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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 10: PLANE!
that escalated quickly

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Okay okay so I ended up taking a ton of time on the secret prizes which are honestly not the best thing since sliced bread, but - oh well. Welcome back to the judging for the greatest Eagletime event since Necromancy Night,

The Grand OC

Five brave competitors have come together to produce fine profiles based on our amazing theme, Plane! They've waited grueling weeks to find out which of these amazing awards are going to be given to them in return for their hard work and toil. They've torn their hair out in despair as the fabled secret prizes promised by the Agen failed to appear, but now they need not tear any longer! Your barbers will be pleased!

Before we continue, let's just take a moment to reflect on the meaning that Grand OC has for us. Building characters and pitting them against each other is an inherent part of our lives and of Grand Battle culture. Creation is our forte and our joy, and we shouldn't let a lack of actual battles prevent us from honing our creative art. Let's just remember what Grand OC stands for: a place where our characters can be tested and grown before they depart into their very first battle. Whenever that may be.

So let us now, without further ado, proceed to the awards that mark the best of these contestants! Please open your first spoiler to find out who won...

Agen Wrote:The Thomas Packston Elementalist Award
Spoiler :
SCHAZER, for Ortis, Akross and Bird

The Thomas Packston is a hefty award, given to the profile that exhibits the 'best' incorporation of the weekly theme. Ortis and his two geometric familiars managed to encapsulate their awful stealth puns while still managing to take the theme into a direction (no pun intended) I hadn't anticipated. Well done, Schaz.

[Image: ortis.png]

The Glere Award for Kitchen Sinkery
Spoiler :
IXCALIBER, for "Cammie"

The Glere award goes to the profile that does the unexpected, leaving the judges breathless with surprise. While Ortis and company definitely had a shot at this one, the worldbuilding and battle-friendliness of Cammie's profile ("Cammie's"?) nudged it over the line. While a very prosaic interpretation of the theme, once again Ix's storytelling talents have made this elemental's world a joy to read. Excellent work, Ix.

Also receives the Arnold Fogge's Actually Practical Award, for being particularly suited towards the Grand Battle format.

[Image: cammie.png]

The GBS2 Award for Gratuitous Worldbuilding
Spoiler :
PHARMACY, for the Axiomatic Tiger

The GBS2 Award is given to the profile that indulges in the most gratuitous worldbuilding, often at the expense of the character itself. This time I'm proud to offer the award to Pharmacy's Axiomatic Tiger, who got an entire profile's worth of encyclopedia information (or an entire encyclopedia's worth of profile information?) and managed to leave no room for the specific Tiger itself. Whoops! In any case, the pseudo-academic tone of the profile itself is an integral part of the characterization; it was a joy to read, even if the profile as a whole was a little derivative (and tended to go off on tangents). Jolly good, Pharms.

[Image: geuclid.png]

The Lucky VII All-Rounder Award
Spoiler :

Lucky VII is awarded to a solid profile that, alas, doesn't pick up any other prizes. Jane is one of these. While in possession of a decent pun and a interesting backstory, Jane was unfortunately superseded in most categories by other, less ordinary, profiles. I also feel that in lieu of any other profile having it, Jane might also pick up the Convocation Teamfriendliness Cup, if only to watch her freak out at the unordinariness of her competitors. Good job, Fogel.

[Image: jane.png]

The Kracht Saw it Coming Award
Spoiler :
BIGRO, for Victory

Mate. You didn't even try. >_>

[Image: victory.png]

The First Five Eigthths Sportsball Award

Spoiler :
Unawarded Meloncholy

And that's all the prizes! Sorry for taking so long on these. I hope you've all enjoyed tonights awards ceremony (300% more diverse than the Oscars) and that you'll all consider joining again for the next theme of...

The Grand OC

lowers curtain, end music
03-08-2016, 01:52 PM
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