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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 15: MIRROR!
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Name: Rorrim of the Rime.

Gender: Femme.

Species: Water Fairy.

Text Color: Smiles And Tears.

Description: Rorrim is a torso of a shapely woman sprouting from where the gills should be on an enormous, silver fish. She is extremely beautiful to the point of uncanny valley, certainly not helped by her tendency to forget subtle mortal behaviors like blinking or breathing. Rorrim finds mimicking such expected actions to be tedious but tolerates it anyway as mortals have the greatest fashion sense which she seeks to emulate as closely as possible, developing a fondness for flowy dresses ornamented with useless metal bits.

Rorrim is almost a typical exemplar of your average fairy noble. She is courtly with disarming manners and a mile-wide streak of patience although she always has an air of sadness around her. While not actively malicious, her otherworldly nature means she does not truly understand mortals and tends to assume things of others, which has a tendency to result in a lot of grief for all parties involved. She is also super uncreative. This is actually pretty normal for fairies so most do not really care but she finds it a personal embarrassment.

When prompted, Rorrim can speak the truth even if she has no prior knowledge or experience with the subject. There are two major disadvantages though. One, Rorrim cannot lie at all although she could certainly twist the truth to her own means. Two, sometimes people do not appreciate being told the truth; this has landed Rorrim in hot water more times than she could count.

If Rorrim must defend herself with the vulgarity of fighting, she is quite adept with a rapier and moderately armored with thick scales polished to, of course, a mirror-like sheen.


Spoiler :
Elfhome is a plane of unspoiled wildlands. The world is so full of life that entities spontaneously come to being from the mere chaos of the surroundings. Rorrim of the Rime was formed from seafoam, fully formed of body and mind. The first few centuries of her life were free from worry and fret. The years passed blissfully as she frolicked and danced with her sisters but sadly, things were not to last. She was a fairy, an otherworldly being whose truth-telling abilities were known and were in high demand. Soon, her happiness ended as she found herself summoned to the world filled with mortals that she never knew existed until now.

Rorrim was contract-bond to a royal family with much experience and investment in summoning otherworldly entities. She chafed at her bonds but she was a fairy and fairies had to follow rules, especially magical ones. Unhappily, she did what she was told. Although there was much excitement in new places and she adapted well, Rorrim found no joy in doing political subterfuge for mortals and constantly yearned for her release from this unaccounted service. She often confessed her feelings to a spellsword who escorted her to important rituals. This spellsword was named Mist. Much to Rorrim’s surprise, she listened and more importantly empathized with her as she herself was pressed into service of the royal family although for more obviously mundane reasons. Eventually, Rorrim and Mist became close friends and then, became close lovers.

Eventually, the royal family went to war. Rorrim of the Rime was contractually bound to help but Mist could not bear the violence or even the potential loss of her beloved. Against all odds, Mist manages to liberate her from her magical service, the resulting chaotic energy shifting Rorrim into a destination she cannot choose. As Rorrim disappeared into the aether, she was filled with both joy and grief. She was happy at the possibility of returning back to her home plane, but her heart was filled with aching emptiness. Rorrim of the Rime loved her home…but she also loved Mist.
07-27-2016, 06:34 AM
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