The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 5: GREATER ARCANA
Name: Major Archimedes Anadeon
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Text Color: The color of destiny

Description: At seven-and-a-half feet, Major Anadeon towers over most of his fellow soldiers. This and his red hair, as bright as the sun, are his most striking features. Those who can get past the initial indimitation may notice his good looks; Major Anadeon has had a number of lovers, all of whom are quick to call him a handsome devil.
However, he doesn't have much of a reputation for friendliness. He often says that his primary mission is to bring justice to this sinful world, and has little interest in much else. He isn't completely humorless, though; he's been known to take part in the occasional celebration after a great victory, though he never drinks a drop of wine. He considers his temperance key to his focus.

Weapons and abilities: It would be a mistake in judgement to think that Major Anadeon is a rising star in the army only for his incredible strength. He's also quite clever, and has shown a remarkable capacity to fool his enemies. His tactical prowess is so renowned that some of the army's top strategists call him "the Magician", as he comes up with plans that seemed impossible otherwise.
He carries no weapons, but he does ride a magnificent war chariot. It's quite fast, and is outfitted with spikes for ramming into other chariots. (Or horses, or occasionally infantrymen.) Major Anadeon takes very good care of it; at times he's seemed unduly obsessed with its wheels, calling them the key to his good fortune.

Biography: There are few hard facts known about Major Anadeon's birth or early life.
What is known is that an infamous outlaw surprised everyone by turning himself in at the Empress' court. He confessed to everything, and was promptly sent to the gallows. As was customary for the condemned, the hierophant asked if he had any final requests.
The man nodded. He explained that he had been living as a hermit for twenty years to evade the law, but three years ago he found a young child, abandoned and starving.
For the last three years, he'd been raising the child as best he could, but as the boy grew, he soon realized that he couldn't provide for two. And so he would give up his own life so the younger man might live better.
Moved by the story, the hierophant agreed to arrange a home for the boy after the hanged man's death.
It wasn't long before it became clear that young Archimedes was no ordinary boy. His size lead many to wonder if he was a bastard child of the late Emperor, a bear of a man; there had already been many rumors that the last ruler had been neglecting his wife in favor of the High Priestess.
Of course, that was just one of many stories that spread as Archimedes Anadeon grew up, joined the army, and distinguished himself both through his combat prowess and his cunning plans.
It's unlikely that anyone will ever know the truth, or why Major Archimedes Anadeon suddenly disappeared one night, as he was riding his chariot to the battle under the light of a full moon...

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