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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 20: REMIX ROUND!

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Name: Inquisitor Ivivis Krospi
Species: Human, or something approximating it "Demigod"
Gender: Such definitions are for weaker beings than They, for They are the Gods made flesh.
Color: More-or-less-royal purple-esque

Description: Standing at just over seven feet tall and boasting considerable bulk, Ivivis is imposing at a distance and terrifying up close. They are almost never seen without Their ceremonial purple-silver checkerboard full-plate; all that can be seen underneath is Their eyes, cold and hungry and weary, for They did not see fit to rest until Their aims had been accomplished.

Under ordinary circumstances, Ivivis is a power-hungry and cruel individual; though They once hid behind a veil of zealotry, They gradually left these pretensions behind as Their collection of artifacts and influence within the kingdom grew. Upon being torn away from all They had worked for, however, Their outlook changed; Their cruelty remains, to a large extent, but lacks any direction... but it's hard to say whether it will fade or grow even more intense as a result.

Weapons/Abilities: Aside from Their military, theological, and investigative training as an Inquisitor, and Their considerable natural strength, Ivivis has collected a variety of powerful artifacts from Their realm.
  • One of these is the very armor They wear, rebuilt from an ancient locomotive; though the knowledge to build railroads anew has long since been lost, the armor nonetheless allows Them to charge forth at terrifying speed on an open battlefield. Though speed is Their greatest asset, inertia thus proves Ivivis' greatest enemy, for if Their quarry can reach (or create) a sufficiently twisted path, They will be forced to walk as if They were wearing a normal suit of super massive armor (i.e., Hella Slow).
  • Another is the sword at Their side — the legendary Sword of Damocles, able to "solve" just about any solid object, but requiring an obsessive amount of sharpening and general maintenance if it is to maintain its full power.
  • The Diorama of the Sky City was once used to form lavish universities and palaces from the clouds themselves; now Ivivis primarily uses the edifices it summons as obstacles to Their quarry.
  • The Cannon of Heaven fires wherever They choose to call it down in the nearby area, and causes immense devastation within a surprisingly miniscule and neat area. Being able to fire is, of course, a completely different question than being able to aim, but that's cold comfort if They have at least a vague idea of where Their target is.
  • Lastly, there is the book known only as The Endless Lexicon, which is more or less what it sounds like. Even Ivivis has no idea what possible tangible use this could have; mostly They held onto it for religious and political purposes.

Spoiler :
Noinia du Suokús hunched down behind the old stone wall and clung to the lantern like her life depended on it. She closed her eyes and the world around her lit up brighter than the sun. Fear-Maker had launched one final attack and received a sword through the stomach for his troubles; They kicked his corpse aside and started counting on Their fingers.

"Eins, zwei, drei, vier... Ah, yes." Unfarel and Zektrom, bless them both, turned towards each other and readied their morningstars as Ivisis turned Their gaze towards the family crest They held in hand, thirty-six squares gone dead, forty-five still glowing. "You two... now, if I have it right, you should be this way..."

They turned in the wrong direction and started walking, and Unfarel gave a nod. The two began their approach, starting silently towards their target, then gradually getting faster. Suddenly, Noinia was enlightened — They had known, the whole time; to charge Them while they held the crest was the most foolish move her brothers could have made, for it was not, in fact, possible to evade Their gaze — but she did not cry out. It would not have saved them, only doomed her.

And as her brothers prepared to strike the tyrant, They cackled as a plume of fire erupted from the ground behind Them. Both men were gone in an instant, along with the ground below their feet; all that was left was a seemingly endless well, marked by a red buoy.

"Funf, sechs." They did not even turn to look around at the damage they had done; instead they turned ever so slightly to the right, and then back in the other —

Shit, They're looking right at me.

"Well, I do hate to go out of order, but you simply haven't covered your tracks, Miss Noinia!"

Noinia broke into a sprint, opened her eyes, let the lantern burn out; now all that she needed to see was in front of her, and the sound of clattering footsteps, louder and louder each time, told her enough about the one pursuing her.

The lake, she realized, hope welling up within her. She slowed down, held the Lattice aloft, and began tracing between the stones that stood above the surface of the water; bridges formed from the aether, and finally she could see a twisted path to the other bank. If she could only make it there before They caught up to her; from there, she would have the advantage, as They would have to slow down to deal with the sharp, sudden turns. She could escape, possibly even destroy Them in the waters if They were foolish enough to pursue her far enough, to think she wouldn't destroy the Lattice if she had to...

Her lungs began to burn as she sprinted desperately forward. It wasn't enough to match the Inquisitor, who barreled forth with greater speed and endurance than the finest horse on the continent, but maybe —
maybe she was still close enough —

"Your attempt is impressive, if cowardly, but you have made an error in judgement, Our dear!" Noinia had no chance to figure out what They meant before a tower burst forth directly in front of her, formed from silt and pebbles; she slammed into it with a miserable splut. "Did you think that your good friend the Patrikios could simply enter the country and leave again, so suddenly,
so quickly, without Us noticing?"

She turned to face Them, forcing herself to show no fear. If she could no longer flee — and They had slowed down now to rub in the fact that she couldn't, that the game was finally up — then she would face death with dignity, and show her distaste for Them in her final moments. "Kriptokuota had no quarrel with You!"

"We must disagree. He quarreled with Us by helping you brigands hide what is rightfully Ours."

"It was not our birthright, much less yours!" Noinia pointed with her dagger, not to threaten, but to emphasize — none would ever threaten an Inquisitor, but as far as she was concerned, They had proven Themselves unworthy of the title long ago. "You have no right to it, not even if we were guilty! There was no forfeiture!"

Ivivis laughed loudly, and the armor made it echo and reverberate even more than it did to Their words. "You are mistaken,
young one, for all is Our birthright. It has been decreed—"

"By a terrified puppet king?!"

Though she could not see it, she knew the smile that was now beneath Their helm: wide but mirthless. "Perhaps the throne,
too, is Our birthright." They drew Their sword once more and leveled it,
prepared to thrust it through Their target's chest. "Any final words in your defense?"

Noinia shook with fear and anger, closing her eyes tight to keep the tears inside. "You would commit treason openly, then? Not even pretending, now?"

"Our dear, it is not treason if it is in the service of the realm. Now —" and she drew back the sword —

And there was no strike, and at first Noivia thought she had died too quickly to notice it; but when she opened her eyes, there was nothing but an open field before her, and the family crest lying in the grass.

Ivivis was gone, and she was far too relieved — especially since twenty-seven squares remained alight, not only her own — to care where.

She set off to find her living siblings, and to bury the dead.
04-16-2017, 12:51 AM
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