The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC Season II: Week 2: PRODUCT
Username: Sol Limited Ed.
Name: Hyper Destroya Destiny Together! (Or, Hyper DesDes TRI!)
Gender: Girls!!!
Race: Idol Group
Color: Corporate Approved Blue
Description: Hyper DesDes TRI! consists of three excellent girls, hand selected by MacroMegaMedia for their extreme talents in singing, dancing, posing, and athletics.

Jaye is the leader, with her outfits primary colors being red, secondary gold, and being the most showy of the three. She has red hair, is second tallest, and has a flowing red scarf. She is headstrong, courageous, and fights mostly with kicks and jumps.

Seline is the heart, with her outfits primary colors being blue, secondary green, and the most caring of the three. She has dark blue hair, is the tallest, and has two ribbon-bracelets. She is careful, perceptive, and fights mostly with projectiles and traps.

Dion is the lancer, with her outfits primary colors being yellow, secondary silver, and the most intelligent of the three. She has bright yellow hair, is the shortest, and has yellow glasses. She is reliable, shy, and fights with punches and accuracy.

Items/Abilities: Hyper DesDes TRI! has been bio-genetically enhanced to be incredibly powerful girls, each able to control an element through powerful "magic." Jaye uses fire, Seline uses ice, and Dion uses lightning. In addition, they can combine their efforts into more powerful attacks, usually doing so through song.

Hyper DesDes TRI! also have clothing that can change each show, or in some cases, songs, complete with makeup and everything. The clothes always match, follow their color schemes, and have their personal symbols as well as the group symbol.

Biography: Hyper Destroya Destiny Together! is the latest media endeavor by the MacroMegaMedia Business Conglomerate aka, the MMM Zaibatsu. Pooling together their resources, they selected three girls from around the world, forming a new breed of Idol Group, that could appeal to all masses.

Their shows consist of the various dancing and singing, but also involves fights against monsters and an overarching plotline on each tour. The girls have been trained to fight, and do enjoy the physical activity, but there is no true danger in these mock fights. That said, they do partake in simulations that are a tad less scripted, to make the show as real as possible.

Now, tossed into this battle, the three girls are fearful, but... it has to be a mistake, right? The MMM Zaibatsu wouldn't put them... in real danger... would it?

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