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The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
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 RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 25: TANGLE!
the lowest of the low

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Name: Elspeth Yates
Gender: Girl
Species: Human (dormant Chaos elemental)
Color: like her hair, y'know?

Description: Elspeth is a slightly chubby, average-height, near-sighted glasses-wearing Scotch-Irish-looking 20 year old with curly ginger hair that is constantly escaping from a tight bun. She has an irritable, micromanaging personality that she still hasn't grown out of yet. She's slightly unsociable, since people don't tend to get along with her, and she resents that. She's also very driven.

Biography: In Elspeth's world, magic is real. Weakened elementals who find themselves high-and-dry sometimes shed their energy and powers onto nearby young physical forms. Sometimes it's an insect or a larger animal that suddenly has superpowers and is incredibly dangerous. Sometimes it's a human child. Usually, the signs start showing themselves in childhood or the teenage years. That is, if you don't have any self-control I guess. Is what Elspeth would think, if she knew. Of course, it also helps if you have a really stupidly obvious element like “oh look fire is coming out of my hands,” and not some abstract bullshit.

For most of her life, Elspeth has been dogged by small things going wrong. Shoelaces tangle, her hair's always tangled, machines break, things slip people's minds, and things just don't work the way they're supposed to. It is a testament to her determination that she worked through this and came out the other side with her hands full of color-coded file folders and post-its and highlighters. Elspeth realized very young that things go wrong in life, and that it would fall to her to correct it.

She might also have realized something was odd if she had studied any magic or magic theory. But she's too busy for that. She's majoring in English as her pre-Law degree.

Powers: Chaos works its magic around Elspeth. Things that had a low chance of happening can happen, and things that had a good chance of happening might...not. She has no conscious control over this, since she has no idea it's going on. And if she did, boy, would it piss her off. But pushed into a deathbattle, and under more stress than she's ever been in (even including finals), she might start to have a few epiphanies about herself.
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