The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 7: COMMUTE!
Name: The Silent One. There are no legal records of any other name.
Race: Human, at least by all appearances.
Gender: Considered male, but never actually stated a preference.
Text color: #00004d


"Your honor. I will not dispute my client's actions. But I believe the death penalty is uncalled for. He poses no further danger to anyone."
The judge adjusted her glasses and looked at the defendant. He seemed completely undisturbed by his surroundings, a serene smile on his face.
If the reports were to be believed, his expression never changed, even when he was killing someone.
"We would like to ask the defense to clarify this statement."
"Of course. These facts are not in dispute: that my client was a high-ranking member of the Shadow of Death assassin society, and that he completed dozens of contracts for them. Which is to say, he killed dozens of people. These matters have already been firmly established."
The judge found it hard to focus on the lawyer's words when the ki - the defendant - was still smiling. It was unnerving.
She knew he could hear every word that was being said about him, even if he didn't respond to any of them.
"However, every murder he has committed was done under the society's orders. He has, on multiple occasions, gone out of his way to avoid killing anyone else. We even have records of him saving lives, purely because they were not his target."
The judge had heard about that, too. Somehow it made him more unnerving.
"The defense submits that, with the Shadow of Death organization dismantled, there is no one to give him orders. He will kill no more."
The lawyer sat down. The judge turned towards the prosecutor's table, if only to get her eyes off that damnable smile.
"How does the prosecution respond?"
"The prosecution does not dispute that the defendant has only killed under orders. But we have no proof that he will no longer accept orders. Considering the vile nature of his kills, and the fact that we have been unable to hold him in a cell without his cooperation, the risk is too great. He must be executed, for the safety of the public."
The judge looked down at her notes. This was a difficult decision. If the defense was right, and the man was no danger with the Shadow of Death gone, then this would be an execution carried out in pure spite. Nothing disgusted her more than that thought.
But the man's past killings nearly did. If she granted him a lighter sentence, and he killed someone again, would her conscience be able to bear that fact?
Then she noticed something on her notepad. Something she didn't remember writing.
-Possible Sentence: Participant in battle to the death.

Weapons and Abilities: The Silent One rarely carries weapons. He tends to just use whatever is at hand. He is extremely agile, and is good at assessing an opponent's fighting style and locating weaknesses in it. He's proven similarly quick-witted when a life is in danger.

Description: The Silent One is a short, balding middle-aged man. He wears a black robe, which could be used for concealing weapons but he rarely puts it to that purpose.
As his name suggests, he does not talk. It is unknown if this is because he is physically unable, or if he simply chooses not to.
He also always seems at peace, no matter what he's doing. He constantly smiles, never seeming to let anything at all bother him.
Though he is quite good at killing, he only kills people he has been ordered to kill. Should he encounter anyone else, not only will he refuse to kill them, he will actively protect them from harm. No one is sure exactly why he does this.

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