The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 20: REMIX ROUND!
Username: Sai
Themes: Thrall, Harsh
Name: Federal Marshal Jon "Gentle" Gronk and the Darton Gang
Species: An orc, two dwarves, an elf, a human that thinks he’s a demon, and a cat that might actually be one
Gender: Male, male, male, female, male, female

The Darton Gang was the nastiest, meanest, dirtiest, killiest band of outlaws to ever run rampant in the New West.

When you're talking about the Darton Gang, you gotta start with the Dartons. That's right, there's two of them. A pair of dwarves that would as soon shoot your head off than listen to you, and tend towards packing the action to make it happen. In Dale Darton’s case, it’s a blunderbuss. Having stolen it off a squad of High Orc Dragoons, he never read the user manual instructing him to load it only with standard issue lead balls. As a result, the bore of the gun has been scored and scarred by the nails and gravel and whatever else he’s stuffed into it, making the already imprecise weapon even less accurate. Daniel Darton, by comparison, favors a pair of long barreled pistols, designed for halflings with a light calibre that produces little kick. When Daniel decides you need to be shot, you get shot all quiet like. Now what makes the pair so dastardly isn’t their predilection for violence - plenty of folk have that, and not a one of em ever got the singular Darton reputation. It isn’t even Daniel’s waxed moustache. No what makes the Dartons such a terror is their criminal cunning. They say that the brothers used to be nothing more than mine vultures, sneaking into other folks’ claims and taking the silver that was already near-dug. Then one day, Daniel (or it might’ve been Dale) came across a strange merchant. They say this merchant was a devil in disguise, selling goods of infernal origin for an earthly price. Well Dale (or it might’ve been Daniel) got while the getting was good, and bought themself an Elixer of Genius. Only the thing was, he only got to drink half of it before his brother swiped the bottle and drank the other half. Each of them got half the spark, which is more than most get, but it also left them stark mad. Any plan that the pair can agree on is sure to go off without a hitch, which makes it lucky for honest folk that the two are constantly fighting. That’s how Jon Gronk caught them, after all - but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Next up in this band of trouble is Windwhisper. She’s the muscle of the group, and as quick with her axes as your more genteel elves are with their bows and spellsongs. She fell in with the Dartons on account of following them out of a jailbreak, and she liked their work enough to stick with em. She don’t talk much, but then again she don’t need to, what with the constant bickering of the brothers she works with. While the gang may be named after the pair of dwarves and the jobs they pull might come out of their heads, Windwhisper’s usually the one to settle disputes. Part of it’s just on account of how the Dartons themselves can’t ever seem to agree, but Windwhisper’s got enough of a body count that when she tells you to shut up, you don’t take the time to argue.

And then there’s Maurice. If the Dartons are eccentric, Maurice is downright crazy. He’s an old man that seems to think he’s hell’s servant on earth, and is keen on causing as much mayhem as he can. Way I see it, he’s probably some miner who breathed in too much sulfur - he certainly got his skills with dynamite somewhere. As he is now, though, you’d believe he crawled out of some pit somewhere. Dale Darton (or it might’ve been Daniel) managed to convince him that he could cause more damage with a lifetime of robbery than just going up in smoke the once, but anyone can tell he’s got fuses going in his head.

Now while Maurice might think he’s a spawn of Satan, there’s a case to be made for that weird cat. It ain’t got a name I’d heard, other than just “That Cat,” but it’s been sighted at every Darton hijacking and heist since the pair got famous. Rumors are it’s the devil that sold them the brew out looking over its handiwork, but then again cats have always been drawn to trouble.

Now that we’ve gone over the villains of this piece, it’s time to say a word about our hero. Federal Marshal Gentle Gronk, born “Jon Gronk” out of the Hopestown Valley is about as noble of an orc as you’ll ever meet. Folks wouldn’t have taken him for a future lawman when he was growing up, on account of his picking fights with the Pinkertons, but then he got it into his head to make a change from the inside. People still had their doubts when he first ran for sheriff, and he had a pretty tight race against the old law dog Gerald Lefty, but after chasing off the bandits at Goody May’s farm using an old cannon as a long gun, well, he was a shoe-in. Soon enough he had the valley cleaned out, but the man wasn’t satisfied. Seemed he had it in his soul to try to clean up the whole of the West.

Now he wasn’t the first lawman to take a posse after the Darton Gang, but he was the one that caught them out. As far as how he did it, well, the Darton’s will be happy to tell it to you themselves. Fact of the matter was, though, that he did it out in the badlands, with no one but his posse and the bandits themselves within a hundred miles or more. Much too far from any jail that could hold them, he used a Scroll of Geas to lock the whole of the band to his word - a real heavy burden of a spell, even for an orc his size. Until they were delivered safely to the proper court of law, not a one of them could disobey his commands. He had the band setting up camp later that night, when Gentle Gronk and the four criminals just up and disappeared, and I’ll be damned if the cat didn’t go too.
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