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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC Season II: Week 1: CROWN
it's gatr!

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Username: Garuru
Name: None yet
Species: Human newborn
Gender: Male
Color: Baby blue
Weapons/Abilities: Can only eat breast milk. Cries all the time. Has no control over bodily functions. Is completely naked. May or may not have the ability to control time and space.
Description: Has his mother's eyes, his father's nose, and an almost imperceivable wisp of blond hair.
Biography: On June 9, 1999, Marisa Buonanotte was rushed into the hospital by her husband, Roger. The emergency was, of course, her pregnancy. This was a joyous day for both of them, as they had been trying to conceive for about three years. Yet, Marisa was crushing her poor husband's hand, leaving him to wonder who was feeling the worse pain. It was Marisa, of course, and Roger knew that, but he was understandably nervous. Today had to go well. As the contractions got closer and closer, he got more and more nauseous. Finally, it was time. The doctor told him to leave, but he insisted on staying for his wife. He held her hand, and looked at her eyes. They were shut firmly tight in anguish, but Roger knew they would be sparkling with joy soon. The doctors finally spoke then. "The baby is crowning! You have to push, Marisa!" If Roger had known anything about childbirth, he would have known what to expect. But he didn't, so he made the mistake of looking underneath the gown. At around the same time that he fainted, the baby suddenly blipped out of existence while its head was only halfway out.

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