fortuna new poster intro thread

fortuna new poster intro thread
Here's a intro thread to say who you are on other forums, or on the various skype chats. This thread's a wading pool. (there's an intro thread on another part of the forum if you're feeling bold) Optionally, post a robot to go with your post.

Here's a link to the Fortuna discord room

e:Oh since moving all the "robots for newfolks" to here was mentioned in the other thread you can either post a robot for others, or get robots here
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
My intro: i'm wheeeeeeatthins on the other forum. my avatar's a rude person named anna from some comic I drew . I'm not rude (I hope)

Here's my optional robot, just something I cooked up on a rest break from various parts, wires and scrap I had lying around.
[Image: X6Jsnx.png]
Yes, its head is a used tin can, and it has some parts made of wood. I don't care, it's not supposed to be a very good robot. Its body is a 3 inch low-def black and white security screen, and its power unit is some old, clunky outdated model I found which I strapped it to it via a knapsack. it barely deserves a name, so let's go with "krevin"
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Alright, I'll byte. This is Michael, and ARK Angel class robot. Specialties of this class are manipulation/tractor beams and silently judging. Michael is a high end model that will move worlds to answer prayers.

[Image: 6nyses.png]
Well some may know me. I'm hichico. I post...sometimes. Created the klannecs. And another race to be announced.

Here's a bunch of robutts


If that didn't work, can't tell, mobile.
Jesus that's a big picture.

Also hi. I'm Agen. I'm cool I guess???? ._. I never was on the old forums much. Now I'm here. Do join us on IRC and our wonderful shenaniganery there.

[Image: robutt.png]

My robutt doesn't know he's a robutt.
Or something. Hey, Gime asked...

So, if you couldn't guess, I'm Kieros on MSPA, and also here so yeah. Also, I can't draw for anything, so here's an ASCII robot.
fuck it's ascii athena
well I still need to art my robosonas, but for now I am both Pan and Mercury
Heya, I'm Fellow. I'm curiousFellow on the MSPA forums, but for some reason I am not quite so curious here. I signed up earlier but I didn't want to post untill I finished my avatar(who is PoseidonXApollo).

As for the robot I'm going to post: It took some internal debate, but I've settled on showing HeliosXNike. HeliosXNike is a good ship because it has a bar.
[Image: Helike_zpsehpysc5n.png]
My name is exactly as it was. I am... Not quite sure why I'm here.

My robot is neither fictional nor an image.
Hi flower, I just realized piece of crap the robot I posted is the kind that k~l would make. maybe a more complex one like the one you posted is the kind wandreni and k~l would make together, and the reason you re here is because they must make more?????

Hi everyone else too. keep up the robotry
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Hi I'm gime. If you want to see my robots you can just fish around in this little bin over here. It's where I keep all of them.

[Image: 5uXKuS2.png]
Why would you waste a perfectly good trash can as a robot storage device, when the trash can itself could act as a robot's body??
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Hello, I'm nonexistentPumpkin! You may know me as the guy who created the Delphiks. And the Angels. And the Kuppas. Or perhaps you know me as the kind of guy who makes stuff like TH1S:
Either way, all you really need to know is I'm a huge nerd.

[Image: if8KyY3.png]
Here's my robot, E.M.A. She's from my own forum adventure, M.P.A.S.!
It's me, your best friend: Apollo!

I had abstained from any introductions prior because I had wanted to think of something to do with my optional robot, because who wouldn't like extra robots?
And then Pumpkin made their post, and I had a brilliant thought.

Though specifically not a robot, but an AI - and also one with no body which means I don't have to draw a dang thing - please feel free to say hi to 1NE-9 from my adventure Re: Nothing But Reckoning. They live in a security surveillance system.
Is this a shameless plug? Well, yes. And where better to go than Robot Central to advertise some good old robots?
Hello, I'm DS Piron

Was planning on drawing Menu, but ultimately that fell through, so here's the first ever Menu thing instead.
[Image: Menu.png], I think this is almost a decade old...
sup everyone its bird B)
looks like this is a bird forum for birds..... seems like i'll fit right in

don't have a robot but check out this newt
[Image: tumblr_nza4ri7Ptd1rrbe6oo1_500.jpg]
hello bird friend

this isn't explicitly a bird forum, though it technically lucked into being one after the fact years later when we found out that many people here like birds.

in a way, newts are really only a few degrees removed from robots, if you think about it.
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Hello!! I'm Splendid! SplendidlyDull on the forums. But everyone just calls me Hermes so that's what I picked for the Fortuna forum. I'm a cartoonist/fanartist whose life was ruined by Fortuna. Here is a picture of me which doubles as a holiday greeting:
And since counting that as my robot would be pretty much cheating for me, here is a picture of Nike:
I find it really amusing that your version of Nike doesn't have feet.
Nike doesn't need feet to kick butt!!
(12-24-2015, 06:29 AM)Hermes Wrote: »Nike doesn't need feet to kick butt!!
Yeah, but she can't wear shoes.
Are you splendid hermes? hi hermes your expressions are great and very expressive
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
(12-24-2015, 05:42 PM)Fellow Wrote: »Yeah, but she can't wear shoes.
Oh... Oh my god I just got it XD that is very amusing indeed!
(12-25-2015, 03:20 AM)Wheat Wrote: »Are you splendid hermes? hi hermes your expressions are great and very expressive
Hello yes that's me! Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying the arts!
Greetings all. This is Heyoceama. Not really sure what more there is to say about that. As for my robot the one I'm posting is invisible. Just take my word for it.