The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
Username: Agenbox
Name: ERNO
Species: Cyborg
Gender: None
Description: ERNO is... well, ERNO was a man at one point. Now the description is a little less apt. If you squint and tilt your head at him just the right way, you can make out his face through the armor: a craggy visage, but frozen in terrified, bewildered horror. His limbs are grossly mismatched in places: his right arm meets his shoulder backwards, and is pathetically undersized considering his torso's general bulk. The skin on one leg does not match the skin on the other. A single, pendulous breast hangs at an odd angle off his chest, held in place with the multicolored electronic mesh that serves for ERNO's clothing. The mesh witters when he moves, and shifts crazily in between various colors in the spectrum.

His mind is almost completely gone, in between the pain and the botched programming and the malfunctioning everything, but he can still vaguely remember the last question he wanted to answer before getting out:

"Who am I?"

Items/Abilities: ERNO has a limited camouflage ability, thanks to his mesh-suit, but his primary ability is much more esoteric: every part of his body is in fact interchangeable with another body part suspended in a nu-space fold, just a wrinkle of dimensions away. This allows him to go from lithe acrobat to heavy-hitting tank in seconds, should the situation demand it...

...or at least that's how he's supposed to work. Upon escaping his previous owners (the military), a self-destruct subroutine automatically purged most of his spare parts. His shambling countenance now is built from what surviving pieces remained, with very little in the way of options. Now he wanders the wastelands in between the titanic city-states, killing for food and for parts to use.

Biography: The sandstorm raged on as ERNO clawed painfully at the rusted hulk half-buried in the dune. Sensors flashed on the inside of his eye, indicating a still-usable power cell deep inside the wreck. Pickings were slim out here in the wastelands, and this bird was a veritable goldmine of unlooted treasure.

"...round 'ere..."

ERNO froze, the colors on his mesh-suit frantically adjusting to the swirling sands around him. The voice had been almost drowned out by the howling wind, but it was close enough for him to hear.

"...just sighted it yesterday, mate. Checkin' it out. Good loot, worth bearin' the storm for, yeah?"

A buggy came trundling out from behind a dune. Motionless, the cyborg watched as a pair of looters, clad in sandsuits, hopped out into the shelter of the hulk's massive keel, a jagged spire tearing at the furious sky.

"The whole dune shifted yesterday, looks like. What do you think?"

"I think you're an idiot. Dontcha know there're bandits around?"

"Well, we're also bandits, technically..."

"I mean like the real scary kind, mate. Been leaving people behind dead and dismembered."

ERNO's fingers were beginning to itch, and unconsciously he moved one, slowly... but not slow enough. His suit wittered again, sending a wave of bright green static licking up his form. As the looters raised their weapons in alarm, he was already pushing off on his good foot, the sprinter's one. She had been a powerful woman, and the combined force of the cyborg's momentum and the gnarled fist of a construction worker punched clean through both the looters' chests.

ERNO ate well that day.

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