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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 21: MASK!
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 21: MASK!
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The Goddamn Pacman

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Name: The Tree of Masks
Gender: Tree
Race: Tree, technically any type of plant
Text Color: Dark green

"Goddamn it!"
Mark Williams stormed out of the convenience store, tossing his apron at his former boss in disgust.
Another job lost. What the hell was this? He wasn't even doing anything wrong, everyone was just too damn cheap.
He walked down the street, barely even thinking about how he was going to afford rent next month. He just wanted someone, anyone, to give him a real chance.
But no one would, right? That was how this stupid world worked.
He sighed as he crossed the street and stared up at his apartment building. Wherever he worked next probably wouldn't be nearly as close to home, either.
Assuming he was able to even stay there.
Then, just as he walked by the hedge around the building, he noticed an odd flash of color.
That caught his attention. Hedges didn't have flowers, did they?
He took another glance, and saw a bright golden mask just sitting there amongst the hedge.
Huh. That couldn't be real gold, could it?
He reached towards it to take a closer look, but as his fingers touched the mask, a voice echoed in his mind.
Mark Williams. You have a choice. Do you accept this power, or reject it?
Mark blinked. There was nobody else around who could have said that.
Was it the mask... no, that was ridiculous.
But despite himself, he felt he had to answer the question. And with how his life had gone... well, there was only one answer he could give.
"I accept," he said, putting on the mask.
Within moments, Mark found himself wearing not just the mask, but a garish golden costume.
Whatever disappointment he might have had for his new wardrobe quickly faded, however, as he realized his body was crackling with electricity. Electricity at his command. He could do whatever he wanted with it.
Use the power as you will, said the voice. Just know there are others like you in this world.
"Yeah, I've seen the news," Mark said. "So you're where superpowers come from, huh?"
There was no response. Mark assumed the mysterious voice had just moved on.
He had no idea he would be the last in this world to gain such powers.

The Tree has no fixed form. Rather, it can manifest in any existing plant in the world it's in. (Subject to any boundaries a Grandmaster restricts it to.) Nonetheless, it always considers itself a tree, whatever its current shape.
Most of the time, the only way to identify the tree is by the fact that a mask will spontaneously appear on whatever plant it's currently inhabiting, whether that plant normally has growths or not.
Supposedly, the tree has a "true form" that it stays in to rest when it's not actively handing out masks. But such a form would be difficult to find.
The Tree is intelligent, but it's rarely prone to conversations. However, it's never been in a battle to the death before, so it may learn to adapt.
Despite its current situation, the tree appears to have no motive beyond granting powers to those it deems "worthy". Whatever that means.
It definitely doesn't seem to care if the recipients use their powers for good or for evil, or just sit around doing nothing.

Weapons and Abilities:
The Tree is tightly connected to the ecosystem of whatever world it ends up in. It can sense any plant and inhabit its physical form, though intelligent plants can force it out.
When manifesting, the Tree will grow a single mask on the plant. The mask will be designed to catch the attention of someone nearby.
If that person touches the mask, the Tree will speak to them, and ask if they want the power it can grant. If they agree, they will put on the mask and gain superpowers. Or perhaps it draws out latent powers within them. Nobody's entirely sure.
The Tree can command anyone who wears one of its masks, but it's never been known to do this unless under direct threat.

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