The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 25: TANGLE!

Thank you to all the entrants for your submissions and for your gracious patience. Let's run through our battlers!

Vildrus Kanive is a man-sized tarantula, which may be terrifying to some, but Vildrus doesn't want to liquify your insides and suck them out, he just wants power. And then maybe the other thing? As a schemer and a deceiver, Vildrus could pour venom into the ears of the more headstrong battlers, and would probably fit right in with the court intrigue that Francis l'Orange-Flavoire is used to. As such, Vildrus Kanive is awarded this week's Convolution Teamfriendliness Cup.

Francis l'Orange-Flavoire has a very particular set of skills, or should I say, compétences? His species? French. His gender? French. His color? You'd better believe it's French. With such a solid grounding for the essential flavoire of this character in the first five lines, Francis's mastery of le tang is just icing on the cake. This week's First Five Eigthths Sportsball Award goes to Francis l'Orange-Flavoire.

Hamhock and Cheez are just a pair of rowdy, dirty boys. Their love for each other was so strong they decided to tangle up their very bodies, resulting in the best space mercenary this side of Samus Aran. As well as tangling being their very essence, it is also their primary means of attack, with their cool customizable net gun. Love these boys! Thomas Packston Elementalist Award!

Elspeth Yates just wants to get on with it, and doesn't have any time for this magical tomfoolery. If there had been more entrants, I probably would have given the Lucky VII All-Rounder Award to Elspeth, because she's just a real solid character. I'd love to follow her adventures, even in her original setting. Back there, she's still got conflict with her society, her self, and maybe some magically-supercharged bears or something. No need for a battle! This week's GBS2 Award For Gratuitous Worldbuilding goes to Elspeth Yates.

Torch-Tower has a lot going on. It's a god, but from what I can glean from the profile, not a very anthropic one. More of a force of nature? It's got three horns and twelve pillars. It can desiccate worlds, or learn, perhaps, to love. I have no idea how Torch-Tower's involvement in a battle would play out, but it would be sure to be interesting and destructive on a planetary scale. Torch-Tower gets this week's Fishbowl.

Firippa of the Kl'sayut will kick your ass. She'll kick your dog's ass. She'll kick her own ass. I appreciate a battler who is ready for a foight, it's easy to fall into an aimless malaise so some spirited fisticuffs are always welcome. Firippa is not malevolent though, so could have ready (if awkward) team ups with other battlers, and has the magic and craftsrabbitship to deal with the rare situations where MMA is not the most effective solution. Arnold Fogge's Actually Practical Award goes to Firippa!

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