The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 25: TANGLE!
Username: Schainzer
Name: Torch-Tower
Gender: Tenuous
Species: Altar/Avatar/Parasite
Color: Foundation and Tether

Description: A mist-shrouded tower in miniature, standing five feet tall and about one foot wide at its base. Carved from an unidentifiable blood-red mineral to resemble an upward-coiling cluster of pillars and pipes, its design sports three lines of symmetry and three particularly large hollow spines crowning Torch-Tower. The base of the tower is carved out into a pavilion, with twelve pillars supporting the structure above. In the pavilion occupies a burnished disc like an upturned cymbal, shifting symbols inscribing its rim, too large and curved to have possibly been slipped between the pillars.

Biography: The Torch-Tower is some manner of deity given physical form; records as to the circumstances of this manifestation lost to time. Torch-Tower itself was one of those slippery abstract gods, the kind who crawled from the woodwork once a more sensible pantheon had been laid out by mankind and the only market share left was in the more abstract domains, personified and elevated to godhood by the machinations of ambitious cults.

Torch-Tower's world lies barren, drained, abandoned, washed-out fragments of once-reality all that remains for the deity to dance with. An outside force - pulling it to new worlds - offers Torch-Tower a fresh start, a new fertile ground of connections to capnostigate.

Abilities: Torch-Tower was the personification of connections - whatever is offered upon the zill is subsumed and all its connections plied by Torch-Tower. A leaf is linked to its tree, a pipe to its carver, metal to the its mountain and the picks that mined it and the coals which wrought it and the blood spilt by it. Once Torch-Tower has its smoky tendrils in a connection, it can bolster it with its own reserves, acting as a bridge for Torch-Tower to extend its influence even further.

Inanimate objects cannot maintain the depth of bond people can, so Torch-Tower is hindered until it can draw a being with which to create a primary connection. Non-essential nodes can have their links swamped by Torch-Tower's influence, ultimately reducing them to mere threads when the deity withdraws its support.

Those drawn into Torch-Tower's influence have no direct way of influencing its actions; the personalities of those who become its primary nodes - or prove to be a connection-dense auxiliary - have a way of shaping the deity's morals, such as it may have them.

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