The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 20: REMIX ROUND!
well, shit, everyone else is being dwellings and/or vehicles, why should i be the one to break the combo

Puzzle / Plane

Username: Benedict
Name: Ark.Theseus
Species: Spaceship
Gender: Not really
Color: #7812e5

Ark.Theseus was originally built by a dying world to carry the backed-up minds and DNA of desperate colonists to a habitable planet, where they would be revived. Unfortunately, the habitable planet chosen actually was inhabited, by a species of small primitive eight-legged ferret things with approximately primate intelligence. On landing, Ark.Theseus was immediately taken apart by a curious troop of xenoferrets who had no idea what they were doing.

Ark.Theseus's onboard AI- or, not so much an AI as a mind-meld of the backed-up colonists- defended itself by using the technology originally designed to load the colonists' minds into cloned bodies. The xenoferrets taking apart the ship had copies of the colonists injected into their tiny brains, which... failed to perfectly take root. They acquired the directive to pilot the ship to a new habitable planet (ignoring the fact that they were already on one), and they got a partial understanding of the ship's operation on top of incomplete personalities. Unfortunately, this was enough knowledge for them to finish dismantling the colonist backups- not understanding what they'd done.

Ark.Theseus is a modular spaceship. It wasn't originally a modular spaceship- it just got taken apart beyond real repair by its crew of brainwashed uplifted xenoferrets, and now they're desperately trying to keep the damn thing from falling apart in the void of deep space. It used to be all sleek purple curves, but now it's mostly exposed machinery and jury-rigged life support bubbles. What remains of the AI is preoccupied with keeping the xenoferrets from breaking anything oh god what are you doing don't touch that AAAGH

The fifty or so xenoferrets occupying Ark.Theseus are furry, eight-legged creatures with oversized ears and eyes. They're each roughly a foot long. They can understand language, to some extent, but have a hard time following anything too complicated- you'll need to talk slowly and avoid too many big words to get anything across. They have a single-minded interest in surviving, reaching a habitable planet, and settling down. They have a little religion where they each worship the colonist whose incomplete memories and personalities they've inherited, as a sort of precursor whose will needs to be interpreted and followed.

The xenoferrets have fairly sharp claws, and the advantage of numbers. Ark.Theseus has some laser cannons for deflecting asteroids, but they're on the fritz and take roughly half the crew and five minutes to fire. It can hover, fly, project shields, and do your standard spaceship stuff- but generally only one thing at a time. Reconfiguring the ship to fire weapons is different from reconfiguring the ship to fly is different from reconfiguring it for shielding is different from etc. etc. etc. and takes a few minutes and the whole ship's crew to do without risking collapse.

The xenoferrets are also capable of cannibalizing parts of the ship to improvise new capabilities- maybe they could build a teleporter, maybe they could build a hologram projector, maybe they could build an electromagnet. Doing so means navigating a mess of technobabble and, of course, taking up time and manpower and risking breaking the ship (moreso than usual). If they have the assistance of someone knowledgeable, though, they're capable of following instructions to equip the ship with just about any sort of fancy futuristic device.

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