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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC Season II: Week 4: BUN
Please explain

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Username: AAA
Name: Yeas der abitt.
Species: Bread.
Gender: Bred.
Colour: Red.

Description: A slice of bread that has been cut into the shape of a rabbit sloppily and hastily. Burnt, would not taste nice at all. Not even with with my mums secret marmalade recipe.

Weapons/Abilities: Yeas has the remarkable ability of pyromancy. Specifically, anything with a remote carbohydrate presence will ignite in the presence of Yeas. This ranges from full on inferno to light charring. Yeas can also run incredibly fast. They once caught the gingerbread man, do you know how fast you have to go to do that? It's fast.

Biography: Made in a magical bakery by the magical bakers six year old magical niece, after a mishap with a magical butter knife and a magical toaster the bakery was magically burned to the ground and left standing was Yeas, as if by magic.
From this point onwards they lead an interesting life of being a serial toast burner and a blight on society in general. One key event would be the time Yeas showed up at the queens big luncheon and burned the cake into a fine ash on accident, they have of course been hunted by the royal guards ever since this incident. Another would be the time they were hired by a flour mill. You can imagine what happened, Yeas was caught embezzling funds into their swiss bank account! The court case lasted months.
Yeas has a phobia of chocolate and eggs, chocolate eggs are fine however.

e: it's been more than a week. I can read post dates.

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