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IRC highlights!
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(04-29-2016, 07:46 PM)Papers Wrote: »we have one month. will fogel get his consolation prize? find out next time!

I read this as "we have one mouth" and that made me realize that you and fogel both have pacman avatars.

the OBVIOUS step from there was to ship Rotating Blue Pacman and Goddamn Batman Pacman together and imagine what their ship children would look like.
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Well what did they look like
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I really like this
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[5:18pm] LtFish: this is the first time I've used twitter in months, so I made a very predictable mistake, but here we go
[5:18pm] LtFish: the worlds of Ed Helms, actor and comedian, and Eagle Time, website forum, have been brought together.
[5:18pm] Arcadence: what if ed helms is already on eagletime
[5:18pm] Arcadence: any one of us could be ed helms
[5:19pm] g0m: oh yes I am him
[5:19pm] Timu12: hed elms
[5:19pm] g0m: Hi its me ed
[5:19pm] Arcadence: hi ed
[5:19pm] Arcadence: I just wanted to tell you
[5:19pm] g0m: I'm ed helms. "Its ed baby." Ed
[5:19pm] Arcadence: you shoudn't have done a second hangover movie
[5:19pm] g0m: I made a lot of money from doing it. I don't care what you think. no one tells ed helms what to do
[5:20pm] Arcadence: I liked you in the office though
[5:20pm] g0m: Thanks. I prefer the original uk version myself
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Pics or Ed didn't happen.
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What if... Infrared helms
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Quote:[16:26] <Agenriel> superlubricants that last for decades
[16:26] <Sanzh> ;)
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Quote:<Colby> im gonna run out of quircky ways to say greetings soon
<Colby> *quirky
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<earthexe> I just pick 3 or 4 and cycle through them
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<DragonFogel> Just say "hey there nerd".
<Colby> there arent any nerds in this chatroom
<Colby> only COOL BROS and DOPE JOCKS
<Anomaly> that's my job, fogel
<Anomaly> you nerd
* Anomaly shoves Fogel in a locker
<DragonFogel> There's no room in the locker, because you've already been shoved in there.
<Colby> yep dope jocks, called it
<Anomaly> curses
<Anomaly> i am undone!
<earthexe> i thought it was full because it was full of illegal weed
<earthexe> owned by the cool bros
<Pharmacy> also
<Anomaly> yeah it took a while to make room for me
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Marking 2nd year tests:

Quote:<schazer> shit ok uh this kid wrote, and I understand what they /wanted/ to write but uh
<schazer> "my dream is to trip all over the world"
<Gatr> okay yeah it is amazing how you had that ready
<Granola> I am on top of this shit yo
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If you want to copy from Discord more easily, follow these instructions

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[2:47 AM] btp: you're not alone!
[2:47 AM] btp: It's your first day here at Eagle-Time High
[2:47 AM] btp: The halls are crowed, lots of people pass you by
[2:47 AM] btp: You feel a little invisible
[2:47 AM] btp: Then
[2:48 AM] btp: SMACK
[2:48 AM] btp: something rams into you from behind
[2:48 AM] btp: you drop your books
[2:48 AM] btp: and black out
[2:48 AM] btp: ...
[2:48 AM] btp: ...
[2:48 AM] btp: ...
[2:48 AM] btp: nurses office
[2:49 AM] btp: You open your eyes, your head is throbbing
[2:50 AM] btp: After a moment, your eyes adjust to the bright lights
[2:50 AM] btp: Above you you see a flurry of tentacles wraping bandages, around you
[2:50 AM] btp: wait you think tentacles?
[2:51 AM] btp: You should be more startled by this
[2:51 AM] btp: if it wasn't for the large hourglass shaped eye staring down at you
[2:51 AM] btp: it was somehow...comforting?
[2:52 AM] btp: "AH YOU ARE AWAKE!"
[2:52 AM] btp: The jarring voice comes from the mass of tentacles, breaking you out of your trance
[2:54 AM] btp: You're about to interrupt when a
[2:55 AM] btp: tall blond figure walks into the office.
[2:55 AM] btp: "Nurse Socktopus," her authoritative voice interjects, "Has our transfer student recovered?"
[2:57 AM] btp: fast forward to lunch
[2:57 AM] btp: because pretalking dialouge is important for a finished product but really we just want to get our mack on
[2:57 AM] kotakun: Pardon the interruption, but my only question is why would anyone be startled by suddenly tentacles. I mean, that's like the best way anything could go.
[2:58 AM] btp: "I know right!" a blue haired...acutally all blue girl at the lunch table next to you seems to agree with your sentiment
[2:58 AM] btp: "Care to take a seat with us?" she scoots over on the bench and offers a place next to her
[2:59 AM] btp: (Sit next to the blue girl? or decline her offer and look for another table?)
[2:59 AM] Ixcaliber: see if you can find a pink girl
[3:00 AM] btp: You glance around the lunch room. It certainly is crowded. Pink is your preferred color though...not that you're racist or anything
[3:00 AM] DragonFogel: Better yet, a bear.
[3:00 AM] kotakun: Por que no los dos? See if there's a pink bear.
[3:02 AM] btp: You do notice a bear! You politely decline the blue girl's offer and head towards the bear.
[3:03 AM] btp: "Mind if I sit here?" You ask your fuzzy companion
[3:03 AM] btp: The bear grunts and begrudgingly allows you a space at their table.
[3:03 AM] btp: The bear seems very's starting to get a little akward
[3:03 AM] btp: perhaps you can break the silence?
[3:04 AM] Ixcaliber: "well this is embearassing"
[3:04 AM] kotakun: > Have you ever seen two trains fight for supremacy in the wild?
[3:05 AM] btp: The bear snorts. A heavy mist shoots from their nostrils. Before it dissipates you notice the distinct smell of fish.
[3:05 AM] btp: You follow the bear's gaze to a table in the far corner of the room
[3:06 AM] btp: You notice a plain bald man sitting next to what appears to be a hippo. They have a candle light dinner prepared
[3:06 AM] btp: I didn't know they allowed open flames in this school
[3:06 AM] btp: The bear snorts once more and stands up
[3:07 AM] btp: It begins to head towards the dining couple
[3:07 AM] btp: What do you do?
[3:07 AM] Ixcaliber: report them to the cafeteria boss
[3:07 AM] kotakun: > Dance
[3:07 AM] btp: You feel a shimmy start to shake up your legs as you stand up from your seat
[3:09 AM] btp: You shuffle over to who you assume is the head of the cafeteria.
[3:09 AM] btp: They're tall, that a computer monitor for a head?
[3:09 AM] btp: ...and some kind of green lizard tail
[3:09 AM] btp: Their nametag says "Jay" on
[3:10 AM] btp: "Excuse me um...official?"
[3:10 AM] btp: The face on the monitor blinks and stares back at you. "Oh hey kid. Didn't notice you. What's up? Want some seconds?"
[3:10 AM] btp: How do you respond?
[3:11 AM] Ixcaliber: "yes"
[3:11 AM] Ixcaliber: "gimme food"
[3:11 AM] Ixcaliber: you open your mouth real wide prop a funnel in there and just point down it
[3:11 AM] kotakun: In a very, very flirtatious manner.
[3:11 AM] btp: Licking your lips you nod slowly.
[3:12 AM] btp: Gradually you open your mouth, waving your tounge back and forth
[3:12 AM] btp: At it's widest, you reach over and grab a nearby paper plate
[3:13 AM] btp: you curl it around itself and place the newly formed cone DEEP into your mouth
[3:14 AM] btp: "Ah..oh wow kid." Jay seems taken aback. "I mean, i guess that is a yes but uh... you probably shouldn't eat your food that way?" Jay looks away, unable to maintain eye contact with you.
[3:14 AM] btp: Just then you hear a scream and the roar of a bear triumphant
[3:15 AM] btp: "Oh geeze! Sorry Kid, looks like cafeteria is closed. Somebody needs to call Nurse Socktopus."
[3:15 AM] btp: Jay races over to try help the now decapitated hippo on the far end of the room.
[3:16 AM] kotakun: Volunteer to get Nurse Socktopus.
[3:16 AM] btp: The bear, it seems, is now enjoying the candlelit dinner
[3:16 AM] kotakun: You need to max out your relationship stats with everyone so you can get the best ending with everyone in one horrendous pile of OH GOD HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK
[3:16 AM] btp: "Oh! Nurse Socktopus! I know where that is! It's the room I had hours of expository conversation with the principal in."
[3:17 AM] Ixcaliber: good job we had all that exposition
[3:17 AM] Ixcaliber: so we know what is happening rn
[3:17 AM] btp: "Yeah kid thanks! Jay shouts back at you."
[3:17 AM] btp: hallway
[3:17 AM] Ixcaliber: immediately do something else
[3:17 AM] btp: The hallway is much less crowded while class is still going on
[3:18 AM] btp: The nurse office is very close to the cafeteria
[3:18 AM] btp: but nah.
[3:18 AM] kotakun: Of course, Ix. Why would you ever in a video game just complete the objectives when you can screw around?
[3:19 AM] btp: You notice a flash of green light coming from the bathroom
[3:19 AM] btp: oh wow
[3:19 AM] btp: that was some
[3:19 AM] btp: really good looking green light there
[3:19 AM] Ixcaliber: romace green light
[3:19 AM] btp: you begin to head towards the restroom
[3:19 AM] btp: yeah...this is what you want to do
[3:20 AM] Ixcaliber: lets lock ourselves into the green light route
[3:20 AM] btp: you continue towards the restroom, the rest of the world begins to fade away
[3:20 AM] kotakun: BANG THE GREEN LIGHT
[3:20 AM] Ixcaliber: i have a real good feeling
[3:20 AM] kotakun: BANG THE GREEN LIGHT
[3:20 AM] btp: all that matters is the light
[3:20 AM] btp: as you enter the restroom you hear a startled shreik but that's okay
[3:21 AM] btp: it's all okay if you can just
[3:21 AM] btp: The green light dissapears
[3:21 AM] btp: you are now in a normally lit girls restroom
[3:21 AM] Ixcaliber: weep
[3:21 AM] Ixcaliber: how can we continue without our precious green light
[3:21 AM] nonexistentPumpkin: good thing this was a lesbian dating simulator this entire time
[3:22 AM] btp: there's an Indian? you think, woman with a bandange in her hand. You know she's not a pink girl...or a green light, not that it matters you aren't racist.
[3:22 AM] kotakun: See if you can tell where she went.
[3:22 AM] btp: You fall down in tears. She stands there in front of you
[3:23 AM] btp: "Oh gosh I'm so sorry are you okay. I didn't weren' one needed to see that."
[3:23 AM] btp: She starts to leave but then stops. She turns around and, reluctantly asks, "Are you okay?"
[3:24 AM] kotakun: [through tears] NO!
[3:24 AM] DragonFogel: WAIT YES MAYBE
[3:24 AM] nonexistentPumpkin: >"better now that I've seen you" you say, your eyebrows raising so high they go off your face. "oh wait. now I'm not. that's not suppposed to happen."
[3:26 AM] btp: She tilts her head, and comes closer. "Are you okay?"
[3:26 AM] btp: You gaze up at her face. She has a cute rounded nose and cheeks, a simple ponytail and, now that you notice, a fairly attractive figure.
[3:27 AM] kotakun: Open up the console and enable noclip.
[3:27 AM] btp: "I'm better now that I've seen you" You try to waggle your eyebrows, but forget how to lower them, so they continue to ratchet upwards
[3:27 AM] DragonFogel: "I'm not racist!"
[3:27 AM] btp: The girl seems shocked at your eyebrow situation.
[3:28 AM] btp: "No wait!" you cry out "I'm not racist!"
[3:28 AM] nonexistentPumpkin: >noclip out of the room in emberassment
[3:29 AM] Ixcaliber: try to noclip backwards in time
[3:29 AM] kotakun: Noclip into the final boss loading zone.
[3:29 AM] btp: "Uhm..I didn't think you were? Are you eyebrows okay?"
[3:30 AM] btp: OH! My eyebrows! You notice they are far above your head. Your clip must have fallen off.
[3:30 AM] btp: You reach into your console and grab more but you have no clips left!
[3:31 AM] kotakun: idkfa
[3:31 AM] btp: You recall, years ago, at your old school MSPAFA high (before it burned to the ground)
[3:31 AM] Ixcaliber: rip
[3:32 AM] btp: You could never find your clips. People would taunt you. Mock you.
[3:32 AM] btp: They called you Noclip
[3:32 AM] btp: the only person who gave you any comfort there was your friend Nopad
[3:32 AM] btp: but even their comfort wasn't enough. You left and moved to a new, better, school.
[3:33 AM] btp: but now you've run out of clips!
[3:33 AM] btp: and your eyebrows are doing that thing that you hate!
[3:33 AM] btp: You run out of the room, a noclip once more, nothing but flashbacks of your old noclip self running through your mind
[3:33 AM] kotakun: Run right into romanceable girl number i've lost count already
[3:34 AM] btp: Then you fall right through the floor into the basement
[3:34 AM] btp: It's dark.
[3:34 AM] Ixcaliber: you are likely to be eaten by a grue
[3:35 AM] kotakun: Romance grue
[3:35 AM] btp: You hear the sound of a grue
[3:35 AM] btp: you run
[3:35 AM] nonexistentPumpkin: embrace darkness into your heart
[3:35 AM] nonexistentPumpkin: romance the darkness
[3:35 AM] btp: towards the grue
[3:36 AM] btp: you embrace the grue, but in that moment, they vanish
[3:36 AM] btp: a song starts to echo around you
[3:36 AM] btp: softly at first, but it grows in intensity
[3:36 AM] Ixcaliber:
[3:36 AM] nonexistentPumpkin: "Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me..."
[3:36 AM] btp:
[3:37 AM] btp: Lights shine down and reveal
[3:37 AM] Ixcaliber: these are all very good musical choices
[3:37 AM] btp: the most gorgeous face you have ever seen
[3:37 AM] Ixcaliber: vow to never give her up
[3:37 AM] btp: a slowly rotating Tim Allen head ontop of a grey suit
[3:38 AM] btp: You embrace one another. You make out while rotating around their body
[3:38 AM] kotakun: KISS DA GIRL TIM
[3:38 AM] btp: OH DANG
[3:39 AM] Ixcaliber: do your "limit break"(edited)
[3:39 AM] btp: you do you limit break AND HOW
[3:39 AM] btp: years later
[3:40 AM] btp: a freshman looks down at their schedule. It's their first day at school at Eagle-Time High
[3:40 AM] btp: Hopefully Tiny Tim will be able to fit in here, just like their parents did.
[3:40 AM] DragonFogel: Flee in terror.
[3:40 AM] Ixcaliber: true end
fyck phytybyckyt
RE: IRC highlights!
[10:09 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about setting a spider on fire and eating it
[10:10 PM] ArsenicNog: Don't do that
[10:10 PM] Anomaly: you monster
[10:10 PM] Whimbles: today I killed a hornet, are we not all monsters, really?

[10:11 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about putting rubber bands around the bottom of your jean legs and pouring a mcdonalds cup full of spiders down your pants through the fly
[10:11 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about that huh
[10:11 PM] Anomaly: where are you going to get that many spiders on such short notice?
[10:11 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: pet shop?
[10:12 PM] Whimbles: Look, if I get you a bucket of harvestmen will you dump them down your pants
[10:12 PM] Whimbles: because I would film that
[10:13 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about a wet t-shirt contest, only the t-shirt is my knees and the water is repeated blows with a steel baseball bat and a sock with a hunk of coal in it

[10:14 PM] Whimbles: spiders don't feature in that AT ALL

[10:15 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about stuffing arachnids and cat hair up your nose until you suffocate for the brief oxygen-deprived high because you can't afford opiod painkillers anymore
[10:15 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: be the first person to overdose on animals
[10:17 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i go into the woods and dig a 5-foot hole and then spit in it and wait

[10:17 PM] Whimbles: wait to die?
[10:18 PM] Whimbles: *wait for death?
[10:18 PM] DragonFogel: How about I play video games.
[10:18 PM] Whimbles: can I wait for death while you play video games
[10:19 PM] Whimbles: chwoka dig the Summoning Pit
[10:20 PM] ArsenicNog: summon more spiders
[10:20 PM] Kíeros: I think I have a more torturous way to die.

[10:20 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how's about this, how about you and i go down to wendy's, late at night, order some french fries, and make the cashier watch as we idle in front of the window, lighting the french fries on fire and pretending we're smoking them like jazz cigarettes
[10:20 PM] Kíeros: Switch your default browser to Internet Explorer
[10:20 PM] Whimbles: i'm not that masochistic D:
[10:20 PM] Whimbles: quel horror
[10:23 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: @Kíeros how about we go back to netscape so it's like your joke is brand-new

[10:25 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i shave my armpits and collect the hair into a ziploc bag and go to the supermarket and put it into one of the gallons of milk and then buy it and then start chugging it as soon as i've officially purchased it and just keep chugging it until i throw up milk, stomach acid, and armpit hair all over my nicest shirt
[10:26 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: right in the middle of the supermarket, right there in the aisle, before the watchful, judgemental eyes of tabloid celebrities
[10:27 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: is there some kind of law against that? no, there isn't. it's a free country

[10:30 PM] Whimbles: alright you're makin me a bit nauseaus
[10:30 PM] Whimbles: nausesysus
[10:30 PM] Whimbles: vomit-y

[10:31 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about going out back, picking out some fresh green onions right from the ground, cleaning them, crushing them in a mortar and pestle, sauteeing them, then putting them out on the window sill in a pot of dirt that gets watered every day while hoping for and dreaming of and planning for the day they grow back
[10:32 PM] Whimbles: that
[10:32 PM] Whimbles: sounds productive.
[10:32 PM] Whimbles: definitely do that

[10:32 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: and then not having a thanksgiving dinner since we won't be able to make homemade stuffing to shove up the turkey's butt so what's even the point of eating
[10:34 PM] Whimbles: just shovel the onion dirt into your face

[10:36 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: then staying up all night on thanksgiving, thanks to the lack of tryptophan, and going out while everyone else is asleep on a traditional wine-cooler-fueled bender driving around smashing mailboxes, backwards because there's nobody in the passenger seat so the driver-side has to face the mailboxes
[10:38 PM] DragonFogel: What were we talking about, again?
[10:39 PM] Pharmacy: eats onion dirt.
[10:39 PM] Pharmacy: mmm, face-burning.
[10:39 PM] Whimbles: haute cuisine

[10:40 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: we were talking about how about this month i get a canteloupe, hollow it out, fill it back up with spiders and ants and shut it up, wait for halloween, cut it back open into a face shape, set the spiderweb-infested innards inside on fire for a makeshift jack-o-lantern, then throw it at someone's house
[10:40 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: that someone being me
[10:41 PM] DragonFogel: That's funny, I don't remember that part of the conversation.
[10:41 PM] DragonFogel: There was something about legs, I think?

[10:43 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i get a mannequin and find a phonebooth and then call 911 and give the phone to the mannequin so we can hear what it has to say(edited)
[10:43 PM] DragonFogel: Do phone booths even exist any more?
[10:43 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: they do, hence find
[10:44 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i hold a replica gun to its replica head to coerce it into confessing to its numerous crimes
[10:44 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: all of which i committed

[10:44 PM] DragonFogel: Is one of those crimes threatening a mannequin into false confessions?
[10:45 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: is there some kind of law against that? no, there isn't. it's a free country, there are no laws
[10:46 PM] DragonFogel: Then there's no law saying it's a free country!

[10:46 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i become vice president and then get called to serve on jury duty. conflict of interest much? um, corruption across the branches of government, much? uh, hello!
[10:47 PM] DragonFogel: George W. Bush was called for jury duty while he was president.
[10:47 PM] DragonFogel: And then he didn't go.
[10:47 PM] Whimbles: wow, how dare

[10:48 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i'm also the defendant and the prosecutor
[10:49 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: (and, correction fogel, he DID show up but he didn't get selected to actually be on the jury.)
[10:50 PM] DragonFogel: That's 2015.
[10:50 PM] DragonFogel: I mean he got picked for jury duty in 2005 or so.

[10:52 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i fill a fine saxophone with canned wet cat food and put birthday candles in the end and light them and then go to a jazz show and blow to my heart's content, though
[10:53 PM] Whimbles: how about you feed my cats for a week and then throw a bath bomb in the fish pond

[10:54 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i tell the folks there that it's for my good friend kenneth whose name i don't know but he just turned 73, happy saturbirthday fogel
[10:55 PM] DragonFogel: Well, I don't think I've ever gotten a birthday greeting in that way before.
[10:56 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: i know right, two days early? gauche as heck

[10:58 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: @Whimbles how about i really "heat up" your bathtub with some "hot tips" from cosmopolitan, mostly those involving cattle prods, duraflame, lighter fluid as lube, etc, then throw a whole bunch of ramen seasoning packets in there, and the bricks, but not ramen bricks cinderblocks, and then toss in an unopened box of the san francisco treat
[10:58 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: deal?

[10:59 PM] Pharmacy: mmm
[10:59 PM] Pharmacy: ramen bath-tub.
[10:59 PM] Whimbles: we have an accord
[11:00 PM] Whimbles: come destroy the tub
[11:00 PM] Pharmacy: I can't
[11:00 PM] Pharmacy: that costs money.

[11:00 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about a bag of doritos in the clothes drier
[11:01 PM] Whimbles: pharmacy come live on the east coast
[11:01 PM] DragonFogel: Is this a full bag or an empty bag?

[11:01 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: full, unopened
[11:01 PM] DragonFogel: And if it's full, is it open or closed?
[11:02 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: party size
[11:02 PM] Kíeros: @☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆ One second, I just need to wait for my INTERNET EXPLORER to load so I can download Netscape.
[11:02 PM] DragonFogel: You must be done with that by now.
[11:03 PM] DragonFogel: And that's how long it took for Netscape to post your response.
[11:03 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: yeah it's edge now
[11:03 PM] Kíeros: No, that was IE """EDGE""'
[11:03 PM] DragonFogel: What if I prove that P = NP?
[11:03 PM] Kíeros: N=1 DONE
[11:04 PM] Kíeros: Or P=0

[11:05 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about going to this place i know that does fences for houses and has a big sign out front that says "we do fencing!", taking all the electronics we own in the back of a pick-up truck around to the back, pretending like they're stolen, and seeing if they take the bait
[11:07 PM] Whimbles: go to the house that says "we do fencing!" with an epee and a bee-keeper mask on
[11:07 PM] Whimbles: challenge them to a duel

[11:07 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: and if they do and they won't give it back, how about gearing up and charging in with fencing swords drawn and whipping about and seeing how much damage we can actually do that way
[11:08 PM] Whimbles: glad to see we're on the same page
[11:08 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: after all what are they gonna do, call the cops? first of all fencing stolen goods is illegal, second of all it's a free country and there are no laws
[11:08 PM] DragonFogel: I remember Fencing Club Adventures.
[11:09 PM] DragonFogel: It eventually fell apart due to Too Many Subplots, but it was fun while it lasted.
[11:10 PM] Kíeros: If there are no laws, then explain why c²=a²+b²-2abcosγ

[11:11 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: it's a free country, i can see to my own needs thank you very much
[11:12 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: and i resent the implication that i am anybody's equal
[11:13 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about putting a rabbit on a yacht and shoving it out into lake erie(edited)
[11:13 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i piss in the wind and tell you it's raining

[11:14 PM] Whimbles: how about I go to sleep since it's 2 am
[11:14 PM] Whimbles: and that would be semi sensible of me
[11:14 PM] Whimbles: but only semi
[11:14 PM] DragonFogel: How about I say goodnight to you?
[11:14 PM] Whimbles: how about I wish you a happy early birthday and a good night as well?
[11:14 PM] DragonFogel: Yeah, how about that!

[11:15 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about trying to scratch this itch in my left ear that won't go away with a toothpick
[11:15 PM] ArsenicNog: Goodnight Whim!
[11:15 PM] DragonFogel: I read that as "lockpick" at first glance.

[11:15 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about mailing someone a tin of altoids only it's filled with sardines
[11:15 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: @DragonFogel well that is how you open your mind
[11:18 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: how about i quit while i'm ahead and go to bed, well-fed with dread, soon to be dead from poisoning from lead(edited)
RE: IRC highlights!
nonexistentPumpkin: | I|
Hermes: nnnooooo
nonexistentPumpkin: |I |_
asmilemingledwithwrath: aw man i have to go mow the lawn
nonexistentPumpkin: ***
nonexistentPumpkin: | I |
0w0 whats this: Bye!
nonexistentPumpkin: son of a
nonexistentPumpkin: | I |
DSPiron: Is this that Pheonix Wright music thing?
nonexistentPumpkin: ***
nonexistentPumpkin: F U C K
nonexistentPumpkin: | I |
0w0 whats this: Yeah, bee movie script is good.
Gimeur: Let me zoom in for you.
nonexistentPumpkin: GOD
nonexistentPumpkin: DAMNIT
nonexistentPumpkin: NEVERMIND
nonexistentPumpkin: NO LOS MEMES TODAY
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
RE: IRC highlights!
[10:40 PM] sbnkalny: Skylar must be destroyed and won't go back to drawing anthro rather than gijinka
RE: IRC highlights!
[11:20] <Agenriel> you know
[11:20] <Agenriel> for all my flaws and distaste for homestuck
[11:20] <Agenriel> the sburb startup theme is still an amazing piece
[11:21] <Sanzh> agen i hate to tell you this but you're definitely a homestuck in denial
[11:21] <Sanzh> just like the rest of us
[11:21] <Agenriel> ;-;
[11:21] <Agenriel> ;^;
[11:21] <Agenriel> ;A;
[11:21] <Agenriel> ;∆;
[11:22] <Sanzh> :3
[11:22] <Sanzh> >:3
[11:23] <Agenriel> noooooooooooo
[11:24] <Agenriel> i hated it for so loooooong
RE: IRC highlights!
Loather - Today at 9:41 PM
"oh i dont like drinking liquids except for blood im kieros and im a literal vampire"
"i only eat tacos with ketchup on them"
Loather - Today at 9:42 PM
"i like spaghetti without the sauce"
Granola - Today at 9:42 PM
"and no lettuce"
Loather - Today at 9:42 PM
"sometimes i go into the store and just start rubbing horseradish into my skin, it's the only way i can feel anything"
☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆ - Today at 9:43 PM
"i like to wait for sour cream to actually curdle and turn sour"
Loather - Today at 9:43 PM
"i tried ice cream once. hated it"
☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆ - Today at 9:44 PM
"chocolate milk is an abomination unto the lord. unless it's unpasteurized"
Loather - Today at 9:44 PM
"im kieros, i'd like undertale if it took itself more seriously & was darker. what if papyrus was a zombie instead opf a skeleton how cool would that be haha"
Loather - Today at 9:45 PM
"im kieros, i like to wrap live rats in kale before i eat them"
☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆ - Today at 9:46 PM
how about: "i only like chocolate milk when it's a chunk of solid 100% dark cocoa at the bottom of a glass of chilled milk. in other words, milk, and then you eat some wet, bitter chocolate at the end"
Loather - Today at 9:47 PM
"im kieros i hate music and movies and books and all media, really. the only place im happy is inside of my broom closet, staring at the wall"
☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆ - Today at 9:47 PM
"i'm kieros, the tastemaker. i don't like any fruit at all."
Loather - Today at 9:48 PM
"sometimes i fill a glass with toothpaste, its my favorite dessert. im kieros"
☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆ - Today at 9:48 PM
"i hate sugar in all instances and forms. the only exception is sometimes i eat splenda by the handful for the chemical sting taste"
☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆ - Today at 9:49 PM
"i'm kieros and i love my allergies. i break out in hives whenever i eat almonds so gues what i have a can of by my computer all the time"

These are all 9999999999999% accurate. Except for the vampire one, that's totally inaccurate.
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
RE: IRC highlights!
<Schazer> I drew a bunch of shitty bird forms on rubber so now I'm carving this
<Pharmacy> Nice
<Schazer> I could've worked on the dozens of other things I've already promised to carve for people what the fuck ever
<Pharmacy> a big cock.
<Schazer> Blocked
<Pharmacy> you're welcome.
RE: IRC highlights!
[11:42 PM] great: easy way to ferment alcohol at home: what you need-
1 some sort of simple carbohydrate like ground up corn, sugar, honey, juiced fruit high in sugar
2. water
3. yeast (cheap packets are in the baking supplies aisle
4. empty jug
5. balloon
[11:42 PM] ☆ J.H.O.N.K.A ☆: 6. put everything except the jug in the balloon
[Image: msicon1.png][Image: msicon2.png]
RE: IRC highlights!
[12:32 AM] great: work in a sweatshop.
[12:32 AM] Orai: yeah i'm on for the ride
[12:32 AM] great: they make towels
[12:32 AM] Orai: how much does sweat sell for
[12:32 AM] great: a dollar a pence
[12:32 AM] Orai: a pence isn't a volume
[Image: msicon1.png][Image: msicon2.png]
RE: IRC highlights!
[Image: nIvuW5s.png]
RE: IRC highlights!
oh god, we have slack-style reactions now?
RE: IRC highlights!
sbnkalny - Today at 2:41 AM
That doesn't tell you they love you too. so fucking dead. all the gods, everyone. dead. the backlight and touchpad no longer work.
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:you know, it's really good to be able to look back at yourself 3 years ago and say "what an idiotic asshole"

that's my personal metric of growth

Chwoka you are a sage.
RE: IRC highlights!
Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:41 PM
=play all star

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:41 PM
=music q all star

ChwokahBOT - Yesterday at 11:41 PM
[Search Results]

Pick an option below to queue it
1 : "Smash Mouth - All Star"
2 : "Smash Mouth | All Star with Lyrics"
3 : "[20.11.2016][Chung kết] Thailand vs Vietnam [AllStar 2016][Ván 1]"
c : Cancel

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:41 PM

ChwokahBOT - Yesterday at 11:41 PM
​Queued Smash Mouth - All Star

Ixcaliber - Yesterday at 11:45 PM
-play all star

ChwonkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:45 PM
Now playing Smash Mouth - All Star in talksquawk (3:56, requested by Ixcaliber).

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
-volume 50

ChwonkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
@Satomi (Papers) Successfully set music volume to 50.
[█████████████████████████ ] :sound:

btp - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
-play all star

ChwonkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
Added Smash Mouth - All Star (3:56) to the queue (position #2)

Not The Author - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
Wait no that's not actually
eh, close enough

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:47 PM
=music q all star

ChwokahBOT - Yesterday at 11:47 PM
[Search Results]

Pick an option below to queue it
1 : "Smash Mouth - All Star"
2 : "Smash Mouth | All Star with Lyrics"
3 : "[20.11.2016][Chung kết] Thailand vs Vietnam [AllStar 2016][Ván 1]"
c : Cancel
​Queued Smash Mouth - All Star

Ixcaliber - Yesterday at 11:48 PM

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:48 PM
?play smash mouth

cohkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:48 PM
Now Playing: Smash Mouth - All Star - 3m 56s
Added Smash Mouth - All Star to the queue.

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:48 PM
-play smash mouth

ChwonkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:48 PM
Now playing Smash Mouth - All Star in talksquawk (3:56, requested by Satomi).

Ixcaliber - Yesterday at 11:49 PM
!!play smash mouth

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:49 PM
=music q smash mouth

ChwokahBOT - Yesterday at 11:49 PM
[Search Results]

Pick an option below to queue it
1 : "Smash Mouth - All Star"
2 : "Smash Mouth - Walkin' On The Sun"
3 : "Smash Mouth - I'm A Believer"
c : Cancel

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:49 PM

ChwokahBOT - Yesterday at 11:49 PM
​Queued Smash Mouth - All Star

Not The Author - Yesterday at 11:50 PM
this is how the world rolls you

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
+play smash mouth

cohhckckBOT - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
Satomi : Sorry but the music feature is currently in devleopment, but if music is what your looking for.

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:51 PM
fuck you then

btp - Yesterday at 11:52 PM
IS this art?
This is art.

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:52 PM
'play all star

btp - Yesterday at 11:53 PM

ChwonkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:53 PM
@btp ​​:warning: Could not find a video with the search specified.

btp - Yesterday at 11:53 PM
wait -play all star

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:53 PM
hold yer horses everyone
i have a fouth one

btp - Yesterday at 11:53 PM
oh sweet

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:53 PM
i just need it to stfu

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:55 PM
=music q all star (then press 1 afterward)
-play all star
?play all star
'play all star


no, no it's not

you stop that

ChwonkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
Queue concluded.

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
=music q all star

ChwokahBOT - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
[Search Results]

Pick an option below to queue it
1 : "Smash Mouth - All Star"
2 : "Smash Mouth | All Star with Lyrics"
3 : "[20.11.2016][Chung kết] Thailand vs Vietnam [AllStar 2016][Ván 1]"
c : Cancel

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
-play all star
?play all star

cohkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
Now Playing: Smash Mouth - All Star - 3m 56s

Added Smash Mouth - All Star to the queue.

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
'play all star

ChwonkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:57 PM
Now playing Smash Mouth - All Star in talksquawk (3:56, requested by Satomi).

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:57 PM

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
'play all star

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
?play all star

cohkaBOT - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
Added Smash Mouth - All Star to the queue.

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
=music q all star

ChwokahBOT - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
[Search Results]

Pick an option below to queue it
1 : "Smash Mouth - All Star"
2 : "Smash Mouth | All Star with Lyrics"
3 : "[20.11.2016][Chung kết] Thailand vs Vietnam [AllStar 2016][Ván 1]"
c : Cancel

Satomi (Papers) - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
hwokahBOT - Yesterday at 11:58 PM

​Queued Smash Mouth - All Star

Ixcaliber - Yesterday at 11:59 PM
$play all star

November 22, 2016
Ixcaliber - Today at 12:00 AM
$play all star

Satomi (Papers) - Today at 12:00 AM
$music start

Ixcaliber - Today at 12:01 AM

btp - Today at 12:01 AM
I am so proud of what we've managed to accomplish here

Ixcaliber - Today at 12:01 AM
$play all star please

Satomi (Papers) - Today at 12:01 AM
$play all star

Ixcaliber - Today at 12:01 AM
this bot is uncooperative

Satomi (Papers) - Today at 12:01 AM
you are an disappointment

ChwonkaBOT - Today at 12:01 AM
Queue concluded.

cohkaBOT - Today at 12:01 AM
Now Playing: Smash Mouth - All Star - 3m 56s