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 RE: IRC highlights!

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Godbot's post confirmed to have broken IRC Highlights.
01-19-2012, 11:23 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
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Quote:Thriggletron: I heard that Mehga loves to "GET OFF G0M NOW". Tell your friends!
01-25-2012, 03:36 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
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Quote:-->| Draykon has joined #grandbattle
<Draykon> Okay! Time to make good on my promise to myself to get back into the Grand Battles by entering one of the WHAT THE FUCK SOMEONE ELSE ENTERED A MAGICAL GIRL
<Solaris> hi

Quote:<PickYerPoison> maaaaaan, where is woff, I'm waiting to give her the end of exams present I picked up
<DragonFogel> She's here.
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<disgrace> hahha
<Solaris> and now she's not
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 RE: IRC highlights!

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sfou's schazer schetch spurred me to finally put down

saga of the schanime, extended director's cut
Spoiler :
Spoiler :
08:04:17: <schazer> are you in the doldrums, Wheat
08:04:24: <wataethins> yes
08:04:31: <wataethins> I am in the megadoldrums
08:04:44: <schazer> I'm sorry to hear that
08:04:49: <schazer> would you like to talk about it at all?
08:08:44: <wataethins> it's one of those things
08:08:49: <wataethins> like waiting for an elevator
08:08:57: <wataethins> some damn kid probably pressed all the buttons
08:09:03: <wataethins> and it's going to hit
08:09:05: <schazer> but if you want to talk or even gripe I'm always able to listen, but if you don't want to that's ok as well
08:09:06: <wataethins> EVERY
08:09:07: <wataethins> SINGLE
08:09:08: <wataethins> FLOOR
08:09:12: <schazer> Take the stairs
08:09:20: <wataethins> but the scares stair me schaz
08:09:28: <schazer> you'll feel better for it in a physically exerted and thus slightly short-of-breath and exasperated-grouchy way
08:09:30: <wataethins> vice versa
08:09:47: <wataethins> every footstep echoes
08:10:15: <wataethins> and I wonder about the stairwell ghost that coworker Joesh spreads rumors of
08:10:38: <schazer> that's why you just climb so fast and loud you drown it all out with your own banging and clanging
08:10:56: <schazer> the dead don't exactly head off on a vendetta when something's loud enough to wake them
08:11:13: <schazer> they'll normally just groan, maybe throw a pillow in your general direction, and roll over and try go back to sleep
08:11:53: <wataethins> the dead have no need for pillows
08:12:04: <schazer> well all the fewer things to throw at you
08:12:07: <schazer> then
08:12:26: <wataethins> well I can still be scared of them, right?!
08:12:31: <schazer> fiiiine
08:12:32: <wataethins> Is that TOO MUCH TO ASK?
08:12:40: <schazer> I suppooooose not
08:14:13: schazer carefully wedges a cork in it
08:16:42: <schazer> did that help
08:16:47: <schazer> with the geysering
08:16:58: <wataethins> yes
08:17:06: <wataethins> actually no
08:17:09: <wataethins> it
08:17:23: <wataethins> geysering actually gave me a new problem
08:17:30: <wataethins> it turned me into an anime
08:17:30: <wataethins> http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/8443/animesi.png
08:18:09: <schazer> Mike Shrooms-fer-Ears Wheat
08:18:33: <wataethins> according to a field guide they are safe to eat
08:18:48: <schazer> huh :o
08:18:51: <wataethins> but taste quote-unquote 'nas-tayyyy'
08:19:15: <schazer> I heard if you uproot them right they're actually linked in the middle
08:20:24: <schazer> it kind of looks like your hair has grabbed them by the bases
08:20:39: <schazer> so they are less mushrooms and more joysticks
08:20:44: <wataethins> my hair has become sentient since becoming anime
08:21:00: <schazer> hmmmm
08:22:12: <schazer> hmmmmmmmmmmmm
08:41:39: <schazer> (I am also taking far too long at making something stupid in GIMP)
08:41:55: <wataethins> ooh boy
08:42:33: <wataethins> I am already feeling a bit better through the magic of CONVERSATION
08:42:41: <wataethins> and GOOFERY
08:43:10: <schazer> what's the time over there?
08:43:15: <schazer> my estimate would be all of the stupid hours
08:43:19: <wataethins> 5 am
08:44:25: <schazer> are you just giving up on sleeping before you have to be up tomorrow
08:44:26: <schazer> uh
08:44:27: <schazer> today
08:44:46: <wataethins> I am usually a late-to-sleeper
08:46:18: <Wheat> going to fight my computer
08:46:38: <Wheat> if it keeps giving me guff like this
08:47:19: <schazer> fistiguffs
09:15:21: <schazer> aaaugh I am almost done
09:15:39: <schazer> I worry it is not worth the time spent thumb-twiddling
09:15:43: <Wheat> I am vibrating anticipatorally
09:15:48: <schazer> oh dear
09:15:59: <Wheat> that was so not a word
09:16:05: <Wheat> I unworded
09:16:21: <Wheat> anything is cherished and given upthumbs to in my book
09:16:29: <Wheat> and therefore worth it
09:17:21: <Wheat> also one time some number of weeks/months ago you said you were "truckin' along" and I doodled a little doodle of a beakface smile truck but forgot to upload it
09:18:25: <Wheat> http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/6498/truckh.png
09:19:02: <schazer> :>
09:19:26: <schazer> I am so happy I did not look where I was driving
09:19:57: <schazer> °-°-°-°-°:>
09:20:03: <schazer> the truck is now on its back
09:20:17: <Wheat> noooooooooooooooo
09:23:12: <schazer> that is ok because a truckton of timewasting just spilled out the back
09:26:26: <schazer> http://i.imgur.com/x0HhU.gif
09:26:51: <schazer> somehow I still can't do animations right, and you're meant to be marching forwards rather than backwards
09:27:02: <schazer> but if you are retreating you are doing it tenaciously as fuck
09:27:10: <Wheat> body blow
09:27:12: <Wheat> body blo
09:27:13: <Wheat> w
09:27:15: <Wheat> stick a move
09:27:20: <Wheat> (I love it)
09:27:31: <schazer> :>
09:29:56: <schazer> your belt buckle was meant to be a pretzel but if you'd rather it's a skull it's reasonably good at being that as well
09:30:18: <Wheat> it looks like a doctor wily skull
09:30:40: <Wheat> one of these http://www.tigmo55.com/mm2skull.jpg
09:30:55: <schazer> hrm
09:30:57: <schazer> indeed it does
09:31:22: <Wheat> anime eyes of the tiger
09:31:44: <schazer> thrill of the fight that's somehow extended over three episodes
09:32:26: <Wheat> charging up for the challenge of a rival
09:32:48: <Wheat> (who turns out to only be working as a henchman for an even bigger rival)
09:33:38: <schazer> gack
09:33:47: <schazer> I've been nursing these hiccups for almost six hours
09:34:19: <Wheat> you should
09:34:22: <Wheat> punch them?
09:34:23: <schazer> and the
09:34:43: <schazer> last known survivor stalks the next plot arc in the night
09:35:00: <schazer> I might kill them with boiling-hot sugar water with a teabag in it instead
09:35:28: <Wheat> and he's watching us all with the anime eyes
09:35:44: <Wheat> of the tiger-transforming mech robot
09:36:02: <Wheat> with a large sword and laser cannon arms
09:37:29: <schazer> That will prove indestructible to us until our mysterious even more powerful benefactor leaps in and disables it with a single blow
09:37:34: <schazer> of the tiger
09:38:42: Wheat gets nosebleed from otakulike fascination of this mental image
09:40:53: schazer is a tsundere because that's a thing yes
09:42:31: <schazer> Wheat, teach me
09:42:41: <schazer> teach me how to be sufficiently anime
09:42:47: <Wheat> okay
09:42:50: <Wheat> here's what you do
09:42:54: <Wheat> first off
09:43:04: <Wheat> you see all these rules and norms of society?
09:43:22: <Wheat> all the things that THE DANG BOSSMAN and YOUR PARENTS want you to do?
09:43:25: schazer squints
09:43:28: <schazer> oh, yup
09:43:31: <Wheat> Throw 'em the fuck out the window
09:43:44: <Wheat> oh speaking of squinting
09:43:46: <Wheat> your eyes
09:43:51: <Wheat> get like
09:44:03: <Wheat> a few pairs of needle nose pliers or something
09:44:21: <schazer> can't I just
09:44:23: <Wheat> hook them up to some kind of nightmare machine that stretches them in opposite directions whilst you slumber
09:44:25: <schazer> keep them shut
09:44:27: <schazer> all the time
09:44:31: <schazer> like, never open them
09:44:31: <Wheat> no
09:44:37: <schazer> they have a niche for those types, don't they
09:44:40: <Wheat> that is the WRONG way to go
09:44:51: <Wheat> you can be one of the closeyeyed animes
09:44:56: <Wheat> but those are scarcely animes
09:45:13: <Wheat> you gotta be bishie-uguu ballin' here
09:45:25: <Wheat> you gotta be max loli
09:45:47: <Wheat> you have to be able to fit dinner plates into your eye sockets
09:45:59: <schazer> can I start with like
09:46:01: <schazer> saucers or something
09:46:03: <schazer> work my way up
09:46:06: <Wheat> imagine the gestapo is coming and looking for your fine plates or something
09:46:17: <Wheat> where are you gonna hide them schaz? where?
09:46:27: <Wheat> your cupboards are off limits
09:46:36: <Wheat> you gotta fit /plates/ in there
09:46:40: <Wheat> that's where they belong
09:46:44: <Wheat> that's your meal ticket
09:46:59: <Wheat> you want fine china, you have to have fine dinner plate eyes
09:47:07: <Wheat> you could start with a saucer
09:47:18: <Wheat> but someone might just mistake you for an owl-person
09:47:28: <Wheat> which is more...
09:47:31: Wheat shudders
09:47:39: <Wheat> *western* *animation* than anything
09:47:53: <schazer> oh god no D:
09:48:01: <schazer> I don't want to go back there
09:48:09: <schazer> they abuse
09:48:12: <schazer> cartoon physics D:
09:48:18: <Wheat> no one does, schaz no one does
09:48:35: <Wheat> you must accept anime, the light and one true animation
09:48:51: <Wheat> next step: the panty shot
09:49:27: <Wheat> you must reveal panties visible at only certain angles to onlookers at regular intervals
09:49:39: <schazer> uh
09:49:40: <schazer> but I wear jeans
09:49:43: <schazer> like, all the time
09:49:46: <Wheat> gotta be quick, but it's also gotta be apparent enough that you
09:49:49: <Wheat> jeans
09:49:51: <Wheat> what are
09:49:57: <Wheat> what are those
09:50:09: <schazer> they are like
09:50:13: <schazer> skirts
09:50:19: <schazer> but with things that cover your legs
09:50:31: <Wheat> why would you want to cover your legs?
09:50:33: <Wheat> !?!?
09:50:44: <Wheat> that is not what a skirt is for!
09:50:51: <schazer> because they get cold |:<
09:50:58: <Wheat> a skirt is meant to lead to the panty
09:51:00: <Wheat> to highlight it
09:51:13: <Wheat> because when you are a female in anime, you are an object
09:51:22: <schazer> can't I just
09:51:27: <schazer> have like landing-strip lights
09:51:29: <schazer> up my jeans
09:51:42: <Wheat> I... guess?
09:51:51: <schazer> and then have it implied that I'm wearing panties underneath the jeans
09:51:56: <Wheat> wait
09:51:59: <Wheat> idea
09:52:05: <Wheat> why not wear the panties
09:52:10: <Wheat> /outside/ the jeans
09:52:36: <schazer> I dunno
09:52:42: <schazer> that sounds kinda counter-intuitive
09:52:50: <schazer> if we're doing that I could just carry the panties around
09:52:54: <schazer> on like
09:52:56: <schazer> a flag or something
09:53:23: <Wheat> what if you carried a sexy imp familiar around with you that wore panties
09:53:47: <Wheat> that way you could be a strong female character but have a sexy object to follow you so as to satisfy the requirements of being an anime
09:53:58: <schazer> I'm liking the sound of this
09:54:05: <schazer> I can still wear jeans with this arrangement, yes
09:54:56: <Wheat> yes but if you are going to wear jeans
09:55:15: <Wheat> they must be incredibly skinny and also you must wear a huge belt and other belts too
09:55:20: <Wheat> belts are so anime
09:55:52: <Wheat> also buckles
09:55:55: <schazer> oh, ok
09:55:56: <Wheat> many buckles
09:56:01: <schazer> I can do belts and buckles all right
09:56:07: <Wheat> accessorize
09:56:09: <schazer> I might need a new pair of jeans, though
09:56:16: <Wheat> lots of bands and buckles and bands
09:56:19: <schazer> these ones aren't quite skinny
09:56:25: <Wheat> also carry a guitar and use it as a weapon
09:56:34: <schazer> bands... and buckles... and bands. Gotcha.
09:56:36: <schazer> waait
09:56:42: <schazer> I don't wanna bash people with my guitar D:
09:57:05: <Wheat> you are going to be in the "tomboyish rocker chick who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty by beatin up the bad guys" category of anime
09:57:17: <Wheat> your jeans and rufftuff attitude decided it
09:57:29: <Wheat> and don't worry about the guitar
09:57:34: <Wheat> it's not really a guitar
09:57:45: <schazer> oh, that's ok then
09:58:03: <schazer> wait, does the rocker chick category of anime still need the panty-imp
09:58:06: <Wheat> but a transforming guitarrosaber that hold the key to defeating the tenth evil
09:58:19: <Wheat> it appears on and off
09:58:22: <Wheat> when panties are needed
09:58:30: <Wheat> schazer
09:58:41: <Wheat> I think you are underestimating the role of panties in your anime
09:59:13: <schazer> I think I might be
09:59:18: <schazer> unless
09:59:25: <schazer> can my enemies be panty-imps
09:59:30: <schazer> in other words I have to defeat them
09:59:50: <schazer> and free the panties from their demonic masters and return them to the buttocks of young girls
10:00:00: <Wheat> oh yes that will do well for the sadism crowd
10:00:09: <Wheat> you are thinking like an anime pro now!
10:00:22: <Wheat> you're getting your wings
10:00:35: <schazer> these are literal wings, yes
10:00:35: <Wheat> in a fifty second transformation sequence
10:00:47: <schazer> biologically dubious things I can summon and unsummon at will
10:00:59: <schazer> but won't work when migrating to a different season because I need a new pair of wings
10:01:50: <schazer> if I am understanding anime border control correctly
10:02:01: <Wheat> yes
10:02:54: <Wheat> you must get a new set of wings every season so we can shoot another intro sequence
10:03:08: <Wheat> this one longer and with more flower petals flying everywhere
10:03:44: <schazer> ok so
10:03:45: <schazer> I've got my wings
10:03:55: <schazer> I've got my legion of panty imps to defeat
10:04:09: <schazer> presumably with the power of music
10:04:12: <schazer> do I need a sidekick
10:04:15: <Wheat> and friendship
10:04:20: <Wheat> music and friendship
10:04:31: <Wheat> your bandmates always lend a hand
10:04:35: <Wheat> sometimes
10:05:55: <schazer> unless it's something vaguely metaphorical for fighting my personal demons?
10:06:11: <Wheat> yes then that is a "going solo" episode
10:06:33: <schazer> in which case I suppose the dude from the school of sage-like closed-eyed-characters anime will help me
10:06:35: <Wheat> though your talking dog might show up to lend a hand
10:06:46: <schazer> while calling me grasshopper and sparrow and skua for some reason
10:06:53: <Wheat> yes yes exactly
10:07:18: <schazer> because some days I am hawkbait
10:07:33: <schazer> other days I go round eating penguin chicks in the endless antarctic winter
10:07:56: <schazer> 2/3 times still isn't that great
10:07:57: <schazer> but I'm working on it
10:08:11: <Wheat> sometimes you also turn into your spirit familiar bird form
10:08:33: <schazer> but lemme guess
10:08:48: <schazer> while it's flying around fighting I'm chilling in mind-space apparently naked giving orders
10:08:55: <Wheat> by summoning the power of the seven music stones of friendship conjured by the mystic melodic medallion
10:09:17: <Wheat> no you are the bird
10:09:25: <schazer> oh, ok
10:09:31: <schazer> this isn't some kind of mind-cockpit thing
10:09:32: <schazer> teehee
10:09:34: <schazer> cockpit
10:09:40: <Wheat> hee
10:09:45: <Wheat> a large anthropomorphized bird with sizable bird boobs
10:10:19: <schazer> eagle breast
10:10:32: <Wheat> woop zoop, it's eagle prime meat
10:14:01: <Wheat> also celebrity guest stars sometimes show up to plug products
10:14:06: <Wheat> in underwear
10:14:25: <schazer> this is underwear
10:14:30: <Wheat> they are floating through a mass of jello or jello-like substance
10:14:39: <schazer> as delineated from panties, yes
10:15:00: <Wheat> underwear is a catch-all term
10:15:06: <Wheat> panties are for female characters
10:15:13: <schazer> ah, right
10:15:23: <Wheat> underwear is tight white briefs for men and panties for women
10:15:47: <Wheat> they float through red jello as whalesongs moan in the background
10:15:50: schazer takes notes
10:16:20: <Wheat> the color tint is heightened to unnatural levels
10:17:21: <Wheat> whispers of "your death is coming shortly, pray, scrub, pray" ebb in the background
10:17:56: <Wheat> and then it goes to credits without explanation
10:18:00: <Wheat> so
10:18:15: <Wheat> now that you have been given a small crash course in how to anime yourself
10:18:32: <Wheat> I hope you can go out and make soulja boy proud, lookin' like anime, anime errythang.
10:18:41: <Wheat> I, for one, must go to bed
10:18:58: <Wheat> It's been fun talking!
10:19:02: schazer salutes while presumably flaunting it
10:19:10: <schazer> Yes it has :>
10:19:15: <schazer> I'm glad it's been fun
10:19:20: <schazer> and I hope you have a nice day when you wake up!
10:19:26: <Wheat> my mood's elevated like an elevator that elevates
10:19:30: <Wheat> I will!
10:19:48: <Wheat> (I'm sleeptyping right now actually)
10:19:56: <schazer> :o
10:20:00: <schazer> o:
10:20:18: <Wheat> now
10:20:19: <Wheat> http://tindeck.com/listen/rzry
10:20:22: <Wheat> here's my jpop outro
10:20:33: <Wheat> night :>

Spoiler :
06:03:42: <schazer> sorry I just reopened the tab with the "Schanime" pic on it
06:03:46: <schazer> Wheat you are still the best
06:03:55: <Wheat> thanks :>
06:04:02: <ED> what is Schanime
06:04:07: <ED> i demand to know what it is
06:04:19: <schazer> it is this
06:04:20: <schazer> http://i.imgur.com/04fZC.gif
06:04:30: <Wheat> [pastebin]
06:05:19: <GodBot> "bishie-uguu ballin'" is the single greatest user title
06:06:01: <schazer> I'm tempted to renege the secretary bird for this immediately, with "gotta be max loli" for my user title
06:08:33: <GodBot> also I can't help but notice
06:09:03: <schazer> ?
06:09:10: <Wheat> the beauty of the twilight skyline?
06:09:13: <GodBot> schanime's guitar is shaped like that powerpuff girls logo
06:09:18: <Wheat> oh
06:09:18: <GodBot> with the heart background
06:09:24: <GodBot> it's oddly fitting
06:09:37: <GodBot> before you ask that is one of like
06:09:40: <GodBot> two things I remember about that show
06:10:00: <Wheat> I based it off this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_u4bDfGIxfz8/S2...00x192.jpg
06:10:09: <GodBot> 'kay
06:10:14: <Wheat> I typed "heart guitar" into the google machine
06:10:17: <Wheat> and it spat out that
06:10:23: <Wheat> but when I drew it
06:10:30: <Wheat> I was thinking "what should the background be"
06:10:43: <Wheat> "should it be pulsating hearts like the powerpuff girls"
06:10:48: <ED> i'm speechless
06:11:04: <ED> c-can i be anime too?
06:11:15: <Wheat> pppppffh
06:11:22: <schazer> Ed you can totally be the closed-eyes sage guy
06:11:25: <Slorange> No Ed
06:11:33: <schazer> it's either that or you end up in my band
06:11:54: <Slorange> They don't have people from not-Japan, not-America, and not-Western-Europe
06:11:58: <Slorange> Not in anime
06:12:07: <Wheat> I was the first anime so I'm covered
06:12:08: <Wheat> http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/8443/animesi.png
06:12:12: <ED> but i can pretend i'm american!
06:12:23: <ED> i don't even look latino
06:12:26: <schazer> (Wheat was very angry about being the first anime)
06:12:36: <Wheat> it's true
06:12:50: <GodBot> I like that little angry plus sign thing
06:13:01: <GodBot> (I think that's supposed to be a bulging vein)
06:13:06: <GodBot> (even though veins uh)
06:13:10: <GodBot> (don't have intersections)
06:13:26: <Slorange> I was going to say "not-whites" originally but I realized you look pretty caucasian and then I realized "I don't know if Ed is ethnically Mexican or just geographically. Would that be offensive?" and then I wrote that thing I did
06:13:29: <Wheat> it's not red, that's another thing wrong with that picture
06:13:51: <Wheat> the angry plus is not red
06:14:57: <ED> I'm ethnically Mexican, i was born here
06:15:50: <ED> wait
06:15:51: <Wheat> are your parents genetically mexican
06:15:53: <ED> nevermind
06:15:58: <ED> yes they are
06:16:20: <schazer> and then Wheat was sad so I did a thing
06:16:35: <schazer> because I am good at butchering pictures and misinterpreting drawings
06:17:00: <Wheat> http://i.imgur.com/WwhN6.gif
06:17:02: <Wheat> that is what she did
06:17:10: <Wheat> I had the anime eyes of the tiger
06:17:24: <Wheat> which led to her asking how to become sufficiently anime
06:17:35: <ED> i thought those were little streams of steam
06:17:37: <Slorange> I like how your earsteam is flailing around
06:18:02: <schazer> http://i.imgur.com/G7Z93.png
06:18:07: <schazer> oh no wait that wasn't it
06:18:11: <schazer> stupid chrome history
06:18:14: <Wheat> schazer I already showed it
06:18:16: <Wheat> it's there
06:18:19: <schazer> daaaamn you Wheat
06:18:28: <Wheat> tea he he
06:19:06: <ED> this is how "mexican anime guys" look according to google images
06:19:08: <ED> http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/5233/...opoou9.jpg
06:19:23: <GodBot> pffft
06:19:32: <Slorange> Well
06:19:36: <ED> i guess i can be a racial stereotype
06:19:37: <Slorange> Japan is pretty racist
06:19:42: <Slorange> You could be a caricature
06:20:57: <Wheat> http://cdn.static.ovimg.com/episode/172720.jpg
06:21:17: <Wheat> you can be brock
06:21:20: <Wheat> from pokemon
06:21:29: <Wheat> or brock's clone
06:22:12: <ED> brock with a slightly different shade of hair dye
06:22:36: <GodBot> let's see what G Gundam has to say about mexico
06:22:38: <GodBot> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZr5_OgbP...re=related
06:23:42: <Slorange> mexicans=sarapes?
06:24:12: <GodBot> g gundam is this anime where every country is in space now
06:24:12: <Slorange> Hang on
06:24:21: <Slorange> That "dark-skinned" mexican woman
06:24:22: <GodBot> and there's a tournament where mechs fight to decide who gets to have earth
06:24:22: <Slorange> Has blue eyes
06:24:24: <Wheat> http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/1946/ep5370.jpg
06:24:34: <GodBot> it's hilariously (and I think unintentionally) racist
06:25:30: <GodBot> okay looks like the verdict was robot penguins with machine gun flippers
06:25:53: <Slorange> Is the homoerotic transformation sequence a regular thing
06:26:06: <GodBot> as far as I know yes
06:26:08: <Slorange> I'm watching this muted so all I see is naked dudes and over-the-top action sequences
06:26:18: <GodBot> it's gundam
06:26:23: <GodBot> except, like
06:26:30: <GodBot> they accidentally wrote dragonball z instead
06:27:03: <Slorange> Ahahahahaha it
06:27:05: <Slorange> It has a sombrero
06:27:24: <GodBot> here
06:27:24: <GodBot> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwyVV5_or...re=related
06:27:28: <GodBot> this is the series in a nutshell
06:28:11: <ED> http://static.tumblr.com/sydeqpf/Lpxlqh9kc/domon.gif
06:28:58: <schazer> thanks for that, Ed
06:29:41: <ED> that robot is hilariously cool
06:29:45: <GodBot> I knowwww
06:29:50: <GodBot> I haven't watched the whole thing
06:29:56: <GodBot> my brother introduced me to it
06:30:03: <ED> and it's name is "tequila gundam"
06:30:04: <GodBot> and I've only seen an assortment of clips
06:30:11: <GodBot> but from my understanding this is just how shit works
06:30:24: <GodBot> TEQUILA GUNDAM
06:30:54: <Wheat> super erupting burning finger
06:31:08: <Wheat> and it sticks its finger into the other robot
06:31:21: <GodBot> yes
06:31:21: <Wheat> insert punchline here
06:31:39: <GodBot> to be fair
06:31:47: <ED> look at the guy's uniform jumpsuit thing
06:31:55: <ED> it has an M with a tiny sombrero
06:32:18: <schazer> did New Zealand have a Gundam :<
06:32:19: <GodBot> shining finger consists of grabbing a giant robot's head in one of his hands and crushing it to pieces
06:32:22: <GodBot> I don't know!
06:32:23: <GodBot> let's find out
06:32:46: <GodBot> nnnno doesn't look like it
06:32:47: <GodBot> sorry
06:32:52: <schazer> so it's basically YGA's Mind Crush
06:33:10: <GodBot> well it's mind crush except there's actual crushing involved
06:33:20: <ED> his name is "chico rodriguez"
06:33:27: <GodBot> pfffft
06:33:40: <GodBot> also that guy with the pink hair?
06:34:01: <GodBot> that's chibodee crocket, and he's their idea of what americans are supposed to be
06:34:23: <GodBot> the writers have only ever heard the myths apparently
06:34:53: <Wheat> the mythical fighting game native american
06:35:10: <Slorange> Aww
06:35:11: <GodBot> no
06:35:14: <Slorange> I never unmuted it
06:35:15: <GodBot> he's not native american
06:35:19: <Slorange> What is he like
06:35:20: <GodBot> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VevP_MB6O5A
06:35:23: <Slorange> What does Gundam think of us
06:35:48: <GodBot> we get a giant robot football player that can take off its shoulder pads and use them as boxing gloves
06:36:16: <GodBot> oh looks like it also has a rocketboard
06:36:29: <ED> aggggggh youtube and google aren't loading
06:36:30: <Slorange> But our hayseed-chewing football-boxing sluts-on-the-shoulders man's-man
06:36:37: <Slorange> Has pink hair?
06:36:49: <ED> purple and pink
06:37:01: <GodBot> yes.
06:37:33: <GodBot> and there's all these wonderfully subtle things about this anime too
06:37:34: <GodBot> like
06:37:42: <GodBot> his giant robot, the shining gundam
06:37:52: <GodBot> it appears somewhere different every time
06:38:11: <GodBot> and it's always hidden in these really unlikely places where he wouldn't know he'd have to be later
06:38:30: <GodBot> there is no reason for it to be underwater or hidden under the statue of liberty
06:38:34: <GodBot> the plot just demands it, and so it is
06:39:00: <Wheat> "you blew it up!"
06:39:07: <Wheat> PLANET OF THE ANIMAPES
06:39:09: <GodBot> yup
06:39:18: <GodBot> that's exactly it, wheaties
06:39:20: <GodBot> this is planet of the animes
06:40:27: <GodBot> why do they think chibodee is a name
06:42:02: <ED> i tried to brock-ify myself but i don't think i did it right
06:42:03: <ED> http://i.imgur.com/CZwMq.png
06:42:26: <schazer> that is beautiful
06:42:38: <Slorange> I see your problem
06:42:47: <Slorange> You have to have a super tiny mouth if you're not talking
06:42:55: <Slorange> Only /black/ guys get offensive lips
06:43:23: <ED> you're right
06:43:57: <ED> but i don't know if i should be a caricature or an over the top masculine latino guy
06:44:46: <Slorange> Obviously you have to be a Rico Suave sexy ladies' man
06:45:07: <Slorange> That's all hispanic main characters are
06:45:25: <Wheat> I don't see what the problem is
06:45:30: <Wheat> I already drew ed as animes
06:45:32: <Slorange> If you're a secondary character you can be a greasy shady merchant or a fat plutocrat
06:45:40: <Wheat> wait
06:45:42: <Wheat> no
06:45:46: <Wheat> nm it wasn't animes
06:46:33: <schazer> brb
06:46:37: <schazer> fetching shrimp
06:46:56: <ED> we're such anime pros!
06:52:40: <schazer> narf narf narf narf
06:52:53: <schazer> this is sadly more peas and garlic than shrimp
06:53:01: <ED> why isn't schanime on the op
06:54:53: <Wheat> http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/7726/36130573.png
06:55:48: <GodBot> Max Loli sounds like a really upsetting action hero
06:55:53: schazer has palpitations
06:59:44: <ED> eeeeeeeeeeee <3
07:00:26: <schazer> I forget
07:00:30: <schazer> are shrimp tails ok to eat
07:00:56: <ED> they can get stuck in your throat
07:00:57: schazer asks, callously chewing one up
07:00:58: <Slorange> I think they're just not very appetizing
07:00:58: <ED> but i eat them anyway
07:07:07: <Wheat> I enjoy the shrimps
07:07:16: <Wheat> why are we such food enemies slorange
07:07:47: <Slorange> I actually meant "I think shrimp tails are safe to eat, but most people choose not to on account of they're gross"
07:07:59: <Slorange> Coincidentally, I also dislike shrimp
07:11:14: <Wheat> ben what with your long hair it and your easily-bruised countenance it was a no-brainer that you would end up a bishie anime
07:11:31: <Wheat> http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/539/bishorange.png
07:11:34: <GodBot> I like shrimp but food that looks like it might've been part of an animal always sort of unnerves me
07:12:02: <Wheat> (outtakes) http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/2884/beet.png
07:12:22: <Slorange> sugoiiiii
07:13:18: <Wheat> goddamn that forearm is much too long
07:15:01: <Slorange> What role would you have in this anime
07:15:15: <Slorange> We have Schazer as the lead ruff'n'tuff female
07:15:28: <Slorange> Ed as the swarthy minority character who never gets any (shame on you japan)
07:15:39: <Slorange> Me as the snarky silver-haired bishie
07:15:47: <Wheat> I'm
07:16:06: <Slorange> Does that leave you as the adorable sidekick or the funny fat guy
07:16:09: <Wheat> the tournament announcer who seems to be everywhere
07:16:23: <Wheat> perhaps... /too/ everywhere
07:17:19: <ED> i vote for adorable sidekick
07:17:31: <schazer> Slorange is the best adorable sidekick
07:18:27: <ED> no, Slorange is the cute angsty feminine boy all the girls swoon about
07:18:32: <Slorange> No, I'm the pretty boy love interest who might turn out to be working for the other side! Don't you pay attention GOD THIS IS SERIOUS GUYS
07:18:34: <ED> but he's just /so angsty/
07:19:08: <ED> also i tried to make a bishon-ed but i fail at anime
07:19:09: <ED> http://i.imgur.com/WMTRx.png
07:19:25: <ED> whatever "bishonen" means
07:19:36: <Slorange> Oh, I see your problem
07:19:45: <Slorange> You have pecs and biceps
07:20:01: <Slorange> Pretty guys are deathly skinny but have rockin' abs
07:20:04: <Slorange> No other musculature
07:20:13: <ED> arrrrghhhhh
07:20:15: <ED> god dammit
07:20:18: <Slorange> Buff dudes are comic relief or gay (which is also comic relief)
07:20:40: <Slorange> Or the zen voice of reason dude, oddly
07:21:06: <ED> oh, it's okay then, i'm supposed to be the latino muscle guy who's totally gross
07:22:01: <schazer> http://i.imgur.com/jZk1F.gif
07:23:26: <schazer> ok while I have GIMP up I'm changing my avatar to Schanime
07:23:29: <ED> a... raddish?
07:23:47: <ED> raddishonenlorange
07:26:25: <Slorange> Okay
07:26:32: <Wheat> beetshonen
07:26:32: <Slorange> Anime shenanigans has been fun and awesome
07:26:41: <Slorange> And you dudes are also those adjectives I said
07:26:45: <Slorange> But I gotta sleep
07:26:46: <Slorange> See y
07:26:47: <ED> wait
07:26:48: <Slorange> 'all
07:26:48: <ED> wait
07:26:52: <schazer> waaaaaaaaaaaaaait
07:26:54: <Slorange> Okay
07:26:58: <ED> would you get mad at me if i
07:27:00: <ED> kind of like
07:27:03: <ED> made an adventure
07:27:05: <ED> about this
07:27:16: <schazer> I'd be infuriated
07:27:17: <schazer> I mean
07:27:18: <schazer> infatuated
07:27:34: <Wheat> animes
07:27:35: <ED> in a tsundere kind of way?
07:27:37: <Slorange> I would probably secretly want to marry you even more than usual
07:27:45: <Wheat> my answer to your question
07:27:46: <Wheat> is animes
07:28:31: ED frolics all over the place in anime fashion
07:28:58: <schazer> od, Wheat
07:28:59: <Slorange> Yaaay
07:29:00: <schazer> *God, even
07:29:07: <schazer> I love this gif so much
07:29:10: <Slorange> I hope to wake up to THE BEST ADVENTURE INTRO OF ALL TIME
07:29:24: <Slorange> Goodnight for real, you crazy people <3
07:29:25: <Wheat> it will be number one in all of japan
07:29:28: <Wheat> night ben :>
07:29:29: <ED> night slorange
07:30:41: <GodBot> well, I should get to bed
07:30:43: <GodBot> 'night
07:40:13: <schazer> ok
07:40:28: <schazer> I think that's done it?
07:40:29: <schazer> it is taking some time to load
07:40:49: <schazer> yesssss it's done
07:44:55: <ED> whoooops i just said a thing
07:46:32: <schazer> fuuuuuck now I'm singing the powerpuff girls end song
07:47:19: <ED> PPG are too western, Schazer
07:47:22: <ED> you're a shame to anime
07:47:31: <ED> you should watch the powerpuff girls Z
07:48:57: <schazer> holy fuck
07:48:59: <schazer> it's actually a thing
07:49:11: <ED> yeah it is Schazer
07:49:23: <ED> you should watch it
08:11:26: <ED> i made a schanime http://i.imgur.com/aJvOk.png

PS: based on the gundam thing godbot linked ed later made this anime transfo-sequence: http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrtczp...o1_400.gif


[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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02-17-2012, 01:10 AM
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: IRC highlights!
The Goddamn Pacman

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For posterity:

Quote:<PickYerPoison> wow I'm dumb
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03-04-2012, 11:20 PM
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 RE: IRC highlights!

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Quote:21:20 AKillerCuppaTea where the fuck is darcy when you need him
21:30 Solaris in your heart
21:30 Solaris OR MAYBE
21:30 Solaris MY BUTT
21:30 Solaris turns around and points his butt at tea
03-07-2012, 09:33 PM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
Lonely Rolling Star

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Imagine Cucumber
He wasn't in there ;A;
03-07-2012, 10:33 PM
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Pick Yer Poison
 RE: IRC highlights!

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(03-07-2012, 10:33 PM)Solaris Wrote: He wasn't in there ;A;

Your butt is nowhere near enough of a gentleman to contain Mr. Darcy.

[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
03-11-2012, 12:13 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
Like New or Barn Fresh

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American Pop Star
(03-11-2012, 12:13 AM)Pick Yer Poison Wrote:
(03-07-2012, 10:33 PM)Solaris Wrote: He wasn't in there ;A;

Your butt is nowhere near enough of a gentleman to contain Mr. Darcy.


03-11-2012, 01:00 AM
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: IRC highlights!
The Goddamn Pacman

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Quote:<Schazer> goddamn it
<Schazer> I am going to have
<Schazer> so many tits in parliament
<MrBear> ...
<Schazer> they just all look so interesting
<MrBear> what?
03-11-2012, 07:20 AM
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Pick Yer Poison
 RE: IRC highlights!

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Quote:<Agenagen> Hmmmmm
<Agenagen> Soooooo
<Sanzh> agen talk
<Sanzh> discuss
<PickYerPoison> yes give us round idea
<Agenagen> Welllll
<Sanzh> (my round idea sucks)
* Pharmacy just makes rapid hand gestures of frustration
<Agenagen> Nuuuuh
<Agenagen> *order thoughts*
<PickYerPoison> aaaaaaaaageeeeeeeeeeeeeeent taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk
<PickYerPoison> :C
<Agenagen> *i will have a number 2 thought*
<PickYerPoison> ew
<PickYerPoison> nobody wants to hear that kind of idea
<Sanzh> hahaha
<Sanzh> round two: number 2
<PickYerPoison> ;-;
<Ixcaliber> oh god
<Sanzh> worst round right there
<Ixcaliber> fogel
<PickYerPoison> someone enters a dung beatle
<Pharmacy> it's a giant number 2
<Ixcaliber> your puns
<PickYerPoison> "GUYS"
<PickYerPoison> "I FUCKING GOT THIS"
<Ixcaliber> your puns wound me
<PickYerPoison> fogel?
<PickYerPoison> fogel went to BED
<Pharmacy> "looks like it is two for two"
<Ixcaliber> i was just looking at this 5110 post
<Pharmacy> "I guess you are too late"
<PickYerPoison> ah
<Pharmacy> "guess, there is TWICE the fun for me"
<Pharmacy> "I duo you, if you know what I mean"
<PickYerPoison> god
<PickYerPoison> that would be the shittiest round
<Ixcaliber> i thought it was a misspelling
<Pharmacy> "it takes two to tango"
<Ixcaliber> but it was a pun
<Ixcaliber> a really blatant pun
<Pharmacy> yes
<Ixcaliber> that hurts my brain
<Pharmacy> I am the worst punmaster
<Ixcaliber> pharms it wasn't you
<Ixcaliber> it was fogel
<Pharmacy> okay
<Ixcaliber> there was a round idea?
<PickYerPoison> agent hasn't told us yet
<PickYerPoison> because I don't think "round two: number two" was his actual idea
<Agenagen> *being talked @*
<Ixcaliber> agen tell us your idea
<Sanzh> so that I don't have to talk about my shitty ideas
<PickYerPoison> sanzh your ideas are crap
<PickYerPoison> or well
<PickYerPoison> THAT one was
<PickYerPoison> your other ideas are golden eggs
<PickYerPoison> you keep expecting shit but nope out came an egg
<Ixcaliber> sanzh your ideas are all magical
<PickYerPoison> sanzh your ideas are all magical girls
<PickYerPoison> oh no what have I done :(
<Sanzh> a magical girl is fine too
<Sadgi> I just finished dinner why are we talking about magical girl poop eggs
<Sanzh> it's pyps fetish
<Ixcaliber> that is just life in #grandbattle

[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
03-11-2012, 08:43 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
Patron Saint of Normcore

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17:55 NotTheAuthor Soup isn't a kink
17:55 NotTheAuthor Soup is a soup
03-12-2012, 05:00 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
Patron Saint of Normcore

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21:44 Sanzh you can put dicks anywhere these days
03-18-2012, 08:41 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
that escalated quickly

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Sunshine, Lollipops and Diabetes
Quote:<mobilepyp> Sanzh is not flat-chested enough to be Woff
<Sanzh> I
<Sanzh> what
<Sanzh> how am I supposed to respond to that
<mobilepyp> Pffffhaahahahaha
<mobilepyp> Oh my god your FACE
<Sanzh> go away
<mobilepyp> <3
<Sanzh> no
<Sanzh> shut up
<Black_Thunder> I
<Black_Thunder> /what/
<mobilepyp> Double kill
<mobilepyp> Bonus.points
03-20-2012, 03:41 AM
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: IRC highlights!
The Goddamn Pacman

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Quote:<DragonFogel> Hi Wheat.
<wheatthins> hi gof,l
<wheatthins> fgf'
<wheatthins> fjugjfjfghjfgy']"
<wheatthins> '
<Solaris> hello
<wheatthins> yay solaris
<wheatthins> i make vharactyers happen on kepyord
<Solaris> yay questionamrk
<Solaris> yes i can see that
<wheatthins> look
<wheatthins> wwerwwwqwere
<wheatthins> they are makgic
<wheatthins> like a train gongn down the moutnain
<wheatthins> delievering the language to the awpeople of the fillage
<wheatthins> it is not a village
<wheatthins> but a wild west outpost
<wheatthins> and there are no oujtlaws here onely the happy
<DragonFogel> Wheat, did you donate blood again? You're reminding me of Malky.
<wheatthins> and the wacky
* Black_Type is now known as Black_Typeafk
<wheatthins> i am worked hard by job
<wheatthins> everything si a blur here in duckburg

So, I decided to see what adventure ideas Wheat would produce while in this state. Here are the results!

Quote:<wheatthins> the aone wher they fall in love but it turns out love is a ravine and the ravine is the land o the cliffpeople
<wheatthins> they are not happy about it
<wheatthins> stop
<wheatthins> geto ut hoferthere home
<wheatthins> nd the one otere two tribes are comepteing to sell the most cocoolates so they can send their braves to regionals in florida
<wheatthins> hatchest
<wheatthins> they have hatchests
<wheatthins> do you know the secret of the hatchest
<wheatthins> they do
<wheatthins> they arent telling
<wheatthins> fuck you for asking
<wheatthins> you are a greedy butt
<wheatthins> ]
<wheatthins> 6jthird onde: they are coming for you
<wheatthins> in the night
<wheatthins> to fill out your faroms
<wheatthins> once they do it you are done for. I.R.S.N.A.T.Cher
<wheatthins> imagine i continued the . . .
<wheatthins> final dadventure:
<wheatthins> the old man is at end of life and gets youngin to take on fainal adventure
<wheatthins> no dads are involved except for father issues
<wheatthins> stephen speilveber
<wheatthins> younging is a kid at end of rope figures whie not
<wheatthins> and they like go scuba diving or spelrulnking
<wheatthins> or politics
<wheatthins> another ida
<wheatthins> the bee queen
<wheatthins> you can expoun on the
<wheatthins> at

I fully endorse the creation of any or all of these adventures.
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03-24-2012, 03:26 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
O toreador, l'amour, l'amour t'attend!

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Quote:<mobilepyp> Sanzh is not flat-chested enough to be Woff



quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
03-24-2012, 08:27 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!

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The Frigid Northlands
So apparently Wheat is Malky's long-lost brother.

This doesn't surprise me much, actually, since both are ~wonderful~ Minion
03-24-2012, 11:12 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!

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The Frigid Northlands
Quote:* wheat (Mibbit@99-16-108-120.lightspeed.toldoh.sbcglobal.net) has joined #eagletime
* Mehga (webchat@ has joined #eagletime
<waterbottles> Wheat. More like dumb
<g0m> you totally owned him
03-26-2012, 02:08 AM
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Pick Yer Poison
 RE: IRC highlights!

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(03-24-2012, 08:27 AM)Woffles Wrote:
Quote:<mobilepyp> Sanzh is not flat-chested enough to be Woff




[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
03-26-2012, 02:04 PM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
wake me up in five.

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Raw Water Hell

Quote:01:37 Pharmacy hehe~
01:37 Pharmacy because I think it will be
01:37 Pharmacy like totally awesome to name the octopus "that motherfucker"
01:37 Pharmacy so I can go
01:37 Pharmacy I gonna pet that motherfucker
01:38 Schazer ahahaha
01:38 Pharmacy because it will be the fuzziest thing ever
01:38 Schazer it would need an aristocratic title
01:38 Agenrawr Lord Motherfucker
01:38 Agenrawr :3
01:38 Schazer because the last two were
01:38 Sanzh duke that motherfucker
01:38 Schazer Lady Vanessa Squishypants, and Lord Gingerwiggles
01:39 Schazer I am partial to Duke That Motherfucker but I leave the final decision to you
01:39 Pharmacy Duke That Motherfucker the THIRD
01:39 Agenrawr ESQUIRE
01:39 Agenrawr (PhD)
01:39 Agenrawr (Hon)
01:40 Pharmacy yes Duke That Motherfucker the Third, the most bodacious ESQUIRE with a PHD in BITCHES HON
01:40 Schazer eeeexcellent
01:40 Schazer I will get on with that
01:40 Schazer him
01:40 Schazer it
01:40 Schazer as promptly as education permits
01:40 Pharmacy oh, it's a girl
01:40 Schazer her, then
01:40 Schazer Duchess?
01:40 Pharmacy a beautiful lady named DUKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER
01:41 Pharmacy the THIRD
01:41 Schazer excellent
01:41 Agenrawr Because she is JUST THAT AWESOME
01:41 Agenrawr :3
01:41 Sanzh Whenever someone asks her if she ought to be a duchess she just suplexes them
01:41 Pharmacy I am going to regret this in the morning, but for now I don't care
01:42 Schazer yes
01:42 Pharmacy is it okay if I post this in the irc
01:42 Pharmacy thread
01:42 Schazer deffers
01:42 Agenrawr do iiiiit
01:42 Schazer it leaves an indelible reminder that I now have to do this
03-27-2012, 08:44 AM
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: IRC highlights!
The Goddamn Pacman

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Quote:<Slorange> But I'm not a senator
04-05-2012, 02:25 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
word juggleryer

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Quote:21:59 DragonFogel Yes, but I'm a Canadian.
21:59 DragonFogel Apologies are in my blood.
21:59 DragonFogel And I'm sorry for that.

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04-06-2012, 03:05 AM
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 RE: IRC highlights!
breaking the law

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west coast represent
Quote:22:19 <Schazer> take out the fucking and it's a bit easier
04-08-2012, 04:59 AM
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Mr. Arsenic Nog
 RE: IRC highlights!
Good morning, starshine

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Quote:<Dalfortrees> aww
* Dalfortrees hugs sayuuu
<Dalfortrees> -_-
<SuperSayu> ^_^
<Dalfortrees> :3
<Dalfortrees> (and then #mspafa became an anime)
<Bropocalypse> :0
<ArsenicNog> I'm yaoi shipping already
<Dalfortrees> :O
<Dalfortrees> oh nooo
<ProfessorLizzard> oh my
<ArsenicNog> Mspafa: The fanfiction
<Dalfortrees> I ship genxwhim
<Bropocalypse> whim is already married to een
<Dalfortrees> THEY ARE MY OTP
<Dalfortrees> :O
<Dalfortrees> LOVE TRIANGLE
<Bropocalypse> Gen is too much of a perv for whim to match :P
<Pancake> genxwhim?
<Pancake> woahhh
<Dalfortrees> http://pastebin.com/J0pK5VvB
<Dalfortrees> fanfiction
<Pancake> what a werid otp
<Dalfortrees> yeah it was the first thing that came into my head :V
<ArsenicNog> Pan/Gen/Whim/Een is my high school AU polyship
<Dalfortrees> because I am silllyyyyy
<Pancake> i guess they are really big dorks
<Bropocalypse> pan: arent we all
<Dalfortrees> heh.
<Dalfortrees> we should make a girls school AU of #mspafa
<Dalfortrees> we could call it
<Dalfortrees> Heartchat
<Bropocalypse> uggggh
<Dalfortrees> and it can have some okay art, but everyone is really out of character
<Dalfortrees> and we could have like
<Pancake> i'm no dork
<Pancake> you all is
* Pancake pointin
<Dalfortrees> a hundred pages of off topic chatter
* Bropocalypse holds up a mirror

Beep Beep
04-11-2012, 07:45 PM
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Dragon Fogel
 RE: IRC highlights!
The Goddamn Pacman

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Quote:<DragonFogel> Schazer, I do believe Mehg just called you unladylike.
<Mehga> Whatchu gonna do 'bout it
<Schafk> kick him in the face
04-12-2012, 03:41 AM
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