The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 20: REMIX ROUND!
Crying Eagle It's Awards Time! Fact Seagull

The Kracht Saw It Coming Award goes to Dragon Fogel for King Otobus III of Pordobia, who was certainly in the race for other awards but ended up making a stop at this one. At least it seems he's got the drive to get his kingdom through a grand battle!

The Lucky VII All-Rounder Award goes to Ixcaliber, mostly because XYR-393 fits for a lot of awards (certainly a great incorporation of themes, and possibly an interesting mix with other entries should they die) but is just all-round an interesting battle contestant.

The First Five Eighths Sportsball Award goes to Pharmacy for Kaguya-Hime, both for incorporating the color field to actually mean something and UFO is a great species to run with.

The The Thomas Packston Elementalist Award goes to Schazer for Alain, the poor guy in thrall to his family's commuting aid. Integrating themes by unwillingly integrating your character into their themes (one of which involves unwillingness) and various other parts of this profile def. ticked the boxes for this one.

The Glere Award For Kitchen Sinkery goes to Benedict for Ark.Theseus, the stellar puzzle plane that I initially thought would be some sort of space-colonist-amalgam but A SUPER FUN TWIST HECK YES give me more of these xeno-memory-worshipping ferrets yesterday, please.

The Arnold Fogge's Actually Practical Award goes to Sai for Federal Marshal Jon "Gentle" Gronk and the Darton Gang, as this motley crew is sure to get up to all sorts of grand-battley hijinks even if that Geas doesn't start fraying at the edges immediately. With the ability to have multiple 'parts' of the character doing different things in different places at once, as well as an inbuilt conflict with Gronk's restraint and the Gang's hell-raising, they'd be sure to properly spice up any battle they end up in.

The GBS2 Award For Gratuitous Worldbuilding goes to Maxie for Inquisitor Ivivis Krospi, who while a solid entry for any award in Their Own Right (and they would likely believe They Deserve Every Award) seems to come from a character-populated and politically convoluted background I certainly wouldn't mind hearing more about.

The Convolution Teamfriendliness Cup goes to Akumu for the Box of Mystery, a puzzle box that profits and functions entirely off of synergy with the other candidates (and possibly other inhabitants of whatever battlezone they all end up in). I've always been a sucker for This Is Actually Just An Object battlers (props to The Vase) and this seems like a pretty cool twist on the idea.

And finally, the Space Jam Remix Prize For Cross-Thematic Cohesion goes to Agen's Esperance Heien for combining Shame and Commute in a way that didn't involve the obvious route of 'something embarrassing happening on public transport'. A solid entry!

That's it for the slightly-extended Week Twenty of GROC SII, take it away, whoever's next!

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