The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 22: ISLAND!
Username: Simurghzer
Name: I(ncart. Ibismet. Imblem. It holds court and sway over these names-domains, and more)
Species Deity (Havian)
Gender: N/A
Color: Elysian Fields Forever

Description: A celestial bird with all features demarking its "birdness" in tasteful excess - >1 beak, a chorus of voices, a deluge of trailing plumes, a rainbow of hues in the shadows and sheen of its glassy feathers, a surfeit of slender neck, wingspan and wingspairs beyond standard parameters more often than not.

Inclement's largest wings are folded and pinned down at its sides, tied down under golden cords which secure a pale saddle to its back. These wings are, according to multiple reputable sources, large enough when spread to blot out the sun and crush mountains were Immense to land. Fortunately, In doesn't seem to tire and can soar an easy century without touching ground.

Intel is as smart as a human, blessed with an extensive memory of the many lands it's soared over in its lifetime, perceptive to the good or ill intent of mortals, and strongly inclined to help those who would share a kinship with its old master.

Biography: Iscort is the personification of the Edict Wind that screams down the slopes of Dearthpoint, forged by Heaven's Soul as a steed for Her dispatches to the realm of mortals. Her previous experiences with creating life from the mortal plane had gone most awry, so Soul made Ingot's core from a carefully-excavated handful of Celestial Firmament before swaddling the resulting molten mass of claws in feathers spun from wind.

Idle shared its home with some of Soul's earlier creations - the Messengers with their base-material cores, the Goldgoyles pulled filamentous from the Firmament who rained cold fire on any mortal who approached Soul's domain.

The Messengers spelt Soul's end, in time. When they descended to the world below, they were sympathetic ears to the fomenting of those Soul tried to abandon-forget. They might have succeed at first in making excuses for their creator, but before long the Messengers only believed among themselves, and finally not even that.

Isolate's riders eventually numbered one; the rest fled the Firmament and shattered their limbs on impact with the world below, becoming crawling things fixated on tearing down Soul. When the last Messenger caught wind of her once-sisters' scheme, she rushed down the mountain on Immediacy, but the beast was too large to fly into the conspirators' cave.

The Messenger untied the saddle, freeing Inshrine's greatest wings and herself into freefall. The ex-Messengers completed their ritual before she hit the ground, raising the great spire of Dearthpoint up up up until it shattered Firmament and Soul. Impede's wings absorbed the worst of the debris, minimising places where raw creation fell and warped the world - as well as the sun for fifty years.

Daylight was restored when a mortal found the discarded saddle and convinced the last chunk of divinity to don it - but that's a story for another day.

Weapons/Abilities: Infantry's core of Firmament survived the destruction of the source, and now the creature represents Soul's best qualities. When its feet touch ground, the power of creation suffuses the land and magic becomes possible in worlds where there was none. People caught in the zone (which spreads as long as Inspiration stays, and slowly shrinks and fades again on its departure) have personality traits associated with Soul amplified - inventiveness, creativity, an avoidance of destruction and suffering, both introversion and loneliness (an eventually-debilitating combination), a certain blind spot for consequences, a poor grasp of the flow of time. The fewer of these traits an individual lacks, the less Influence will warp them and the stronger their revulsion of the space grasped by the Firmament. Those susceptible to the Firmament's influence will also feel this wrongness, but the changes to their personality stops them from confronting the negative sensation.

Needless to say, touching Its talons directly is not advised. It understands what its power can do, and will rarely if ever land without a good reason. It still wears the saddle keeping its titanic wings pinned; only those with purest good intentions to change the world can ride without slipping straight off. Idol can't speak words, but understands them well enough and can convey a surprising amount through its n-voiced song.

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