The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 5: GREATER ARCANA
Username: Pharmacy
Name: The Starcatcher’s Song
Species: Giant Robot Wizard.
Gender: Eh.
Color: My God it’s full of stars!

Description: “Follow me!”

The gaggle of humans and humanoids followed the tour guide-nee-intern down the hallway into a prodigiously large room. It was seven in the morning - way too early to be cognizant, even amidst the mechanical wonders of the National Artificer Museum. They passed by a couple technological relics, remainders of the ancient past, before coming up to their next destination.

The room was incredibly sparse save for this sleek, almost alien-looking suit of armor in the middle of a platform. A closer examination realizes that the suit was not empty, but full of cogs, sprockets, and other sorts of mysterious doodads that made up its mechanical entrails. The complexity of its insides was scintillating enough that some of the audience wondered if it was capable of independent movement provided some method of control was generously provided. Indeed their suspicions proved correct when a nearby screen flickered to life - displaying in mesh modeling, all the things the machine was capable of doing - including walking, blasting magic, and most bizarrely, transforming into a spaceship that was capable of flight.

“This is the Starcatcher’s Song,” the tour guide excitedly chirped. “The brainchild of the Embrach Starcatcher - an artificer known for her advances in the Cosmoplanar Sciences! She was absolutely brilliant!”

The screen flickered again, showing a picture of a surprisingly beardless wizard. Her disorderly fashion and posture belied the surly expression on the person’s face. It gave a feeling that the person cared more about arcane science than most other things in life and was rather impatient to boot. The tour guide gave the portrait an admiring salute before realizing they had a group to lead.

“Brilliant!” The tour guide chuckled. “But also quite ambitious!”

Weapons/Abilities: “Um,” a goblin in the back asked, raising his hand to punctuate his confusion. “What does it do?”

“Ah, everything it can do on the screen!” The tour guide tapped at it. “Well, let’s be a bit more specific. It is strong, but not quite strong, being a vehicle for exploration, not for war. It is magical but not quite, most of the magic is used to indefinitely power the vehicle. It can turn into a ship and fly, but it is not exactly aerodynamic. But you know they say about the whole is greater than the sum of their parts - the whole being essentially a giant robot wizard - a giant robot wizard you can wear!”

The suit let loose a jet of stream as it unfolded, revealing a human-sized chassis and the nature of it being a magical powered exoskeleton.

“...Can I wear it?”

“What? No.

Biography: “Why?”

“Well, you see,” the tour guide. “The Starcatcher’s Song is haunted.”

The statement earn the tour guide a net total of twenty blank stares. The tour guide wisely decided to explain further.

“W-well, you see. The Starcatcher’s Song was the brainchild of Embrach Starcatcher for herself. While there were plenty of advancement in the field of Cosmoplanar Sciences - it was all on chalkboards and speculation. No one has ever truly went into a Cosmoplane in the meat. Most people think it was nearly impossible not to mention inherently dangerous - I am sure all of you know how much magic leaks out of Cosmoplane - especially the dangerous uncontrollable ‘gives you extra eyes’ sort.”

“Embrach, being ambitious and disappointed at the rate arcane art was going at, decided if nobody was going into the Cosmoplane, then she’ll do it. After networking and accumulating the funds and resources - most out of her own pocket - she managed to create this miracle of an exosuit in her own garage. While not averse to risk, Embrach was never unaware of the fact that her trip could result in her own demise. As a result, she named the suit as the Starcatcher’s Song - to appeal to her own determination and to realize the suit she made could be the last grand performance she’ll ever do - a swan’s song, if you may.”

“What went wrong?” A dwarf asked nervously.

“Well, she went to the Cosmoplane and immediately all contact was lost between her and the material world. A few hours passed before the Cosmoplane spat out her suit - slightly dented but none the worse for wear. Of course when the pressure was equalized and the flaps of the suit were disengaged, what the chassis that used to house Embrach Stargazer...was completely empty.”

A slight fear seized the crowd and made them go discontent.

“Now, now. That doesn’t mean she is actually dead-dead. The nature of outer planes means death is not permanent or at sort of a vague concept. Official records indicate she might be lost in some other higher dimension. But current evidence points that she might be a spirit clinging strongly on her exosuit. That might explain why the suit keeps on generating magic despite not being hooked to an arcane generator of sorts. Or why the suit keeps walking at night tripping all the security alarms, but you didn’t hear that. Of course, there isn’t exact proof until we hire an exorcist of some sort, which will come by--What.

It was just then the tour guide noticed the Starcatcher’s Song was gone.

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