The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 23: INVERT!
Biography: Jacinta’s interest in the curative magics started early. One of her earliest memories was of a day at the park where she fell from a climbing frame and landed badly. Her arm ended up out of socket, her leg was all cut from hitting some sharp corners on the frame, her head pounded, the world was hazy and indistinct and there seemed so much blood. She lay on the hard concrete and sobbed as the world went dark, all sensation fading except for pain; seemingly infinite excruciating pain.

Jacinta was dead for only a minute or so, luckily there had been a saluturge visiting the park that day too. They had come running at the sound of the small girl’s cries and healed her with nothing more than a couple of whispered words. In moments Jacinta healed, the pain faded without a trace, and though shaken she felt no worse than she had when she had arrived at the park. Her mother thanked the saluturge and vowed not to come back to this deathtrap of a playground again. Jacinta would ask to hear the story again and again as her fascination grew. Knowing how easily she had been brought back from the brink of death she began to believe that there was nothing that the curative magics could not achieve.

This of course wasn’t to last. As she grew up she gradually learned more and more the limitations of saluturgy. She learned that there was no practical way to reattach a lost limb, no way to stop or slow down the inevitable aging and wear and tear of the body, and even diseases infused with malicious magics that saluturgy simply couldn’t touch. She learned that although yes it was possible to resurrect the dead in very specific circumstances there was a hard and short time limit on how long someone had been dead before it was no longer possible, and how there was simply no chance if, for example, the patient’s heart had been too badly damaged, or the body was too badly burned and so on and so forth.

Jacinta was not satisfied with this truth. Despite what she learned as she trained to be a saluturge she still remained firm (if quiet) in her conviction that there was so much more that the magic could do if only it could be used in the right way. Eventually she graduated from St. Adara Carmine’s School for the Magically Inclined. She got a position at a hospital using her abilities to help those in need and in her spare time she devoted herself to studying saluturgy further. She was a fixture at the St. Carmine’s library even after her graduation, though she soon exhausted their supply of relevant materials and sought out prominent scholars and saluturges alike whose private collections she might peruse. She’d practice the obsolete runic forms of the healing words, and occasionally experiment with minor alterations, or new words entirely.

It took her years but finally she cracked it, a method by which she might cure anything, her own limitation her own ability to carry it out. It was a triumphant day, her innovations were going to change the world forever. It was at this point in time she was plucked from her home world by a being of some considerable power.

She found herself in a Victorian era study seated across from a figure comprised of a human shaped cloud of neon green smoke. They had a glass of wine in his hand and introduced themselves as A Samaritan. Jacinta demanded to know what was going on, where she was, what they were and that they let her go. A Samaritan tried to be calm and placating, they explained that they’d brought her here because they wanted her to resurrect seven individuals who had died in impressively final ways. Until they had learned of Jacinta’s work A Samaritan had had little hope of reviving these individuals even with their impressive powers. A Samaritan reassured Jacinta that this was all they wanted and that after she’d completed this minor task she could return to her world in peace. Jacinta tried to push for more information on just who A Samaritan was but they insisted that it was not her concern.

Jacinta didn’t like it but she didn’t have a lot of options, she begrudgingly agreed to do it. They travelled together to seven different worlds and Jacinta used her magics to revive the individuals in question, always aware of her duty to return to her homeworld and pass on the breakthroughs she had made to the world. Eventually after she had revived all seven, Jacinta and the seven patients she had revived were plucked from A Samaritan’s grasp by a being of even more considerable power.

Items/Abilities: Jacinta is a master of saluturgy, a kind of magical art that uses words of power to heal. These words are effective in either written or spoken form but can be dangerous if not drawn/pronounced correctly.

Furthermore Jacinta is a creator of a brand new branch of saluturgy. This technique has almost limitless healing potential allowing the user even to resurrect the dead no matter how long it has been or how badly degraded the corpse. To do this the saluturge must channel their words with their own life energy. By doing this they temporarily infuse their patient with their own life energy, this is necessary to essentially kick start their system and after a sufficient amount of recuperation on behalf of the patient the saluturge’s life energy will return to them.

The main limitation of this technique is that it limits how many people someone can heal at one time; the more they spread their energy between multiple people the less effective and the longer it takes to recoup their life energy.

An unexpected side-effect to this technique, one that may not be fully understood just yet, is that if any one of the saluturge and the people currently infused with their life energy were to die then they would all die. Jacinta’s life energy is currently spread across all seven of her patients.

Description: Jacinta is in her late thirties, she’s tall with prematurely greying hair tied into a long braid that goes halfway down her back. She has amber eyes and pale brown skin. She has reading glasses, stern half moon spectacles that don’t suit her, but she only brings them out when she needs them. She’s either found in the plain white robes of a saluturge or in her spare time she mostly wears very casual comfortable clothes in muted colours. She was at the time of her abductions wearing a pale orange sweater and faded jeans.

Jacinta is very driven, when she has a task she’ll stick at it with an impressive amount of dedication. She’s kind of shy however and doesn’t engage with people very well. She cares a lot about helping people, though sometimes she can get swept up in whatever goal she has in mind and kind of forget about the reason behind it.

Text Colour: #376A71
Gender: Female
Species: Boring human
Name: Jacinta Caduceus
Username: Ixcaliber
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