The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 10: PLANE!
Username: Ixcaliber
Name: “Cammie”
Gender: Female
Species: Unbound Elemental
Colour: variable
Biography: Cammie’s first memory is of the crushing darkness of the elemental plane of gravity; one of the most inhospitable elemental realms, nothing resides in this bleak realm but silence and force strong enough to pull a person apart.

Cammie somehow managed to escape from the elemental plane of gravity, though she did not manage to escape whole. Elementals are made of two parts: their essence; the flames of a fire elemental, the swirling winds of an air elemental etc, and their core; their very heart contained deep within them. Cammie lost her essence; even her core did not escape undamaged; as evidenced from the memory loss and the erraticism she has demonstrated ever since.

Cammie washed up in the elemental plane of water, and in her first few moments there she found herself suddenly infused with the power of water. Her missing essence had replenished itself with the elemental energy of the realm. Her body was a clear blue liquid fashioned into a faintly familiar shape.

As she travelled, directionless, across the planes she found her essence would shift and adapt to whatever plane she was in. She wondered whether this was a natural response for an essence that had been forcibly stripped, or perhaps whether she had taken a little of the plane of gravity into herself. She had no way of knowing the workings of the thing, short of presenting herself to an electric plane scientist for testing, and she had absolutely no desire to put herself through such an ordeal.

So, she travelled. She had a faint goal of perhaps learning who she had once been before the plane of gravity had stolen her past, but held out little hope of doing so. As she travelled she gained a reputation for her unique talent, and whilst drinking in a run-down bar in the elemental plane of poison she was approached by a metal elemental. She was a slender silver lady with corners as sharp as blades and plates of burnished black armour welded to her.

She introduced herself as the Marquisse Platinum; ‘ruler’ of the elemental plane of metal. A once proud realm of fierce warriors who had been conquered by the combined might of the planes of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The Marquisse stood as their puppet, there to uphold their rule simply because it was better than letting the war continue and seeing more and more of her kinsmen die.

During her travels Cammie had noticed that these four realms, going under the banner of the Classical Realms, had been staking a claim far and wide across the planes. They waged a war right now in the distant elemental plane of shadow.

The Marquisse Platinum had a proposition for Cammie; that she use her unique ability to blend with a realm to infiltrate the Classical Planes and learn as much as she could, so that when the time was right they might move against the Classical Realms with confidence.

Cammie was considering this proposition when she was taken away from that conflict and brought into another.

Description: Cammie looks different in every world she visits but she maintains a consistent shape; slim and short (by elemental standards, probably pretty tall and bulky by human standards), visibly feminine with a handsome face and shining white eyes.

Her personality is at least a little affected by the elemental essence she has taken in; for example becoming brash and hotheaded when she is a fire elemental, etc. Some aspects of her personality are consistent however; she is distant

Items/Abilities: Whenever Cammie enters a new world her essence is filled with the elemental energy of that world and she gains a limited control over that element. In worlds which are not elemental she’d likely draw from whatever energy is native to that world or a nearby energy source.
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