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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC Season II: Week 3: FAILURE
breaking the law

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Name: Shaishanvalai
Species: Draichai
Gender: Someday we may see a woman king, bloodshot eye, thumb down and starting to weep
Color: #CD7F32

Description: Even after her exile, Shaishanvalai is an imposing figure. Her face is weather-beaten and her body is covered in scars and markings-- some were the product of ritual scarification, some were earned in battle, some mark the shame of her exile, but all of them indicate she is not to be interfered with lightly. Like all draichai, she has a mixture of draconic and humanoid attributes-- she is bipedal, but has a tail, digitigrade stance, and reptile-like head. The draich's digits end in sharp talons, and her bronze-scaled skin is a mess of crests, ridges, and horned protrusions. Shaishanvalai doesn't have wings, but doesn't look like she needs them. She wears a mixture of scavenged fabric and mismatched armor, a far cry from the gleaming metal she once armored herself with.

Personality-wise, Shaishanvalai is like most draichai and carries herself with an innate sense of superiority, coming off as imperious and arrogant to most other species. She leans towards action over discussion, and there is little that can break her confidence. While she has a measure of patience when it comes to military matters and understands the necessity of taking other views into consideration in that context, in nearly all other endeavors her martial upbringing dominates and renders her inflexible and commandeering.

Biography: Almost five centuries had passed since the old world was destroyed. The complex and sophisticated fusion of technology and magic of that time had long been lost, and the time of industrial civilization of old became a forgotten memory. The seas turned to poison and silt, and the land to desert as fertile soil became sterile wasteland.

The draichai were the first to rebuild their empire. While they had lost much during the twilight years, they had preserved some of the artifice of the old world and maintained their old laws and customs. Shaishanvalai was born into the military of the resurgent empire, and raised from its eyries to become one of the generals that would reunite the broken, squabbling principalities and petty kingdoms to reforge the empire of old.

In a world of magic, magic will be used in warfare. While the ancient magic of the old world had been forgotten-- the cataclysmic spells that boiled oceans and collapsed mountains-- the draichai still held onto scraps of arcane knowledge, reteaching and perfecting them to the best of their abilities. In one of Shaishanvalai's campaigns, she faced another kingdom that brought magic to the battlefield-- and unlike the draichai, they had managed to hold onto some of the ancient destructive magic of the old world. Finding her own army outmatched and outmaneuvered, the draich commander made a risky decision. She chose to use one of the few remaining ancient spells and summon an antimagic storm, in order to even the battlefield and allow her disciplined soldiers to achieve victory.

Shaishanvalai's gambit didn't work. The antimagic storm became a living spell, an immense tempest of destructive energy that wreaked havoc on the tortured land, spreading far and wide as it brought untold destruction. Forced to retreat with the tattered remnants of her army, the commander was branded and exiled from the empire for her disgrace.

She was never seen again after her exile. Some believe she'll return with an army of fellow exiles at her back, others think she went back to the antimagic storm to die, while others still believe she embarked on a quest for atonement in an attempt to regain her old position. Whatever the truth is has been lost.

Weapons/Abilities: Shaishanvalai's an experienced commander, albeit a reckless and aggressive one. A life spent conquering has honed her martial skills, both in terms of physical combat and in other realms of military expertise, like tactics and logistics and so forth. Her preferred weapon is a glaive of draichai design, which lacks the sort of ostentatious ornamentation of other cultures. She also has some degree of arcane knowledge, although this almost solely extends into knowledge regarding destructive magic and not into magical theory or any sort of refined arcana.

The draich's other ability is a by-product of the antimagic storm she helped summon, and that is that she has permanently severed her connection with magic, and cannot cast any sort of spells or be affected by magic. This magical suppression extends to a three-meter radius around her-- magical items become mundane, spells misfire and fizzle out, and so on.
07-18-2015, 08:41 AM
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