National NaNoWriMo Doing Month!

National NaNoWriMo Doing Month!
RE: National NaNoWriMo Doing Month!
It's that time of the year again, and for that purpose I have revived this thread, which I have never read, through the power of the search function in order to COMMIT to this. Meaning that if I ever want to be a published author (my dream) I'll have to do this. Already got an idea in mind, but not much else. LET'S DO THIS.

e: upon further reflection it seems that this is more like the thread for group nanowrimos and stuff, which i am not doing. would it be more prudent to make a separate thread for individual goals?

Day 1: 2200 words
Day 8: I'm stalling out a bit because work is killing me, but I'm at 9,400 words.
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