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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 13: THRALL!
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Name: Drujrapor
Species: 95% human (by dry weight, anyway)
Gender: O negative universal
Color: No choler nor -collies or melons or phlegm

Description: Of spirited and optimistic disposition and a knack for talking their way out of fistfights, our plucky little spy wears a thick-cowled cloak, leather armor, and enough buckles to go toe-to-toe in business with a cordwainer. The ensemble's tastefully embroidered with dark red thread. On their hands are jetsilk gloves, completely smooth and absorbing any light which strikes them. They're a perfect, bespoke fit, to accommodate the extra joint-and-phalanx on Drujrapor's index fingers.

Items/Abilities: Drujrapor's gloves conceal a sensitive, leechlike mouth on each index finger - touching these to skin creates an unnervingly painless open wound, less than a centimetre in diameter. While they can hypothetically drain a victim dry, it'd take a full hour with both hands and increased heart activity to kill a human. Much more profitable to surreptitiously siphon off a few spoonfuls of your blood, and use that as a compass as to your whereabouts in future.

Drujrapor doesn't exactly bleed when cut; blood instead falls out of him in the form of fine metal-link chains. They can in fact cut themselves open and pull out lengths of blood - loops made of this stuff will reveal all kinds of useful details to Drujrapor about who or what it's linked up to. It'll progressively reveal the marked's whereabouts, surroundings, and even their hidden thoughts, but anyone possessing such a "blood link" is able to control and command Drujrapor. (Around objects, it'll eventually reveal the same of the object's owner - the stronger the attachment to the object the quicker). They've never found anyone aware enough of this ability to command Drujrapor not to murder them in their sleep, so enslavement is rarely a permanent arrangement for this guy.

Blood (or other absorbable inner juices) from different sources doesn't appear to "mix" in Drujrapor's bloodstream, so they've got a rough idea what's exactly ended up where in their body at any point in time. Their current liquid assets consist of:
  • 40% original blood
  • 40% from several hundred mortals of assorted race, vocation, disposition and frenemy status
  • 10% dragon
  • 5% unicorn
  • 1% greek fire
  • 1% honey
  • 1% plantkin phloem (caustic)
  • .5% single-malt whiskey
  • trace amounts of various other non-blood substances

Untested and thus unbeknownst to Drujrapor, the enslavement effect is based on the blood-chain's original body, not the carrier Drujrapor. If they could suck enough blood out of a victim to make a solid chain-loop, they could enslave a source of blood to a nefarious third party (though the blood source would in time telepathically know everything about their master).

Biography: Born of the several-generations-prior union of a horndog wizard and a native from the Elemental Realm of Blood, Drujrapor's interplanar heritage was a great source of shame and a solid reason to "forget" their surname when they fled their slum of a birthplace and got a job as a cleaner at a magefrat.

They were actually progressing pretty solidly with their covert studies until their elemental parentage started manifesting; a few too many holes scored in intoxicated wizardling-skin and Drujrapor knew to get the hell out before anything could be tied to theirs truly.
05-27-2016, 05:25 AM
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