The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 23: INVERT!
Name: Scutigeryx Obitus “Outroboros”
Species: Psychopomp
Gender: Male-Identified
Color: Deadly

Description: Outroboros is uncharacteristically personable for an entity whose eternal career regularly dealing with the recently dead. You get to learn a lot about him – what is his favorite season (winter), favorite dessert (koliva), and other petty things that most celestial beings would find beneath them. Outroboros kind of gives an impression of an elderly man who is desperately trying to be “hip” with the cool kids, especially with the name he deliberately chose for himself and his tendency to overshare. You may think of him as particularly “un-hip,” but it might be deliberate social-engineering on his part. After all, an eldritch spirit is far less intimidating when they are spouting internet memes three years too late and the recently deceased are far less recalcitrant to being escorted by someone who is as dangerous as an embarrassing grandpa (at first impression, anyway). Being the un-coolest thing on the planet is a small price to pay for the safety of souls and Outroboros genuinely cares about the well-being and safety of them. Overall, a generally decent guy.

If you can get over the fact he resembles a man-sized nightmare centipede anyway. What a guy.

Abilities: Outroboros is of middling rank in the psychopomp hierarchy. While he does not really get the cool gifts of his far more powerful peers (mortal guise, ambient church music, et cetera), he is not exactly small potatoes either. He is scarily strong, fast, and can climb any surface, however physically impossible. His exoskeleton is sturdy enough to withstand most mundane weapons. However, his keystone ability is unlimited access to any world’s “Liminal Zone.” Liminal Zones are basically boundary thresholds the dead must cross before going to their deserved afterlife. Liminal Zones can take the form of dismal rivers or tunnels with golden light at end, but usually take the appearance of the physical world, only monochromatic and reversed (i.e. souls who were right-handed in life will be left-handed in this dimension). Outroboros exploits this access to essentially give himself short-ranged teleportation in the physical world or recuperate if the going gets tough but under certain conditions and with discrete judgement, Outroboros could bring the dead back to the world of the living. But oh, the implications. The implications!

It’s not a task to take lightly and without much reluctance. Outroboros knows that.


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