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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 7: COMMUTE!
Please explain

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Name: Blaine Horne
Species: Come on Aussie
Gender: Come on, come on
Color: Come on Aussie come on

1964: Blaine is born in a quiet suburb of Melbourne, Florida.
1979: Blaine is given the nickname "Horny" and moves to Mumbai with his family.
1985: Blaine makes his test cricket debut playing for the Indian cricket team. He made headlines in many nations when he played the entire match in short shorts and flipped off the umpire, yet still managed to whack out a century.
1986: Blaine is hailed as the sole reason India wins the world series. In an interview Blaine made the following statement: "Yeah, pretty good. If there's any chikky-babes out there here's my nu-" The interview was cut short as Blaine had taken off their shirt.
1988: Blaine is fired from Indian cricket team for reportedly 'being far too close for comfort' to the owner. Blaine made the following statement: "Eh it was worth a go. If there's any chi-" The interview is once again cut short. The England Cricket Association poaches him right off the street.
1989: A new trend sweeps London as the young folks all embrace the ways of the new hot star Blaine Horne, everyone goes topless all the time. "It's just more comfy you know? Now, if there's any chikky-babes out in the audience tonight I have a raging party going on down at my place if you want to come on down and par tay. Maybe we'll have a shag." Blaine confided to Terry Wogan on prime time National television with his hands in his pants.
1991: Blaine shocks the world by playing the first test of the Ashes series stark naked. "Oi fuck off it helps me play" He said in a police report. He was fired a week later as he was causing more trouble than he was worth to the English team. He was present on the Australian side for the last match. Australia won the ashes that year.
1992: Blaine makes a habit of playing naked, this becomes a trend in Australia. No one is happy as no one wants to see Cricketers naked.
1995: Blaine becomes captain of the Australian cricket team. His comments on this to the ABC "Bout fuckin time, I'm the best man for the job. Now, if there's any chikky-babes out in the audience to-" The interview is cut short.
1997: Blaine has not showed any signs of aging. People begin to grow suspicious. What is his secret? In a victoria secret special Blaine said the following. "Butts, lots and lots of chikky-butts."
2002: Blaine disgraces the Australian cricket team by being bowled out for a duck. The world is shocked.
2003: Blaine retires to lead a party life in New York City.
2004: China intervenes in the Indonesian invasion of Singapore, the city is nuked by Indonesia in an all or nothing tactic. Complete nuclear war follows, the MAD doctrine is put into practice.
2364: Blaine is still in search of chikky-babes and maybe someone to play a bit of cricket with. He celebrates his 400th birthday with only the company of a cricket bat.

Description: He is disgusting. He has no shame. He has no clothes. He has no hair. He has to find someone out there.

Weapons/Abilities: He is really good at cricket, and does not age. He has a bat.

[Image: 933hfLL.png][Image: aCQpT7Z.png][Image: iRoHjKM.png]
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