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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 16: DRACONIC!
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Username: Of Schaz'
Name: Francis McAllard and Billie
Species: Human and "dog"
Gender: Trogdor was a man!
Color: The Viridian Hood

Description: Francis was a student of batrachology a very long time ago, but a sudden kick up the global power rankings and a supplementary dose of ego's helped him adjust to his leadership position. He's not an especially regal or imposing presence at first glance, so when intimidation's a factor he grabs his regalia. There's a motorcycle helmet, glossy bottle green with a yellow-tinted visor; a brown leather jacket with whitened scratches all over the sleeves for some kind of ominous tally; a revolver at each hip (purely decorative, iridescent purplish inlays on the grips); his favorite "dog" on a leash, and orange galoshes.

The galoshes kind of distract, but that's swamp life for you. He'll probably take 'em off and find something more useful as soon as he can.

Magical infusion did a number on Francis' formerly-reticent personality; like most leaders in the new world he's callous, conniving, violent when angered, deeply arrogant, and fundamentally self-serving in all his schemes.

The "dog" is definitely more of a herpetological take on man's best friend than a mammalian one. It's kind of slimy and comes from a noble lineage of magically-transmogrified animal residents of damp and soggy places. Francis thought it'd be a nice slap in the face of the beastmancer to repurpose his weaponry after the failed invasion. He's fond of keeping trophies of fights with other magic users he's driven off his turf, and gets rather irritable if anyone tries touching his collection.

Francis has been known to lock people in boxes for harming wildlife. Despite this he's not above shoving a newt down someone's throat if it means a fight gets resolved without a clash of magicks.

Weapons/Abilities: Francis gained the inexplicable magical power to create rooms out of nothing, or perhaps more accurately to create a large chunk of nothing in the middle of something else. Something about the magic leaves the remaining solid's now-walls just as strong as they were before being hollowed out, which makes it an ineffective way to murder someone by turning them into a human-shaped cavity. It does work to seal people inside airtight invisible boxes though, which is an application he gets quite a bit of use out of. He's mostly used the ability to make a sprawling underground network of rooms for his citizens to live and work in, as it sure beats living on the swampy surface of a war-torn world.

Billie the "dog" has a bite strength of at least 3000 pounds per square inch, poisonous skin, and an overland speed that takes people by surprise considering his stumpy legs.

Biography: Francis was out doing data gathering in the field when magic struck the universe and arced through all its soft and vulnerable tissues like otherworldly lightning. Considerable power corrupted considerably, as it does, and the subset of individuals who oh-so-happened to become walking points of high magical density wasted little time before taking over the world. The remnants of civilisation - following the cataclysmic contests of strength between these souls - coalesced under the leadership of these powerful megalomaniacs, with things getting worse but still maintaining a sense of normality under the domains of those with the most overpowered magical arsenals.

Francis' settlement has survived this long thanks to its leader's focus on defensive tactics, the lack of strategic value in his city's location, and his reputation for fucking up something fierce anyone who tries bringing the fight to him.
03-14-2017, 03:51 AM
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