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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 14: HEAVEN!
The Goddamn Pacman

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Name: Kevin Evans VII
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Text Color: #777777

Biography: "Kevin? You're on in five."
"Be right there, just a minute."
Kevin Evans VII stared into the mirror and wondered just what he was doing with his life.
It had only been a week ago that his dad, Kevin Evans VI, had announced his retirement. Now it was up to Kevin VII to spread the "good word" on nationwide TV.
Too bad he didn't believe any of it.
But what was he going to do now? He'd put off telling his parents for so long, afraid of what they'd do. Was he just going to announce he was an atheist in front of an audience of millions of believers, ruining the entire family business and probably causing more than a few riots?
No, it was too late to do anything about it. He'd just have to give the whole spiel, about how the Rapture could be coming any day now. It had been coming any day since back when Kevin I started his radio show, of course, but none of the Kevins ever tried to draw attention to tat.
Kevin VII washed his face and let out a sigh. Time to face the music, he supposed. He walked out towards the stage, and waited for his cue.
"Please welcome, our new host, Kevin Evans VII!"
Kevin walked out towards the podium, waving, and smiling. With each step, he became more and more convinced he wasn't ready for this.
At least it paid well.
He launched into the standard spiel. He didn't even need the speech in front of him; he'd heard his dad give it a thousand times. Jesus loves you, God loves you, God hates the same people you do, vote conservative, give us money. (Some of those parts were less explicit than others.)
And then there was the Rapture.
"But fear not," Kevin said, trying his best to hide how sick he was feeling. "The day is near when God will reclaim the righteous and pass judgement on the sinful."
The studio audience applauded loudly. Of course they did. They liked hearing that they were righteous and everyone else was sinful. Especially when it got to the next part.
"This world of sin will be cleansed, bathed in fire, and those still on earth will perish in the apocalypse. But the righteous have nothing to fear. Those who truly follow God in their hearts will be taken from this Earth and brought directly to Heaven, to spare them the coming calamity."
The cheers got louder. Kevin felt his heart sinking.
"And be ready! For the Rapture could come at any moment!"
The more he got into character, the more he despised himself. He wanted to just shout out what he really thought.
He might have, if he hadn't suddenly disappeared from the stage, leaving only a pile of clothes.

Description: Kevin looks like a typical televangelist, though he's younger than most. He's wearing a suit and has the same haircut that his father did. He's not really happy about either of those things.
Kevin has spent pretty much his entire life submerged in evangelical culture, except he's had enough resources to go poking around behind his parents' backs. He has a vague idea of what he's missing, but he's never really had a chance to experience it.
Consequently, while he's more than a little terrified at the whole battle to the death thing, overall he feels like it's a better direction for his life than where he was before.
Besides, at least some of these rounds are sure to give him a chance to try some of these things he's heard so much about, like drinking.

Weapons and Abilities: Kevin doesn't have any weapons, or any unusual abilities. However, he did get a lot of lessons on public speaking from a young age, in preparation for taking over from his father. Of course, these were mostly geared towards televangelism, so anything else he talked about would sound much the same.
He's also realized lately that he could be a decent actor. After all, he's learned enough to act like his father, trying to imitate anyone else would be less painful than that.
06-26-2016, 05:34 AM
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