IRC highlights!

IRC highlights!
RE: IRC highlights!
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Myeth Wrote:Ok nvm its definitely not worth it but it was a valuable learning experience that I'll probably forget
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timu Wrote:so trees

every year you have to spend money on trees

you dont have to

but please do. i sell them

you get to put a big fire hazard in ur house from december to april

and hang candy canes and fragile glass orbs on the edge of flexible downward sloping branches to optimize the chance of them falling off

and you can put all your nice gifts under it so your nice things can get covvered in pine needles

timu Wrote:they are still alive but theyre dying slowly the whole time

you can slow the process by moisturize and fluids

more dry -> more flammable

fortunately you get to connect the fire hazard to an electrical outlet at all times via strings of lights that get tangled
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Sbnkalny Wrote:Buff rock Comrade God Sbnklany
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<Pharmacy> I never watched moana but apparently? everyone really wants to fuck the crab?
<tirefire> the crab has a good song
<tirefire> i don't know why people want to fuck him
<tirefire> he's only in the movie for like eight minutes
<Pharmacy> the sans undertale of moana
<tirefire> god
<Schazer> w ow
RE: IRC highlights!
RE: IRC highlights!
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Sunspider>Seriously, that's a tricky question! I sorta like suits, but man. I don't know what I'd want to wear to a wedding either.
<cool homie what often kicks ass> baseball hats that read "groom," "bridegroom," "best man," "2nd best man," "ubermensch" etc
<Schazer> I would have no fewer than twelve costume changes over the course of the day
<cool homie what often kicks ass> for each wedding, right schaz
<kaynato> wear ...... an entire store
<cool homie what often kicks ass> a sitcom plot where the main character has two dates at the same time but it's two weddings instead
<cool homie what often kicks ass> they're bride in one and groom in the other and they keep getting the costumes mixed up
<Schazer> Gee Schazer how come your datemates let you have two weddings
<Granola> Have you considered a two piece suit? Like a horse costume for weddings?
<cool homie what often kicks ass> tux with a train and smeared-off lipstick on the sleeve
<Granola> Except classier
<Schazer> I show up in the wrong outfit and nobody bats an eye
<Schazer>Cuz that's how extra everyone has accepted I am
<cool homie what often kicks ass> wear the tux inside-out, down to having the boxer shorts on the outside and inside-out shoes somehow
<Granola> Get the whole wedding party decked out in plate mail
<cool homie what often kicks ass> the only rule for the wedding is that everyone stays blindfolded the whole time so it doesn't matter what they're wearing
<cool homie what often kicks ass>no photographs, just audio recordings
<Granola> Everyone wears a train and during the ceremony theyre braided into each other
<Sunspider> The first wedding with no survivors.
<cool homie what often kicks ass> alternatively, one long oblong bowtie
<Schazer> Make sure your wedding party has a solid composition
<vancho1> make sure to read the guide for that
<Schazer> A healer groomsman, tank groomsman, and dps groomsman
<cool homie what often kicks ass> dress rehearsal. no humans allowed, this one is just for the dresses.
<Granola> Several veils, all layered on top of one another
<cool homie what often kicks ass> dance of the seven veils
<Schazer> Many people make the mistake of picking their maid of honor before looking at their overall team composition, and having to pick bridesmaids to complement the maid of honor
<cool homie what often kicks ass> nothing underneath. not in the sexy way, in the "ghosts" way, it was a puppeteer dance
<cool homie what often kicks ass>just collapses into a pile of veils
<Sunspider> (This wedding is getting increasingly surreal)
<Schazer> While a smart bride can make a competent team with any maid of honor, for newbies it's smarter to pick the bridesmaids first then find a MoH to round the team out
<Granola> Everyone hires a body double and radios instructions to the surrogate wedding from the honeymoon
<Sunspider> It's true that you need a solid team comp for your wedding. Especially when the other wedding scheduled after wants to initiate a team fight
<vancho1> No, even better, everyone is prepared in an entangled quantum state
<cool homie what often kicks ass> everyone wears latex masks custom-made of some other wedding attendee's face. you are allowed to swap, including into the one of your own face
<vancho1> so the wedding takes place through spooky action at a distance
<Schazer> Like debating, it pays for everyone to try both sides of the aisle at different dress rehearsals
<Schazer> That way you're prepared no matter what comes out of the hat
<cool homie what often kicks ass> what hat
<vancho1> the wedding hat
<Schazer> Yeah
<cool homie what often kicks ass> does the officiator pull two names out of a hat to decide who's getting married
<vancho1> it's the sorting hat's job on the weekends
<Schazer> I thought they would do it to figure out which team was bride and which was groom
<Schazer> But I like your interpretation better
<Schazer> (There's actually more than two cards in the hat so you sometimes get groom vs groom or bride vs bride brackets)
<cool homie what often kicks ass> the officiator is not a priest, they're dressed as a football referee
<cool homie what often kicks ass> they get a whistle and everything
<Schazer> (On custom servers you can add other nonstandard positions as well)
<vancho1> i can't believe poly weddings are dlc
<vancho1> like, come on
<vancho1> that should be a base feature
<Schazer> Like in Turncoat Mode every time you get PK'd you end up respawning on the other team for balance purposes
<cool homie what often kicks ass> finally! i was getting tired of missionary position
<Schazer> Vamcho i agree
<cool homie what often kicks ass> cleric roles are boring
<Schazer> But the modding community for this game is incredible
<Granola> Its mostly that way to justify the price for the Chinese Wedding Dragon outift
<cool homie what often kicks ass> also in turncoat mode you literally have to turn your coat inside out, all jackets provided are reversible
<vancho1> niiiice
<Sunspider> My plans to just get it done in a courthouse seem a bit less exciting than all y'alls plans.
<Schazer> Hint: providing your team with identical costumes lowers the frame rate and prevents lag
<vancho1> i like reversible clothes i think more clothes should be
<Schazer> Which is crucial if you're aiming for a speedrun
<Sunspider> Can we any% the wedding?
<Sunspider> Because I think the courthouse thing is a possible exploit
<Granola> Attacking the minister interupts the quest dailogue but still gives you the status buff
<Sunspider> Just wrongwarp from signing the paperwork to the reception
<cool homie what often kicks ass> well at a courthouse you have to wait in line
<cool homie what often kicks ass> it's faster to just say "i do" really fast in front of an unsuspecting priest
<cool homie what often kicks ass> then bone
<Sunspider> Damn. That's the TAS strat I bet
<Credit> i want to noclip through the courthouse. why do we have to leave through the standard exit
<Credit> go to hospital, stop by maximum security pet prison on the way
<cool homie what often kicks ass> do not pass go, do not collect $200
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loather Wrote:new core classes:
shooting gun
confederate appreciation ceremony
lesson in being grateful
poor children shaming hour
heterosexual death cult
customer service (10 hours per day)
why money is better for me than you
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quoting entirely myself in an act of supreme vanity not undercut by my calling attention to it Wrote:[11:42 AM] cool homie what often kicks ass: i like my coffee like i like my women, that's why i keep my wife's ashes in a coffee tin.
[11:42 AM] cool homie what often kicks ass: sometimes i get confused, and that's a bad morning
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Im always asleep for all the cool action, fuck

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myeth Wrote:[Snobby Snort] kids these days! When i was your age I took 23 courses PLUS a full time job as an attractive doctor man with sharp jaw and 3 arms
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Quote:Giuseppe has connected
Abram: Hey there
Giuseppe: It's me! Giusseppe
Abram: Welcome to my secret chat server
Giuseppe: Thanks for having me, Abram my old friend
Abram: You and me, we go way back
Giuseppe: I remember the good old days
Giuseppe: Way back before the Internets
Giuseppe: *Sigh*
Abram: I must thank you again for saving my herd of goats
Giuseppe: Any decent person would have done the same
Shawanda has connected
Abram: Welcome!
Giuseppe: Hello!
Shawanda: Hullo!
Giuseppe: It's me, Giuseppe!
Abram: This is Giuseppe's secret chat server
Shawanda: :o
Giuseppe: Actually, this is Abram's secret chat server
Giuseppe: You have been tricked
Shawanda: bamboozled
Abram: What do you think of my secret chat server?
Shawanda: A nice, spartan chat server.
Giuseppe: It's pretty good
Abram: It's very feature minimal
Abram: You don't even get to choose your own name
Giuseppe: I did
Giuseppe: I am Giuseppe, it's me
Giuseppe: There is no Abram, there is no Shawanda, only Giuseppe
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Good content op

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Quote:[12:34] Mirdini profile is go
[12:34] Mirdini enjoy schaz/sol/infinite people with usernames starting with s
[12:34] Solaris YOU FUCK
[12:34] Schazardous oh man
[12:35] NotTheAuthor V. appropriate
[12:35] Schazardous you monster
[12:36] Sanzh gloriou
[12:36] Sanzh s
[12:36] Solaris i caant BEGIN to beleive
[12:36] Schazardous come on
[12:36] MrGuy_ sol
[12:36] MrGuy_ i know
[12:36] MrGuy_ i'm so upset
[12:36] Schazardous and slam
[12:37] Sanzh and welcome
[12:37] Schazardous to the jam
[12:48] PickYerPoison mird oh my god
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Quote:[9:45 PM] Robust Laser: can i just like
[9:45 PM] Robust Laser: redistribute my fat a little
[9:46 PM] Sunspider: There are ways to do this
[9:46 PM] cool homie what often kicks ass: put it all in my scalp so i look like one of those freaky veiny dudes with giant brains
[9:46 PM] Sunspider: ewww nooooo
[9:46 PM] Sunspider: don't do it
[9:46 PM] cool homie what often kicks ass: a flesh afro
[9:46 PM] cool homie what often kicks ass: my neck will get so strong
[9:47 PM] Sunspider: Hey all, it's ya acronym CHWOKA here, bringing you the freshest upsetting imagery.
cool homie what often kicks ass: i love that phrasing gently implying my gender is "acronym"

The second-to-last line there is probably the best description of CHWOKA I've ever heard.
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sbnkalny - Today at 10:26 PM
Don't power your phone with your life spiraling out of control
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Quote:DragonFogel - Today at 12:19 PM
I went for a walk, now I'm back.
How's everyone doing?
Myeth Of Quatar - Today at 1:34 PM
tired and i dont like it
I wanna keep drawing, sleeping is for squares
Sunspider - Today at 1:40 PM
sleep is good. Sleep helps you remember the skills you learned from drawing in the day
it's your brain's clean up step
store the good stuff, toss out the non-good stuff. keep it from getting too fatigued from running on turbo to learn things all day
so it doesn't get gunked up with garbage and mess
DragonFogel - Today at 1:42 PM
I know I appreciate getting a bit more sleep than usual last night.
Sunspider - Today at 1:42 PM
I def slept in, but I also stayed up until 8am
because I am a bad role model
DragonFogel - Today at 1:43 PM
Oof, that's when I woke up.
(well technically two hours later than that, but same relative time I mean)
Which is a darn sight better than getting up at 6 AM, or 5 AM like I did one time.
I still don't know how I started actually sleeping at a decent hour regularly, it just suddenly happened.
Sunspider - Today at 1:45 PM
I hear it happens when you turn old
you must be old now, officially
DragonFogel - Today at 1:45 PM
Well dang.
I've been telling these kids to get off my lawn for years, what am I supposed to do now to signal the change?
Sunspider - Today at 1:46 PM
my goal is to never sleep reasonably, and thus stay young forever.
Hmm. get a cane?
big scraggly beard.... oh wait.
kilozombie (zkkzz) - Today at 1:46 PM
they say you die of old age when somebody foregoes checking your ID
Sunspider - Today at 1:47 PM
wait, someone did that to me the other week
kilozombie (zkkzz) - Today at 1:47 PM
i miss sunspider.
Sunspider - Today at 1:47 PM
I thought I could game the system, but it gamed me!
DragonFogel - Today at 1:47 PM
I'm sorry about your death, what do you want us to do for your funeral.
Sunspider - Today at 1:48 PM
Cremation probs. And a big party. Get me a really 90s urn, and put me up somewhere.
the cha cha slide is not optional
everyone must dance
DragonFogel - Today at 1:49 PM
It's really the only appropriate way to honor your memory.
Sunspider - Today at 1:49 PM
Well, except for you with your cane and old people legs. You can get a pass on the dance
because we're friends, I won't haunt you
DragonFogel - Today at 1:49 PM
So the funeral's going to be on my lawn, right?
Sunspider - Today at 1:50 PM
Oh dang
that's a prime opportunity to be crotchetty, if we invite the young'uns
kilozombie (zkkzz) - Today at 1:51 PM
they also say that old age dies when we develop a machine that automatically shouts the snapper-whippers off the lawn.
Sunspider - Today at 1:52 PM
The geriatric singularity
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I had to put the things I found funny under spoilers, but this is the things I liked enough to post here.

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Myeth Wrote:Hell yeah stawborry
RE: IRC highlights!
Hell yeah!!!

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Myeth Wrote:This always happens when lordly and a52 are simultaneously online

He's not wrong.

(Will likely post the antics that elicited this response later.)
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