The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 5: GREATER ARCANA
Username: from Scha to zer
Name: Pitchfester
Gender: prophet
Race: Cannallilium, common name Dog Lily
Color: dull fear

Description: A horse-sized, emaciated monster, of a drooping quadrupedal body and laboured, unsteady gait. Of near-colorless green, smooth hide with sparse, translucent hairs, its skin better-resembles a plant than a beast.

On its slender neck are structures like potato eyes, regularly spaced, where seedheads grow once the individual is fertilised. Cannallilia tremble violently when feeling threatened, so if you hear rattling, back off.

Its head, is obscured by many layers of large, iris-like petals. With its stooped posture, only the grey undersides of these petals are normally seen. The inner side is brightly colored, however, coming in a variety of warm colors and patterns that vary from individual to individual. Speckles or streaks are common, but plain or edged colors are seen too.

Several inner petals cover its sensory organs, which are a bunch of creepy bristly tendrils. Dog Lilies would make great kissers if they didn't give you violent rashes and all the allergies forever.

Weapons/Abilities: Pitchfester, being a prophet to some deity or another, is slightly more magical than its kin, and is proud owner of a little more animalistic cunning. Unlike the static markings on the facial displays of other Dog Lilies, Pitchfester's change every time it obscures and reveals them. It uses this to communicate, though for the most part all it communicates is "go away" "mine" and "I will hurt you."

It dislikes fighting, but when pushed it'll use its substantial bulk to pin a foe. No internal organs and highly caustic blood make hacking it apart inadvisable, as it doesn't take much issue with shoving its own severed limb down an assailant's throat.

Also, its pollen is allergenic because nature hates you. Allergenic enough even to cause permanent allergies, to a bunch of more mundane air-particulates. That's totally how allergies work, shut up.

Prophetic blessing also gives Pitchfester a leg up over a lot of communication barriers, and also a penchant for dispensing surprisingly good advice (to those who are nice to it, anyway. Try beating information out of it and its involuntary wisdom imparted will lead to ruin if followed).

Of course, all this counsel (good or not) is delivered through weird petal-semaphore, so it's not Pitchfester's fault if the recipient doesn't understand it.

Biography: Cannallilia are probably plantlike dogs, rather than the other way around - but not even Pitchfester is sure, and it's the smartest among its kind.

Born from a corpse-cradle after murdering a half-dozen of its siblings for the right to reach maturity, Pitchfester at some point earned a bit of divine attention, which made it noticeably smarter than the rest of its kind. Its ever-shifting markings confused the heck out of its kin, giving it leeway to cause all kinds of mischief and get away with it, until its patron goddess started plaguing it with this weird urge to advise.

Its weird propensity for advice worth following earned it a spot beside a couple influential people (including royalty!) over its lifetime, but lately it's been terrorising a village who did something to piss it off.

To the villagers' relief, the strange "grey terror" which left forest intruders infirm vanished one day without a trace.

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