They were abducting Greblings (or at least Simone), but they weren't expecting humans, especially no one battle hardened. This team was meant to grab their target and get out.

The blade disk is a great long/short range weapon - basically a slicer that doubles as a bracer. Keep the blades retracted and you can knock an enemy out at a distance with a good swing. It's a crap choice against an experienced lancer, however. You're forced to play defense.

The use of that mark, legitimate or not, is a test. They want to get a feel for who these strangers are. If you recognize the mark, it means you've dealt with that group before (or been a part of it). There is a code used by that organization to signal among members...if only we had someone here who had worked closely with smugglers in the past...
"Well, the most obvious thing is that they've got plenty of resources," Long says. "You don't need that much money to get hirelings, but you do to get hirelings with sandcloaks and exotic weapons."

"Another point is, I don't think they were expecting any human fighters," Rider interjects. "The bladed disc is something of a niche weapon - it's like a slicer that you can use at short range in a pinch. There are many ways to counter it, especially with a polearm like mine, but they require force behind the blow. Greblings generally lack the ability to be that forceful."

"So. We're probably looking at a wealthy kidnapper, who wasn't expecting humans. Sent agents into the camp, for reasons we don't currently know." You mull over this. "And they know about this mark. Can we narrow down who might know about them?"

"They keep it closely guarded," Rider says. "It's a proof of identity. The only people outside the organization who are meant to know about it are their most trusted clients. It's how we can be sure a shipment is really from them."

"Then our kidnapper could be another client," you muse.

"It's possible. But as they keep their client list confidential, it wouldn't help us much."

"You're probably overthinking the mark," Boris says. "For all we know, the kidnapper made up a symbol and it happens to match the one this group uses."

This is why you appreciate Boris. He keeps you from getting bogged down in the details for too long.

"That's unlikely, considering how they chose the symbol," Rider says. Then he pauses. "But I suppose you're right, it's not likely to bring us closer to an answer."

Hells, now he's gotten you curious. On the other hand, it's a line of inquiry that might not go anywhere.

In fact, it could well be this whole line of thinking is a bad one. You just want to get Simone back. All these vague ideas you've come up with about the kidnapper have done nothing to help you know if they'll keep their word, or what you can do if they don't.

Maybe you need a new approach, or maybe you just haven't pushed this one far enough yet. You're not sure what to do.
(09-19-2017, 02:42 AM)Dragon Fogel Wrote: »Maybe you need a new approach, or maybe you just haven't pushed this one far enough yet. You're not sure what to do.
Which is exactly what Corvus was thinking while interrogating one of the captives. Real hard to get info when you don't know the language.
You're now Corvus.

You and Rudolph are watching over the prisoners, waiting for one of them to wake up so you can ask some questions. One of them did, but you can't understand a word he says, and you can't get his mask off either.

You've been trying to threaten him in case he can speak Common, or any language either of you can understand, but he hasn't taken you seriously. He doesn't seem worried that you'll actually do something to him.

You were thinking of taking the act further, maybe giving him a good punch. But he seems like the sort who might have something up his sleeve if you pulled that.

And while you were trying to make up your mind, you got distracted by Rudolph mumbling about how he's never heard anything like that language, not even when he was working the inn at a major trading post. Then you felt like maybe you had heard it somewhere before, but you couldn't place it. Someone in the swamp? A Guild customer you overheard ages ago?

All you've managed to remember is that you had a pounding headache at the time, so it would have been back when you were still drinking. No wonder it's not fresh in your memory.

You're not even sure it would help much if you can remember, so you're right back where you started. Do you hit this jerk? Try to figure out where you could have heard this weird language before? Or take on another tactic entirely?

You wish you could just make up your damn mind.
Grab anything, like a crowbar and wedge, budge the mask away like a nail on a piece of wood and if that doesn't work use industrial cutting tools like chainsaws or one of those things that use fire and plasma to cut metal.
But first, send Rudolph out and ask him to get Rivers.

If there's one thing you and Rivers gel at, it's a good interrogation. It's part of what made getting that meeting with Jackson so difficult. You think her distain for your authority and your frustration at her insubordination that make for a toxic but surprisingly effective interrogation team.

As long as she hasn't had some recent self-realization or internal understanding you two will be able to crack this nut.
For just a moment, you consider doing something drastic to get the mask off. But you've already tried every tool the greblings have at hand - and that's quite a variety.

You and Rudolph have also exhausted most of the old tricks you both know. Most of them rely on being able to understand the prisoner so you can adjust your methods based on how they react.

You even tried the old good guard-bad guard routine, but he seemed to treat both of you the same.

You briefly consider trying it again, with Rivers as the bad guard, but it's hard to keep up a good guard demeanor around her. Starling might be able to handle it, but she's sick, and besides, neither of them have any experience with interrogations.

So you decide to look from another angle. You've been on the other side of this equation, and you never cracked, at least not after you sobered up.

Maybe that's the key here. When did you feel tempted to spill something?
It's Rudolph that has the idea. They leave without saying much, but return about ten minutes later, wheeling in their unconscious partner, now strapped to a gurney.

Then you get it, last time you were captured, you held out, but your biggest worry in the back of your mind was your team. But, the swamp was safe, relatively, you were never in any real danger from the Bogknights once Long took over and while your guard didn't have a vendetta against you.

But Rudolph...they grab some pliers, and coldly, almost wordlessly, start snapping off a toe.

(At least...it looks like a toe - guess you're playing good cop now?)
Acquire a gun or a projectile firing weapon like a crossbow and point it at the prisoners' groin while threatening to shoot it if he doesn't comply!
I know this is crazy, since you're not Yvonne, but hear me out... there's a thing you can do called "making bird noises" and I think this might be the perfect situation for it.

When the dune wanderers attacked the wagon, they seemed startled by Yvonne's crow impression. If these prisoners react the same way, it might indicate a connection.
The times you thought you might crack were when your squadmates got caught, too. You were pretty sure the Bogknights wouldn't mess them up to get at you - not after the treaty, anyways - but you were always worried about it in the back of your mind.

You could try to bluff about that, but unfortunately, you've got limited space here. This camp wasn't really designed to hold captives, so you've had to keep both of them tied up in the same tent.

So if you were to make threats, you'd have to actually carry them out right there.

Still, it's something. You start glancing at the one who's still unconscious.

"You're a stubborn one. Unfortunately for you, I am too. Your friend here's still out cold. The medic's been worried, actually. Couldn't tell if her head injuries were serious, because we couldn't get the mask off."

Without any further prompting, Rudolph stands over her, and nonchalantly pulls a club out of his belt. He doesn't do anything in particular with it, just holds it.

"And, well. Who knows how much worse it might get if we try to get her mask off again? We could hurt her real bad without realizing it. So if you know how to remove it, that would be really helpful."

The prisoner suddenly laughs. Well, that's more of a reaction than you've gotten so far.

"Let her suffer if you like," he says, in Common. "It is you who will face the consequences."

He's probably bluffing. If he really didn't care, he'd do nothing at all. You must have hit a nerve.

But that's all in the back of your mind. Your main focus right now is trying not to show surprise at the fact that you recognize his accent.

It's the same as Stinger's. You can't mistake it. There must have been at least a dozen times now when Rider sent him as a messenger.

"Rider would like to meet with you. He is not happy about your last mission, and wishes to discuss the consequences of what you have done."

Stinger really liked that word, even though he had trouble with it. Now you're hearing it again, pronounced the exact same way, with the exact same stumbling points. He must be from Stinger's homeland, far across the sea.

So now that you know that, what are you going to do?
There was one time...you were recently off the juice and were sent on a mission with Blue-eyes squad, sort of a command internship. It was a successful raid, plundered a small storehouse and even got a captive (though she escaped easily afterwards). You spoke with Blue-eyes about it later. How did they keep their cool that far into enemy territory?

Blue-eyes [I think that was their name?] shot you a grin...and a hand symbol. One you saw them use a lot during their mission. "Trust, ' they said. You thought it was just something their squad did but...Stinger took some time to get used to the swamp...he was easily the most displaced in the group. Maybe the symbols came from him.

Repeat your offer to help their partner if they tell them how to take off the mask. Then show them the same symbol.
Your squad worked with Stinger on a mission once. It was an unusual experience - Bluesight's squad, for the most part, wasn't focused on combat, and your crew wasn't exactly strong on muscle either.

But damned if they weren't good at what they did. They'd learned that a poorly scheduled delivery for the Bogknights arrived during the rain, and the driver had to leave everything behind in the shelter. The barge was still under maintenance, so the day after the rain, the retrieval squad had opted to store everything in a nearby watchtower in order to secure it more quickly.

Rider sent your squad along with theirs, in hopes that you might learn something. You probably did pick up a thing or two, but you spent a lot of the mission distracted by your squad. Shorty was constantly terrified that Bogknights would jump out from every corner, Legs was arguing with every order you tried to issue, and Greeneye never seemed to acknowledge the rest of you were there. Later, she admitted to you she was as scared as Shorty, just more silent about it.

So you asked Bluesight how the heck his squad managed to keep it together that far into enemy territory. All he said was "trust", while making an unfamiliar hand sign. It reminded you that you'd seen his squad making a lot of hand signs, especially around Stinger. Probably faster than talking, and harder for the enemy to catch onto.

So you have to wonder. Were their signs based on Stinger's language? It's a long shot, but it might give you an opening here.

"Maybe you don't understand how serious a stuck mask can be. I know they're supposed to make it easier to breathe, but if you're unconscious, they can actually get in the way of it if they're stuck in a bad place. Or if she's got a serious head injury. I had a medic friend once who complained all the time about how too many of us aren't careful enough when we put our masks on. Really wouldn't want anything happening to your partner there."

As you talk, you make the signal. You watch for a reaction.

He just grunts at you uncooperatively. He must realize he's given away more than he wanted to.

But his line of sight does seem to linger on your hand for a bit. It's hard to tell due to his mask, of course.

Well. Got any other bright ideas?
Just lock him up in a dark room and let him starve until he decides to cooperate
Keep up this direction, it's gotten you more than any threats.

Aside from the mask, you've disarmed this guy. He's probably a decent combatant, but if you keep your guard up, you could probably take him.

Tell him that this is a trade. You want to know more about them, that much is obvious, and he wants to make sure his compatriot is safe. If he agrees, you'll untie him and step back to let him take her mask off. You'll even step back some so he can cover up the mechanism it uses. Once the mask is off, you'll let him decide. If he wants her to have it, we'll send for the medic and have them examine her. Otherwise he can just lock the mask back on. In either case, we expect him to sit back down and let us restrain him.
Maybe... Maybe they're not even wearing masks...
"Okay. You won't tell us how. So how about you take a look for yourself. We'll let you loose, give you a sheet so we can't see you take her mask off or how you do it, and you can make your own judgement on if she's okay."

It's really hard to read him, but after a minute or so, he relents.

"Fine. Let me loose."

"This probably goes without saying, but don't try to escape."

"I will cooperate."

You nod to Rudolph, who stands at the tent entrance. You untie the prisoner, and grab a thick bedsheet from a nearby rack. He looks at his partner on the nearby table, covers himself with the bedsheet, and... well, you can't really tell what he's doing now, that's the whole point.

A few minutes later, he takes down the bedsheet. His partner is sitting up, mask on. He returns to the chair, and you tie him up again without incident.

"Good to see you're okay," you say to his partner. "So, I don't suppose you're feeling talkative?"

She doesn't say anything.

"Figured as much."

So. Now what do you do?
You do what you usually do in this sort of general situation
She woke up quick...that's odd...

Still, disgruntled, uncooperative people who won't work with you. Yeah, you're familiar with this.

Offer them a drink (the regular water kind). They'll probably won't say anything like when you asked the first time, but they have to be thirsty. You'll even leave them alone to drink in privacy like before.(one hand untied for each should be enough)

Of course, these tents all have shallow tunnels connecting them so the Greblings can still get around in a storm. It's not up to you if Rudolph happens to be in one while they're alone.
There's two standard approaches when you've got multiple prisoners and they're uncooperative. They're kind of opposites.

The first option is that you just separate them, and try to convince one of them that the other is telling you everything. This works best when the prisoners don't trust each other - they're willing to believe the worst about their compatriot, and usually fall for it. If they have a high level of trust, though, they'll just get angry. Of course, angering your prisoners can be useful at times, as it tends to make them more careless. But the main risk of this approach is, if they actually were thinking about cooperating, this is a sure way to signal to them that you can't be trusted.

The other option is to get them to think they're alone, but have someone listening in. There's all sorts of info that they might let slip if they think they're safe. Of course, since at least one of these two speaks a language you don't know anything about, you might not pick up anything.

You glance at Rudolph. He almost casually tugs at his ear as you do. Seems he favors the latter approach, despite the language barrier.

Well. As long as they don't escape, it's worth a shot, you suppose.

"Do either of you need water?" you ask. "We could give you a little privacy to take a drink if you need it. Wouldn't want you to suffer needlessly."

They glance at each other.

"We are fine," says the man. "We should not need water for a few hours."

Hmm. Maybe you're reading too much into his tone of voice, but... it almost sounds like he added that last bit as an afterthought. As though he suddenly realized he shouldn't suggest he expected to be gone before then.

But that's odd. They shouldn't know about the ransom note asking for their freedom... unless, that is, they expect their boss to do that sort of thing for them. If that's the case, they'll probably be really reluctant to rat out whoever it is. That kind of loyalty to your subordinates tends to be returned in kind.

Well. That all might just be a wild guess. For the moment, you should think about your next move.
Let them starve together in a dark room with locked doors and have a person listen to what they say during that period.
You do have that magic item that makes time seem like it's moving slowly.

Could make them question their superiors loyalty.
Hmm. You think a bit longer, and wonder if you can get them questioning how much their boss really values them.

You spent plenty of time working for bad bosses. That was pretty much your whole life before the swamp, and it's not like you got on great with most of your squad leaders. Rider's the first person to give you orders who actually seemed to give a damn about you.

So this is something you probably have some insight on. You know a lot about what makes a terrible boss, and you think you have an idea. You turn to Rudolph.

"We ought to tell Rider and Yvonne that the prisoners are awake," you say. "Go and do that, and see if they've got any orders for us."

He nods, and rushes off. Your plan when he comes back is simple; start griping about working under Rider, and encourage him to do the same. You don't even need to get too serious about it, just be sure to drop some comments that should worry the prisoners if their boss is like that.

You're now Yvonne again.

You spent some time on your own trying to think, but you couldn't get anywhere. Then Rudolph turned up and told you the prisoners are awake.

So ask him to wait just outside to wait for further instructions while you tell the others the news. You go back in, inform them all that the prisoners are awake now, and ask if anyone has any orders or recommendations for the interrogators that you can pass along before resuming the discussion.
We need to have someone analyze the contents of that vial (very carefully) to gather more info about those with whom we're dealing.
Long has a pretty sneaky plan, expect nothing less from the wizard of the swamp.