year and next year after receiving over $240 in donations, all in just about a day. Thanks to everyone who kicked in various quantities of their nation's currency of choice, and special thanks to our top donors, who will receive a coupon good for one free not-getting-their-kneecaps-busted, redeemable at any future Eagle Time fundraising event!

Seriously folks, thanks for keeping the lights on. Eagle Time's an awesome group of people, and it's cool to see people jumping forward to help keep it around. Here's to two more years of puns and silly ideas!