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IRC highlights!
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 IRC highlights!
O toreador, l'amour, l'amour t'attend!

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A lot of people make an entire compendium of funny IRC moments in their signature, but big signatures aren't very tidy and a lot of people skip over them! If you have a very funny bitty from the IRCs, and you want to make other people feel as if they missed out on something, slap it in here!

...What're you looking at me for? I got nuffin'

quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
11-06-2011, 02:39 PM
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 Re: IRC highlights!

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I don't have room to put shit in my signature because it's already at the maximum height limit
So if someone says something funny I will put it here

Nobody has yet today though ):
11-06-2011, 04:01 PM
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Pick Yer Poison
 Re: IRC highlights!

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This just kind of happened.

Spoiler :
Quote:<PickYerPoison> LP, do you want funny songs with blatant mafia overtones
<elpie> Yes
<PickYerPoison> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlDGFrP4NgI">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlDGFrP4NgI</a><!-- m -->
<elpie> Wait no
<elpie> You're not Pines
<elpie> Go away
<@Pinary> Now, how about a funny song with blatant mafia overtones?
<@Pinary> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlDGFrP4NgI">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlDGFrP4NgI</a><!-- m -->
<elpie> No go away
* elpie (~marisang@ Quit (Quit: elpie)
<@Pinary> Way to go, PIPE
<@Pinary> Sheesh
<@Pinary> This was clearly the wrong excellent song for the occasion
<@Pinary> It's not like he's studying Italian or anything
<PickYerPoison> You suck D:<
* PickYerPoison busts your knee caps
<@Pinary> Not my kneecap collection!
* @Pinary had Elvis' left kneecap in there
<PickYerPoison> It's been sitting on MY shelf for FAR TOO LONG!
<@Pinary> You could have just said something!
<@Pinary> Your shelf is just way nicer than mine
<@Pinary> And I can't afford a better one right now
<PickYerPoison> I can't argue that your shelf is a total dump, that's true.
<@Pinary> I would've moved them if you'd just asked :(
<PickYerPoison> I mean, remember when you tried to put that jar of pickles on it a few weeks ago, and it just collapsed?
<@Pinary> Ugh, don't remind me
<PickYerPoison> Hah, the whole room smelled like pickles for /days/
<@Pinary> The floor STILL tastes like dill.
<PickYerPoison> At least the dogs aren't licking it constantly anymore, they must've gotten most of it out.
<@Pinary> Nah, I just poured a bit of tequila on top
<@Pinary> They're passed out in the bathtub
<@Pinary> Lightweights
<PickYerPoison> Oh, I was wondering about that.
<PickYerPoison> I thought you'd just given them one of your rough baths.
<@Pinary> Hell no
<@Pinary> I save those for special occasions
<PickYerPoison> If I've told you once, I've told you a million times - hitting them on the head with a brick is /not/ an acceptable method.
<@Pinary> Hey, it's festive!
<PickYerPoison> Only when you hit them with one with christmas lights on it!
<@Pinary> Well maybe if SOMEONE wouldn't keep tangling up my christmas lights
<PickYerPoison> Hey, I SAID I was sorry. I fell down the stairs with them.
<PickYerPoison> What was I supposed to do, NOT lash them against the banister and try to slow my fall?
<@Pinary> I don't know, maybe you could've tried FLYING a bit?!
<PickYerPoison> Because that worked SO WELL the last time I tried it!
* PickYerPoison mimes an airplane crashing
* PickYerPoison then mimes a massive explosion
<@Pinary> Hey, we fixed the car!
<PickYerPoison> But not the airplane.
<@Pinary> At least the barbecue still works most of the time.
<@Pinary> And the airplane was a piece of crap anyway, we both know it.
<PickYerPoison> Yeah, can't really argue there.
<PickYerPoison> Nearly fell apart when we hit the sound barrier anyway.
<@Pinary> Haha, yeah
<@DragonFogel> Okay. I need about 800 more words to meet my target for the night.
<@Pinary> Scared that cat, remember?
<@DragonFogel> They're coming, gradually.
<@Pinary> Anyway, I'm going to hit the hospital, I don't want to end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life
<PickYerPoison> ...oh, OH! You meant GO to the hospital!
<PickYerPoison> Yeah, that's a much better way of not ending up in a wheelchair.
<@Pinary> What? No, you dislocated my knees, I need to pop them back into their sockets.
<PickYerPoison> Oh. Well, have fun! Get me some lollipops. I like the green ones best.
<@Pinary> Will do!
* @Pinary exits the scene
<PickYerPoison> (Isn't it great how we both do improv?)

[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
11-07-2011, 05:46 AM
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 Re: IRC highlights!
O toreador, l'amour, l'amour t'attend!

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[21:27:20] <@Pinary> (Woff, you here in any of your names?)
[21:27:30] <BlizzardGuy> She be roberthombre
[21:27:58] <Godbot> robert hombre, starring as wojjan starring as woffles starring as woffs
[21:28:18] <BlizzardGuy> ( starring as The Pyro )
[21:28:33] <@Pinary> (Dressed up as a demon)
[21:33:53] <PickYerPoison> (and playing the part of Hannibal Lecter)
[21:34:50] <AngryPencil> (But who was Buffalo Bill)
[21:35:36] <TimeothyHour> (Disguised as Woffs to fool the antagonist)
[21:35:58] <Godbot> (later we find out woffs was secretly the antagonist)
[21:38:55] <PickYerPoison> (who was actually a double agent in a bigger power struggle)
[21:39:45] <Godbot> but secretly, both of her were working for the same side
[21:39:49] <Godbot> now she's two traitors
[21:40:15] <PickYerPoison> She went to scum school twice
[21:40:16] <PickYerPoison> Now she's
[21:40:18] <PickYerPoison> TWO TRAITORS

quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
12-11-2011, 09:02 PM
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 Re: IRC highlights!
You're Alright

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Archipelagic Brightness
[21:29] SolarAway FUCK YOU BUMGLES
12-13-2011, 08:30 PM
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 Re: IRC highlights!

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This topic needs more loving

Spoiler :
Quote:23:53 Drakenforge It sounds like penis math
23:53 Drakenforge Pardon my french
23:53 Sruixan (stupid touchscreen keyboard meaning I get ninja'ed)
23:54 Sruixan But then I said I'd like to see Schaz dig out an actual dong fractal
23:54 DragonFogel A fractal is basically an image that repeats parts of itself on a smaller scale.
23:54 TimeothyHour i think REALLY REALLLY HARD all of the time and that is why i am like this whatever that means
23:54 AngryPencil Wait
23:54 AngryPencil Penis math
23:54 AngryPencil Wat
23:54 *** Ixcaliber is now known as Ix|gonetimes
23:54 Drakenforge Oh wait
23:54 Drakenforge You mean like that crazy way to make jigsaws
23:54 Sruixan and the last thing I remember is her downloading a fractal making program for a bit of DIY dong-based goodness
23:54 BlizzardGuy dang
23:55 BlizzardGuy It pings me on just fractal
23:55 BlizzardGuy And presumably just dong as well
23:55 Drakenforge That is
23:55 BlizzardGuy :c
23:55 Sanzh wouldn't penis math be cockulus
23:55 Drakenforge A strange dedication to dongs
23:55 BlizzardGuy smacks Sanzh
23:55 TimeothyHour sanzh
23:55 Schazer applauds while screaming
23:55 Drakenforge Have fun Sruix
23:55 TimeothyHour wow
23:55 Drakenforge Sanzh have you been reading Oglaf again
23:55 Drakenforge "reading"
23:55 Sanzh no!
23:55 AngryPencil . . . Haaaaaa
23:55 TheDeleter Prickonometry?
23:55 Sruixan and now I can start a quote wall just like I've always wanted
23:55 TheDeleter no
23:55 TheDeleter sorry
23:55 BlizzardGuy smacks Dell
23:56 TheDeleter ow
23:56 TheDeleter i said sorry!
23:56 TheDeleter jeez
23:56 AngryPencil Hey!
23:56 Drakenforge Besides
23:56 AngryPencil Don't hit Uncle Del, Dad!
23:56 Schazer dongrivatives?
23:56 Jacquerel arithmadicks
23:56 Drakenforge Damnit Jacq
23:56 BlizzardGuy Guys I can only slap so many people
23:56 Sruixan oh dear
23:56 AngryPencil When I do cockulus
23:56 AngryPencil *Lowers shades*
23:56 AngryPencil I'm exponential
23:56 TheDeleter no
23:56 BlizzardGuy grrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
23:56 BlizzardGuy dies from the puns
23:56 *** BlizzardGuy left #grandbattle (Yeah nice moves, mumbles)
23:56 AngryPencil :D
23:56 AngryPencil . . . D:
23:56 Schazer aljizzbra
23:57 DragonFogel On that note, I'm going to finish up the leftover lasagna.
23:57 TheDeleter Statisdicks
23:57 Drakenforge Try finding out how that connects to the conversation at hand
23:57 TheDeleter sorry
23:57 TheDeleter had to get that in before Blizz got back
23:57 Sruixan I am struggling to see how Fogel's mind went from mathematical penis puns to lasagne
23:58 Schazer trigosodonometry
23:58 Anomaly here you go, Times
23:58 Anomaly <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k621/anomalousContributor/seizure.gif">http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k62 ... eizure.gif</a><!-- m -->
23:58 *** Anomaly quit (Quit: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.mibbit.com">http://www.mibbit.com</a><!-- m --> ajax IRC Client)
23:58 TimeothyHour awesome
23:58 *** Solaris is now known as SolarAway
23:59 *** Pinary|Away is now known as Pinary
23:59 Drakenforge Sruix stop copying me but smarter
23:59 AngryPencil . . .
23:59 Pinary I smell puns
23:59 AngryPencil I don't want to know
23:59 Pinary And... something else
23:59 AngryPencil What he uses for his lasagna
23:59 Drakenforge Sausage
23:59 Schazer laswangna
23:59 Drakenforge You know
00:00 Drakenforge As cringing as Schazer's puns are
00:00 Drakenforge Pinary is working really hard right now
00:00 Drakenforge I can smell it
00:00 Sruixan aaargh come on iPad I only wanna copy a wall of penis puns its not hard aaargh
00:00 Jacquerel puns are the highest art form
00:00 Pinary (Did anyone raise sexponential functions in the punwall? I must admit, I only got a chance to skim it.)
00:00 Schazer I am pretty much just
00:00 Schazer inserting dicks wherever the opportunity presents itself

Quote:22:22 Sanzh Yes I am the dick prince
22:22 Sanzh (don't quote me on that)

Quote:00:06 MrBear I would really like to eat something soon.
00:06 Jacquerel how about a sandwich
00:06 Jacquerel I'd recommend cheese and onion
00:07 roberthombre smacks the epidermis off of jack
00:08 *** Sruixan quit (Remote host closed the connection)
00:08 Jacquerel damn that's my second largest organ
00:08 *** Sruixan joined #eagletime
00:09 roberthombre what's the largest?
00:09 Jacquerel ;)
00:09 roberthombre please don't :winky: oh god damn
(This post was last modified: 03-04-2012, 05:15 AM by Jacquerel.)
12-21-2011, 02:15 AM
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 Re: IRC highlights!
breaking the law

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west coast represent
This was probably uh, one of the weirder conversations I've had?

Spoiler :
Quote:01:23 MalkyTop What are you using to talk to us
01:23 Ixcaliber okay
01:23 MalkyTop If you're on a plane
01:23 Ixcaliber sanzh don't need a computer
01:23 TimeothyHour he's using uh
01:23 PickYerPoison So Times and Ix
01:23 Ixcaliber his brain is a computer
01:23 TimeothyHour his mind
01:23 TimeothyHour yes pyps
01:23 PickYerPoison Each of you is gonna post the parts with your story?
01:23 Ixcaliber hello
01:24 Ixcaliber yeah that's how i invisioned it
01:24 PickYerPoison Cool works for me
01:24 Ixcaliber *envisioned?
01:24 Sanzh malky there's wi-fi on the plane
01:24 TimeothyHour yeah that works
01:24 TimeothyHour sanzh how does that work
01:24 MrGuy Virgin Airlines is how!
01:24 Sanzh it works by
01:24 MalkyTop why
01:24 MalkyTop wha
01:24 Sanzh making me cry
01:25 TimeothyHour does it cost extra
01:25 Sanzh my tears power the entire Internet
01:25 MrGuy So in other words
01:25 TimeothyHour sanzh stop crying
01:25 Sanzh yes it costs ten dollars
01:25 TimeothyHour I want all your tears to myself
01:25 MrGuy Making more keytar jokes will increase my bandwidth...
01:25 Sanzh no Guy
01:25 Sanzh more keytar jokes mean I strangle you
01:25 TimeothyHour heeeeheeee
01:25 Sanzh preferably to death
01:25 TimeothyHour keytars
01:25 AngryPencil Heh. Keytars
01:26 Sanzh strangles Times and Pencil
01:26 MrGuy begins chopping onions in front of Sanzh
01:26 TimeothyHour sanzh I don't breathe!
01:26 Sanzh shut uuuup
01:26 TimeothyHour still trying to sequence yours and malky's DNA together
01:27 AngryPencil !
01:27 AngryPencil ;-;
01:27 AngryPencil slowly dies in Sanzh's grip
01:27 TimeothyHour it's hard when I don't have samples for either of you guys
01:27 *** AngryPencil is now known as A_Strangled_Corpse
01:27 Sanzh times that's not how DNA works
01:27 Ixcaliber does anyone have pharms picture of times?
01:27 MalkyTop Actually I have no DNA
01:27 Ixcaliber malky you have the best dna
01:27 MrGuy Just trick Sanzh into getting Malky pregnant
01:27 TimeothyHour I kind of have to guess what the Dna of malky and sanzh is
01:27 MrGuy Then kidnap the child
01:27 MalkyTop I am in fact the universal measurement of social awkwardness
01:27 MrGuy And raise it in a vacuum to avoid any nurture bias
01:28 Sanzh Guy what the hell
01:28 Sanzh no
01:28 Sanzh stop
01:28 Ixcaliber eximo would not appreciate being used in such a manner
01:28 TimeothyHour i've already accidentally made the child of Nikola Tesla and Joan of Arc
01:28 TimeothyHour which means i'm getting close
01:28 A_Strangled_Corpse is too dead to comment. But even this corpse is disgusted'
01:29 Ixcaliber pharms
01:29 MalkyTop Sanzh, how old are you and how ugly are you
01:29 Sanzh look malky is far away and probably wouldn't enjoy my inability to hold a conversation
01:29 MalkyTop This is what I need to know in order to correctly judge you as a potential mate
01:29 MrGuy See?
01:29 Sanzh i'm 18 and i have no idea how ugly I am
01:29 MrGuy You two are perfect for each other
01:29 Godbot I bet you'd be better at conversations
01:29 MrGuy Now go mate
01:29 Sanzh no look guy
01:29 A_Strangled_Corpse I'm Not Old and Not Ugly
01:29 Sanzh it'd be like
01:29 A_Strangled_Corpse But I'm also kind of a corpse atm
01:29 Godbot if you didn't spend them telling the other person to stop talking
01:30 A_Strangled_Corpse So things would be awkward
01:30 Sanzh two awkward people in a room
01:30 Sanzh occasionally saying things like
01:30 MrGuy And then they start making out!
01:30 Sanzh "so."
01:30 Sanzh nooo i don't know what making out even /is/
01:30 MrGuy Kissing with tongue.
01:30 MalkyTop I will file this for future consideration in my 'Pretend Internet Husband' files
01:31 MrGuy see Malky's on board with it Sanzh jeez!!!
01:31 MalkyTop The problem is I'm not sure whether this counts as cheating on Pinary.
01:31 Sanzh guy no stop i'm a failure as a pretend internet husband and malky will want a pretend internet divorce because I failed /utterly/
01:31 MalkyTop you don't understand
01:31 MalkyTop It's pretend
01:32 Whimbrel Oh my this is adorable
01:32 MalkyTop That means you don't know about it and I stalk you
01:32 Sanzh whuhhh
01:32 Pinary Malky
01:32 TimeothyHour Sanzh has two stalkers now????
01:32 Pinary As much as I appreciate the sentiment
01:32 Ixcaliber sanzh gets all the stalkers
01:32 Pinary We both know I'll never be right for you
01:32 A_Strangled_Corpse Oi
01:32 A_Strangled_Corpse I'veb een stalking Sanzh
01:32 A_Strangled_Corpse Since before it was cool
01:32 Sanzh why do people like meeee
01:33 TimeothyHour Corpse
01:33 MalkyTop Oh Pinny
01:33 Godbot (we like you ironically)
01:33 Sanzh you shouldn't like me
01:33 TimeothyHour I was the first
01:33 MalkyTop I didn't say anything
01:33 A_Strangled_Corpse Yes, Time?
01:33 MalkyTop You didn't hear anything from me
01:33 A_Strangled_Corpse Touche
01:33 TimeothyHour Godbot I like sanzh unironically
01:33 Whimbrel I'm really more like an indirect stalker
01:33 Sanzh i'm not very nice and sort of dumb
12-21-2011, 06:57 AM
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 Re: IRC highlights!
O toreador, l'amour, l'amour t'attend!

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Sanzh dear you should probably crop your discussion a bit, I can't find the funny part! Actually, I'd suggest if people have two conversations going on at once you'd sift out the lines of the other one so it's nice and succint.

quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
12-21-2011, 10:02 AM
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 Re: IRC highlights!
Myrchynt Qyyyn yf thy Spycy Cynsyrtyym

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trysh myyntyyn
I think 'Sanzh on a Plane' is one of those things that are only funny if you were there at the time. Also why did nobody make that joke yet?

fyck phytybyckyt
12-21-2011, 03:28 PM
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 Re: IRC highlights!
Patron Saint of Normcore

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<Pinary> I've set the hotness limit to 100,000 [REDACTED]
12-22-2011, 03:47 AM
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 Re: IRC highlights!
On went the Five...

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Quote:* Yhwoka is now known as Whwoka
* oheat is now known as qheat
* Whwoka is now known as Yhwoka
* veryTired is now known as whyParaaaa
* lyber95 is now known as oyber95
* Rlorange is now known as Slorange
* whyParaaaa is now known as xP
* xP is now known as zooP
* qheat is now known as rheat
* Yhwoka is now known as Chwoka
<fabricati> lots of nicking
* oyber95 is now known as RobustLaser
* zooP is now known as soundlyParanoid
<Chwoka> fabricati: balderdash.
<fabricati> incorrect, sir
* You are now known as balderdash
<balderdash> Now it's correct.
* Chwoka has quit (Quit: Not legit enough.)
<balderdash> :|
12-22-2011, 10:06 AM
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 Re: IRC highlights!
Patron Saint of Normcore

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Quote:<Sanzh> pharms I love you
<Sanzh> but I'm married to my dutch wife ::<
<Ixcaliber> with my face
* BlizzardGuy (<!-- e --><a href="mailto:~MrGuy@pool-74-104-46-139.bstnma.east.verizon.net">~MrGuy@pool-74-104-46-139.bstnma.east.verizon.net</a><!-- e -->) has joined #grandbattle
<Schazer> I think
<Schazer> a dutch wife is
<Schazer> kind of like a doll
<Pharmacy> a cushion I think?
<Schazer> yeeeeah it's a sex doll
<BlizzardGuy> ...
<Sanzh> haha what
<Ixcaliber> i object to this
<BlizzardGuy> That seems disrespectful to the Dutch.
<Ixcaliber> i object to this most vehemently
<Ixcaliber> guy disrespectful to the dutch how do you think it makes me feel?
<Pharmacy> dutch?
<BlizzardGuy> Ix are you Dutch??
<Pharmacy> I thought he was british
<Ixcaliber> no
<Ixcaliber> but sanzh has a dutch wife with my face
<BlizzardGuy> Oh.
12-22-2011, 10:43 AM
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☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆
 Re: IRC highlights!
i'm rad as hell, and i'm not gonna take it anymore

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Fabricati Wrote:
Quote:* Chwoka has quit (Quit: Not legit enough.)
<balderdash> :|

aw man what an anticlimax. sorry to leave you hangin' there. here, pretend i said this:

<Chwoka> There are three types of lies: Lies, Balderdash, and Statistics.

oh wait that's a bastardized mark twain paraphrase. nvm.
12-23-2011, 06:53 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
Lonely Rolling Star

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Imagine Cucumber
Quote:<Solaris> no i have the biggest boner for /wheat/
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12-26-2011, 08:47 PM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
wake me up in five.

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Raw Water Hell
Quote:06:38:25: <RobustLaser> i need a top hat
06:38:54: <RobustLaser> somebody buy me a top hat
06:39:06: <RobustLaser> i will give you my mailing address if you buy me a top hat
06:41:58: <hhwrite> I have one somewherre
06:42:43: <flummox> i have one
06:42:52: <pharmacy> I don't have one
06:43:07: <flummox> you poor orphan
06:43:24: <flummox> run and fetch me the paper, and i'll give you a nickel
06:43:35: <hhwrite> you'll never be accepted into proper society
06:43:41: <flummox> do that a hundred times and you might be able to afford a top hat
06:43:52: <Aryogaton> http://i.imgur.com/omkSb.png Here you go, cyber
06:45:08: <flummox> http://filesmelt.com/dl/hargwe1.png
06:45:13: <flummox> this man doesn't have a body
06:45:18: <flummox> but he's still better than you are
06:45:26: <Sanzh> whuh
06:45:45: <flummox> we are discussing top hats
06:47:31: <Sanzh> i
06:47:45: <Sanzh> am going to relocate
06:49:25: <PickYerPoison> Byyyye
06:49:28: <PickYerPoison> @ Sanzh
06:49:49: <pharmacy> bye there
06:50:50: <pharmacy> http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy62/...aaappp.png
06:50:51: <Sanzh> i am back
06:50:51: <flummox> bye
06:50:56: <pharmacy> hi
06:51:06: <flummox> haha
06:51:28: <Aryogaton> This is now "who in #grandbattle can make the fastest top hat"
06:51:45: <flummox> aww man
06:51:47: <flummox> i will never win
06:51:51: <pharmacy> me too
06:51:54: <pharmacy> I need time to draw
06:51:55: <flummox> i cannot draw quickly
06:51:55: <pharmacy> :o
06:52:07: <RobustLaser> my tablet is not at hand
06:52:10: <flummox> mostly because i don't have a mouse
06:52:13: <flummox> nor a tablet
06:52:27: <RobustLaser> TO DA MURO
06:52:28: <PickYerPoison> USE MS PAINT
06:52:37: <Sanzh> I really need a lamp
06:52:55: <flummox> I DON'T HAVE A DESK EITHER
06:53:15: <flummox> hnngh
06:54:48: <RobustLaser> http://cyber95.deviantart.com/art/TOPHAT-276034356
06:56:49: <flummox> haha
06:57:00: <pharmacy> http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy62/...ophats.png
06:57:09: <flummox> http://filesmelt.com/dl/fangha.png
06:57:18: <flummox> good one pharms
06:57:43: <RobustLaser> i could have drawn more than just the top hat
06:57:46: <RobustLaser> but i was racing
07:02:05: <Sanzh> I'm gonna uh
07:02:09: <Sanzh> sleep now maybe?
07:02:14: <flummox> okay
07:02:17: <flummox> night sanzh
07:02:24: <Sanzh> night dudes
07:02:56: <flummox> http://filesmelt.com/dl/fafb.png
07:03:01: <flummox> i had to try again
07:03:13: <pharmacy> night sanz
07:03:14: <pharmacy> :D
07:03:19: <pharmacy> http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy62/...tophat.png
07:03:36: <flummox> hahahaha
07:04:13: <AngryPencil> XD
07:05:24: <pharmacy> this is a ridiculous contest
07:05:25: <pharmacy> :B
07:06:53: <Aryogaton> Someone ought to post these in Eagle Time or something
07:07:20: <pharmacy> did I win
07:08:09: <Aryogaton> Everyone wins, Pharms
07:08:15: <pharmacy> hehe
07:08:21: <pharmacy> just joking
07:08:22: <pharmacy> :B
07:08:26: <pharmacy> ;B
12-27-2011, 07:13 AM
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Pick Yer Poison
 RE: IRC highlights!

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Here, I compiled the images from the above quote.

Spoiler :
[Image: omkSb.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: hargwe1.png]
Spoiler :
[Image: fangha.png]
Spoiler :
[Image: fafb.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: zaaappp.png]
Spoiler :
[Image: tophats.png]
Spoiler :
[Image: reallytophat.png]

[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
12-27-2011, 07:10 PM
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☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆
 RE: IRC highlights!
i'm rad as hell, and i'm not gonna take it anymore

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[20:48:52] <Loather> i fucked a bee once
[20:48:56] <Schazer> yeah so did I
12-30-2011, 04:50 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!

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Quote:04:53 Een that is good sanzh cos i am actually madly in love with you!
04:53 KittenEater you said that about me too enn
04:53 KittenEater een
04:53 Een oh
04:53 KittenEater are you
04:53 Een oh gosh this is
04:53 KittenEater CHEATING ON ME
04:53 Een this is awkward
04:53 Een i uh
04:53 Een shit
04:53 *** Een left #MSPAFA
12-30-2011, 05:01 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
O toreador, l'amour, l'amour t'attend!

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Hah, Jack, why are you always on IRC at such ungodly hours :C

quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
12-31-2011, 12:19 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!

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Because that's when all the cool people appear ):
12-31-2011, 12:48 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
The year was outer space.

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The future.
Spoiler :
[06:06am] Godbot: guys what if there was a disaster movie where the protagonists had 48 hours to destroy the world
[06:06am] elpie: Before what
[06:07am] Godbot: I haven't figured that part out yet
[06:07am] Schazer: before someone else does it for 'em
[06:07am] Sanzh: Before the universe is destroyed
[06:08am] Pharmacy: "to save the world, we must destroy it!"
[06:08am] Godbot: yes
[06:08am] Pharmacy: "I have no idea how we are going through with this plan, but we shall!"
[06:09am] Sanzh: "Mr. President, are you seriously suggesting we launch /all the nukes/?"
[06:09am] Pharmacy: "yes"
[06:09am] Schazer: "ok we are broke"
[06:09am] elpie left the chat room. (Quit: elpie)
[06:09am] Pharmacy: "
[06:09am] Godbot: "SELL THE COUNTRY"
[06:09am] Pharmacy: the world will thank us for this"
[06:09am] Godbot: "BUY MORE NUKES"
[06:10am] Schazer: "we can lie to space insurance that we dropped nukes by accident"
[06:10am] Agengie: "Where shall we store all these nukes?"
[06:10am] Godbot: yesssss
[06:10am] Schazer: "it's ok we have a backup earth on Alpha Centauri"
[06:10am] Godbot: it's insurance fraud
[06:10am] Godbot: that HAS to be it
[06:10am] Pharmacy: "the best thing since the Ponzi Scheme!"
[06:10am] Sanzh: "We'll store the nukes in Russia, damnit"
[06:10am] Godbot: that's fucking perfect
[06:10am] Schazer: it's like bank heist meets apocalypse movie
[06:10am] Sanzh: "and by store I mean detonate"
[06:10am] Pharmacy: "we are tactical geniuses, also master businessman"
[06:11am] Godbot: we've hired a ragtag team of accountants with guns
[06:11am] Sanzh: that's what first contact will be
[06:11am] Godbot: and a love interest who is also a scientist?
[06:12am] Godbot: man that's what happens
[06:12am] Sanzh: we meet aliens trying to sell us planet insurance
[06:12am] Pharmacy: "it's either US or THEM"
[06:12am] Godbot: it's first contact and they sell is planet insurance
[06:12am] Godbot: exactly
[06:12am] Sanzh: in case, you know
[06:12am] Pharmacy: "there can only be one"
[06:12am] Godbot: *us
[06:12am] Schazer: The Italian Job meets Armageddon
[06:12am] Sanzh: anything bad happens
[06:12am] Godbot: oh man what if it was such a huge scam
[06:12am] Godbot: that our economy would never recover unless we destroy the world
[06:13am] Godbot: so now we're destroying the world on a budget!
[06:13am] Schazer: The Budget Blowout of the Billenium
[06:13am] Sanzh: this all sounds like COFCA-boardroom level madness
[06:13am] Godbot: or else the economy… WILL EXPLODE
[06:14am] Schazer: this sounds glorious
[06:14am] Agengie: well
[06:14am] Agengie: spending is the grease of the economy :3
[06:15am] Agengie: what better expenditure than USING ALL THOSE NUKES XD
[06:15am] Sanzh: Agen have Aaron try to sell planet insurance
[06:15am] Agengie: SO WE CAN MAKE MORE
[06:15am] Agengie: pffffft
[06:15am] Agengie: is this before or after he buys a channel XD
[06:15am] Schazer: planet insurance is totally a hting
[06:15am] Sanzh: I dunno maybe like round 2
[06:15am] Schazer: hell they can probably back up a whole planet
[06:15am] Godbot: oh, well sure!
[06:16am] Schazer: just put it on a hard sphere
[06:16am] Schazer: (it's like a disc but more dimensions)
[06:16am] Schazer: "memories are restorable"
[06:16am] Schazer: "geology is not"
[06:16am] Schazer: "now pay out the insurance money"
[06:17am] Sanzh: The planet's indentured for the next millenia or so
[06:19am] Schazer: "lava doesn't grow back"
[06:20am] Sanzh: "oh, you wanted the moon also? shit, that'll set you back another five hundred years"
[06:22am] Godbot: they enlist the help of some grizzled old mad scientist
[06:22am] Godbot: with a doomsday device that nobody said would work
[06:22am] Sanzh: they laughed at him at the university
[06:22am] Sanzh: but he'll show them
[06:22am] Pharmacy: but they will know!
[06:22am] Sanzh: he'll show them all
[06:22am] Pharmacy: dun dun duun
[06:23am] Godbot: but only our upstart accountant protagonist can figure out which wires to put together in time to destroy the earth
[06:24am] Pharmacy: while escaping from ruthless secret agents and malicious tyrants
[06:24am] Schazer: they'll need some red herrings
[06:24am] Sanzh: wait hang on how would they blow up various landmarks prior to the finale?
[06:24am] Schazer: at least one slick talker who reckons that a biological method is the way to go, none of that fancy-schamncy gadgetry
[06:24am] Godbot: nukes
[06:24am] Godbot: orbital lasers, proboably
[06:24am] Godbot: all sorts of high budget shit
[06:24am] Pharmacy: kill sat
[06:24am] Sanzh: aw they can't like
[06:24am] Schazer: they'll need the computer whizz who's watching on high from the International Space Station
[06:25am] Schazer: oh and solar flares'll be a plot point
[06:25am] Sanzh: use giant rockets to move the Earth closer and initialize an irregular higgs boson wave
[06:25am] Godbot: oh certainly
[06:25am] Sanzh: (that's what's big in science right)
[06:25am] Schazer: maybe they could knock the earth out of orbit
[06:25am] Schazer: or blow up the moon
[06:26am] Godbot: that's totally the finale
[06:26am] Sanzh: yesss blow up the moon
[06:26am] Godbot: they knock the moon out of orbit and crash it into the earth
[06:26am] Schazer: maybe that's easier and has fewer political undercurrents than nuking a country specifically
[06:26am] Schazer: oh man
[06:26am] Sanzh: but it turns out the guy who did the demolitions rigging just wanted Earth to have some rings
[06:26am] Schazer: let's punch the ozone layer until Antarctica melts
[06:26am] Schazer: and that's the opening
[06:27am] Sanzh: what if we have a couple of tectonic plates just turn upside down
[06:27am] Schazer: our protagonist (a sassy somehow wealthy semi-retired journalist on a houseboat?) tries to find the source behind the recent melting of Antarctica
[06:27am] Schazer: and discovers this task force that needs to blow up the world
[06:28am] Godbot: that is basically every carl hiaasen character ever
[06:28am] Sanzh: a multinational task force of course
[06:28am] Godbot: of course!
[06:28am] Schazer: but then he leads the misguided World Feds to the task force's door and then it's a race against time to get those nukes to the moon?
[06:29am] Sanzh: maybe throw in a criminal syndicate trying to hijack the operation for their own ends
[06:29am] Schazer: they want to mess up the operation
[06:29am] Schazer: because they want to sell the intact world to somebody else
[06:29am] Schazer: then it's a double-heist
[06:29am] Schazer: they sell the world
[06:29am] Schazer: then blow it up
[06:30am] Schazer: because the criminal syndicate is led by a sexy capable female foil to the everyman taskforce member male protagonist
[06:30am] Sanzh: this is a legitimate first contact scenario
[06:30am] Sanzh: all because someone tries to sell us planet insurance
[06:30am] Schazer: I want this to be a movie
[06:31am] Godbot: I would watch it
[06:31am] Sanzh: I would watch the hell out of it
[06:34am] DragonFogel: So what do we call it?
[06:34am] Godbot: deconstruction
[06:35am] DragonFogel: Anyways, I did some writing, but I wasn't too pleased with it.
[06:35am] Sanzh: wait hang on there's no way this'll be made unless we have a sequel pitch
[06:35am] Godbot: next they have to blow up the alien homeworld?
[06:35am] DragonFogel: Basically it was going to be about a conman who was selling electricity, except I couldn't settle on a direction for it.
[06:37am] DragonFogel: In the sequel, they have to blow up Mars.
[06:37am] Sanzh: the protagonist has fallen on hard times and has to take on one last job
[06:37am] Sanzh: to blow up the Sun
[06:38am] DragonFogel: The sequel probably involves the insurance company looking for signs of fraud.
[06:38am] Sanzh: wait no suns don't have enough landmarks, disregard that
[06:39am] DragonFogel: And the only way to derail the investigation is to blow up another planet!
[06:40am] Godbot: but there won't be any familiar landmarks to destroy!
[06:40am] Sanzh: they blow up Earth a second time
[06:40am] Sanzh: with time travel
[06:40am] Godbot: maybe they have to go back in time and blow up the past
[06:40am] Godbot: yes
[06:40am] Godbot: I was just about to say that
[06:40am] DragonFogel: Maybe they have to make it look like a biblical apocalypse.
[06:41am] Sanzh: they have to stop themselves from blowing up the planet so they can blow up the planet themselves
[06:41am] Godbot: yes.
[06:41am] Godbot: that.
[06:41am] Godbot: exactly, sanzh.
[06:42am] Sanzh: time travel makes everything better
[06:42am] DragonFogel: Then the third movie involves doing it again, except this time they plant a bomb in the Earth's core.
[06:42am] DragonFogel: "Journey To the Center of the Earth (To Blow It Up)"
[06:43am] DragonFogel: In the fourth movie, they blow up the Earth... IN SPACE
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12-31-2011, 06:47 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!

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Aww man while I would watch that movie no one in that conversation made any mention of thriggle's brainbabies that laid out plans to destroy earth in order to save earth (also mars was blown up and also the sun got blonked too)

He is a hollywood insider

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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01-02-2012, 01:01 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!

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Spoiler :
Quote:Jan 02 00:17:46 <yoshi> i have noi idea how to do ANYTHING
Jan 02 00:17:59 <yoshi> i am a pure bABY like the fallen snow
Jan 02 00:18:03 <Gnauga> I think maybe you need chicken noodle soup and sleeps
Jan 02 00:18:14 <yoshi> yeah probably
Jan 02 00:18:15 <Een> no no
Jan 02 00:18:17 <Een> stay here forever
Jan 02 00:18:19 <Een> this is great
Jan 02 00:18:27 <yoshi> yes it is
Jan 02 00:18:33 <Chwoka> so wait
Jan 02 00:18:40 <Chwoka> do babies fall out of the sky where you live
Jan 02 00:18:57 <yoshi> no
Jan 02 00:18:59 <yoshi> they careen
Jan 02 00:19:02 <yoshi> anfd plummet
Jan 02 00:19:13 <yoshi> put of the airup there
Jan 02 00:19:29 <Chwoka> okay yoshi slow down i can't understnad nay of that
Jan 02 00:19:32 <yoshi> i think there was a movie called the air up there
Jan 02 00:19:36 <yoshi> it was about basketball
Jan 02 00:19:44 <Chwoka> let's put ourselves in reverse and explain what that meant
Jan 02 00:20:07 <yoshi> you asked if babies fell from the sky where i live
Jan 02 00:20:17 <yoshi> and i said no, they do not fall, they careen and plummet
Jan 02 00:20:21 <yoshi> out of the air up there
Jan 02 00:20:30 <Gnauga> Like off a ledge?
Jan 02 00:20:58 <yoshi> sure
Jan 02 00:22:03 * Anomaly (Mibbit@pool-173-57-112-80.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) has joined #MSPAFA
Jan 02 00:22:27 <yoshi> if youre an anamoly than what is a regular version of you
Jan 02 00:23:20 <Chwoka> me
Jan 02 00:23:40 <Anomaly> that is a question without an answer
Jan 02 00:23:41 <Chwoka> ever notice that "anomaly" is just an anagram for "chwoka"
Jan 02 00:23:47 <yoshi> oh my god
Jan 02 00:23:56 <yoshi> it all makes sense now
Jan 02 00:24:53 <Chwoka> admit it
Jan 02 00:24:56 <Chwoka> it doesn't really
Jan 02 00:25:23 <yoshi> yes iyt fdoes
Jan 02 00:25:28 <yoshi> you dont know my mind
Jan 02 00:25:29 <yoshi> I
Jan 02 00:25:36 <yoshi> 'LL SHOW YOU THE LIFE OF THE MIND
Jan 02 00:25:36 <Gnauga> Chwoka = Anomaly. Canon?
Jan 02 00:25:44 <yoshi> the most canon
Jan 02 00:26:09 <Anomaly> only in the bootleg Russian version
Jan 02 00:29:00 <Chwoka> yoshi: wait a second
Jan 02 00:29:03 <Chwoka> life of the mind
Jan 02 00:29:12 <Chwoka> james brown at -x4 speed
Jan 02 00:29:40 <Chwoka> james brown released an ablum called revolutions of the mind: live at the apollo vol.3...!!!
Jan 02 00:29:44 <Chwoka> i got nothin'
Jan 02 00:30:39 <yoshi> i was just quoiting john goodman being crazy
Jan 02 00:30:45 <yoshi> and mowing peopel down
Jan 02 00:31:04 <Chwoka> john goodman...
Jan 02 00:31:09 <Chwoka> it's all falling together now
Jan 02 00:31:24 <Chwoka> john goodman made a film called planes trains and automobiles
Jan 02 00:31:26 * wonderland has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Jan 02 00:31:45 <Chwoka> buddy holly and many7 other classic rock icons died in a plane
Jan 02 00:31:58 <Chwoka> james brown rose to prominence shortly afterwards
Jan 02 00:32:00 <Chwoka> MY GOD
Jan 02 00:32:30 <yoshi> do you know what this menas
Jan 02 00:32:45 <Chwoka> we have to go back?!
Jan 02 00:32:47 <yoshi> and what you said
Jan 02 00:32:57 <yoshi> gotta get back in time
Jan 02 00:33:08 <Chwoka> don't need no credit card to...
Jan 02 00:33:09 <Chwoka> ride...
Jan 02 00:33:11 <Chwoka> this...
Jan 02 00:33:14 <Chwoka> :ooooo
Jan 02 00:33:16 <Chwoka> train
Jan 02 00:33:34 <Chwoka> power of love, unofficial pop theme of bttf
Jan 02 00:33:49 <Chwoka> by huey lewis and the news
Jan 02 00:33:54 <yoshi> thats the power of love
Jan 02 00:33:56 <Chwoka> how do they fit into this
Jan 02 00:33:59 <yoshi> tell me doctor
Jan 02 00:34:03 <yoshi> where are we going this time
Jan 02 00:34:11 <yoshi> the goonies R good enough
Jan 02 00:34:19 <yoshi> and other 80s movies songs
Jan 02 00:34:26 <Chwoka> let's see...
Jan 02 00:34:42 <Chwoka> all i know abouthuey lewis and the news is that they made that album and an album called sports
Jan 02 00:34:56 <Chwoka> also the dude in american psycho loved them
Jan 02 00:35:01 <Chwoka> wait a second
Jan 02 00:35:05 <Chwoka> american psycho
Jan 02 00:35:09 <Chwoka> american pie
Jan 02 00:35:13 <yoshi> christian bale
Jan 02 00:35:17 <yoshi> terminator four
Jan 02 00:35:20 <yoshi> batman
Jan 02 00:35:25 <Chwoka> terminator x
Jan 02 00:35:32 <Chwoka> public enemy sampled james brown
Jan 02 00:35:36 <yoshi> MY GOD
Jan 02 00:35:40 <Chwoka> no that's stupid
Jan 02 00:35:53 <Chwoka> american pie was about the buddy holly plane crash
Jan 02 00:35:59 <Chwoka> i think there's only one conclusion
Jan 02 00:36:14 <yoshi> people shouldnt have sex with food
Jan 02 00:36:22 <Chwoka> there was a vast conspiracy during the 80s to go back in time and kill buddy holly for their own gains
Jan 02 00:36:27 <Chwoka> and that
Jan 02 00:36:39 <yoshi> and thats the end of that chapter
Jan 02 00:38:10 <Chwoka> james brown so that he could rise to prominece, dan mclena so he could write a sad song about it, public enemy so they had a vast james brown catalog to sample, and huey lewis and the news because huey lewis and the news rode the coattails of the fad

[Image: xwldX.gif]
01-02-2012, 05:45 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
Lonely Rolling Star

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Imagine Cucumber
Quote:<Sanzh> I'm pretty cool

01-05-2012, 08:50 PM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
The year was outer space.

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The future.
Quote:Godbot: so when the replies count is one lower than it should be
[11:43pm] Godbot: and you complete one page
[11:43pm] Godbot: it starts another one
[11:43pm] Godbot: for the last post on the first page
[11:43pm] DragonFogel: But it doesn't have any posts to put on it.
[11:43pm] Godbot: let's test that
[11:44pm] DragonFogel: Try posting in IRC Highlights.
[11:44pm] Godbot: I was just about to do that
01-18-2012, 11:45 PM
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