The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC Season II: Week 1: CROWN
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Name: XYAHRT and Sir Vajrn Modaj
Species: XYAHRT and boring human
Gender: XYAHRT and male
Text Colour: Dark Green
Description: XYAHRT is a terrifying monstrosity beyond human comprehension; those unfortunate enough to gaze upon XYAHRT’s visage are doomed to fall into a gibbering madness from which they may never recover. To describe XYAHRT’s physical appearance as ‘a twisted mess of tentacles, teeth and claws’ is to downplay the sheer primal horror of XYAHRT’s appearance but also broadly correct. It is also of note that XYAHRT is only approximately half a metre tall, please note this does nothing to diminish the dread one feels upon laying their unworthy eyes upon XYAHRT.

Okay so technically XYAHRT is merely a fragment of a terrifying monstrosity beyond human comprehension and those unfortunate enough to gaze upon XYAHRT’s visage are probably only doomed to a particularly nasty headache but certainly if you were to gaze upon XYAHRT for long enough you would probably succumb to madness eventually.

Sir Vajrn is tall, thin and with the look of a man who hasn’t slept for a long time. His skin is sickly pale, his eyes are sunken, his hair greying and a perpetual mess. He wears heavily battered platemail onto which he has clumsily daubed the visage of his lord XYAHRT. He’s clearly done this a few times now, the previous efforts having faded or washed partially away. At this point it only barely looks like anything at all unless you are Sir Vajrn himself.

Items/Abilities: XYAHRT is a terrifying monstrosity from before time and space. Sir Vajrn has a big sword.

Biography: Sir Vajrn Modaj was one of the most respected and reliable knights of the Golden Court. When there were whispers of cabalists performing strange rites near the village of Beskotch it was Vajrn who was sent to deal with the matter.

From the moment he set foot in the cavern they had made their home Sir Vajrn could feel a terrifying presence; a sense of otherworldly dread so thick he could almost touch it. Terrified but with his resolve unshaken Sir Vajrn continued into the caves and disrupted a ritual already in progress.

Fighting to keep hold of himself and his mind Sir Vajrn slayed the cultists and in doing so forced the portal to God only knows where to snap shut. It should have been enough to save the day, and it would have been if part of XYAHRT had not already been through the portal when it had closed, leaving a fragment of that monstrosity behind.

Before he could destroy the remnant of that creature XYAHRT had seized control of him, XYAHRTs reserves of psychic power used up in one go to ensure that Vajrn would be XYAHRT’s unwaveringly loyal servant.

Sir Vajrn prostrated himself before the fragment of unfathomable horror. “My lord.” He rasped. “How may I serve you?” XYAHRT told his minion in no uncertain terms the manifold horrors they together would visit upon his world, and also that he would probably have to carry XYAHRT to do so.

They didn’t really make a lot of progress before one day they just disappeared.
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