The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 7: COMMUTE!
Username: ɘmɒnɿɘƨU
Name: Commander Ute
Species: (Veteran) Automoton
Gender: Did I Give You Permission To Speak, Re-cruit?
Color: Patriotic Blue


Recruits rev in salute as Commander Ute rolls into the building for his weekly review. The fabled light armored vehicle brigade had been decimated as a result of heroic actions in last years' desperate struggle around the star Balac-A (since referred to as the Battle of Balac-LAV-a), and the Commander had been tasked with whipping these green-striped replacements into driving shape before next summer. For all the respect they had for Ute's war-hero boot, the Commander wished they'd be just a bit better at following orders than they were at getting into prangs. Going by how they'd performed so far, it was going to take one helluva an effort to pimp these rides into shape.

Commander Ute gave the usual rousing speech, tire screeching and all, and as the recruits rode out to their morning engine checks took aside Sergeant Van T., the commander's faithful aide.

"Van, the yewshual methods ain't cuttin' it with these sooks, not if Central's sendin' them out next year. I'd like yah ta take their wheels out fer a spin 'round tha rim worlds this sweep, let 'em see some'a what'eyll be fightin' for. Get 'em a sense'a perspective, so that when they get back they'll be ready for tha hell I'm gonna be puttin' 'em through. Ah'll get things set up in the meantime."

Sergeant Van duly performed their duties to the letter, as always. However, on returning later that sweep to Bayrisch I's Military Workshop they found no sign of their commander. Well, none beyond a halfway set-up obstacle racecourse and a set of tire tracks that suddenly ceased.

Weapons/Abilities: Commander Ute boasts a state-of-the-art fusion core engine (though the Commander still grumbles about the tingling compared to classic rocket-fuel models), allowing for acceleration from 0 to 0.60 c's in less than twenty minutes. Add to this top-of-the-line suspension, meteor-busting firepower and a sturdier chassis than a SUV-class PT-cruiser - all packed into a sleek frame - and it's clear how the Commander came out of the savage fighting in the Mercadi-Benes systems with nary a ding in the bonnet.

Description: Both feared and respected, Commander Ute stands 1.48 meters tall, 1.9 meters wide and 5.04 meters long 150cm off the ground. Weighing in at 1721 kilos, the Commander is beefy and good-looking enough that the famous Commander Ute is the most well-known face of the Automoton war effort. The few scars Ute's intentionally kept (rather than having them repaired) only accentuate the Commander's rugged image. Privately the Commander is quite sociable, and finds nothing more interesting than a problem that needs solving.

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