The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 20: REMIX ROUND!
Username: hi its ix
Theme: Heaven + Commute
Species: Angel, XYR (Xyriel) Class
Name: XYR-393
Gender: N/A
Colour: #C4A605

Description: A Xyriel Class Angel is comprised of two halves each of which is made of a number of panels (known as wings). When all wings are folded away the Angel resembles an enormous (six feet in diameter) sphere. When wings are opened they can be used as legs for movement across uneven terrain. Ironically a Xyriel Class Angel’s wings are not capable of flight. Like all Angels Xyriel Class Angels glow with a bright light that is mildly uncomfortable to look at.

Every Xyriel Class Angel comes equipped with a Soul Vestibule consisting of four separate Terraces; these are Economy, Business, First and Private.

The Economy Terrace is an expansive but low ceiling room shaped like a ring filled with hard plastic seats with a thin cloth covering facing inwards towards the centre of the ring. At the centre of the ring there are a number (maybe ten or so) of angels (these angels are more reminiscent of the traditional depiction of angels; wings, robes, halos etc, though on a framework that is essentially just shapes arranged to vaguely resemble a humanoid figure) and television monitors showing edited versions of early two thousands movies. There are a number of narrow pathways between the seats projected out from the centre, these pathways are strictly for angel use to allow access to any customer. Customers can call angels using a call button located on an overhead panel. From these angels Customers can purchase many simulated refreshments, headphones to allow them to enjoy the in-purgatory movie, any of a selection of sponsored novels or handheld video games or potentially an upgrade to a higher Terrace. There is a roughly one thousand soul capacity in the Economy Terrace.

The Business Terrace is much like the Economy Terrace but with more comfortable seating, more room, television screens installed into the back of every seat to allow customers to choose their own viewing from the selection available and a basic computer interface that allows customers to access the internet or use a basic suite of programs. There are the same number of angels present on this terrace but this terrace has roughly a two hundred soul capacity so they are much quicker to get to any customers who require their attention.

The First Terrace resembles a luxurious ballroom more than anything else. It is divided roughly in half, with one half being a well stocked dining area where customers can help themselves to whatever they desire and the other half being a comfortable lounge, with seating areas, enormous and well stocked bookshelves and a variety of games and other entertainment items. The very centre of the room features an impressive fountain arranged around which are an orchestra of angels playing soothing ambient music. Angels with replenishing trays of horderves and glasses of wine circulate throughout the lounge. The First Terrace is stated to have capacity for fifty souls, though many more could easily fit within.

The Private Terrace is a collection of private rooms for the most devout/highest paying customers. These rooms can be customised for each individual customer's preferences. This Terrace is also home to the pilots of the Angel, in XYR-393’s case Veronica Rose and Saito Hisae. Their private rooms are the only rooms that allow access to the Helm where the Angel may be manually controlled.

XYR-393 is identical to any other Xyriel Class Angel. When it was taken to be part of a battle it was transporting roughly 550 souls and operating on autopilot. Its default behaviours are to locate and collect any disembodied souls and when it has reached capacity to bring them back to Paramundis.

Weapons/Abilities: Xyriel Class Angels are not designed for combat. Its functionality is simply to collect souls. If under attack its default behaviour is to quickly retreat and call for an Azazel Class Angel to defend it. It is however quite bulky, heavy and well built, if piloted as such it could be an effective fighter.

Biography: Paramundis is a manufactured afterlife built by humans after the discovery of technology that allowed us to directly interface with the soul. Paramundis was initially a private corporation, though they were acquired by the government after the monumental nature of their enterprise was ascertained. Even so their modus operandi hasn’t really changed; an artificial heaven which you can buy your place in, and a hell for those who, for some reason, want to experience that instead. Paramundis has been recently promising brand new afterlife experiences coming soon including Valhalla, Elysium and the Fields of Aaru. It is unknown what Paramundis does with any souls that don’t qualify to enter either of its afterlives and there has been a lot of controversy around that issue with many seeking to find ways to keep their souls out of Paramundis’ hands.

XYR-393 is a pretty unremarkable Angel, recently manufactured it is still on its first collection run.
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